Purity Promise Rings

A Purity Promise is one of the most important decisions that a young man or young lady can make.  If you are making this promise, we commend you!  But this is only the beginning...Every day you will face challenges and temptations.  Your family, friends and church are here to support you, and to pray for you.  We pray that God will give you strength and that you'll continue to seek Him in all that you do.  He will never forsake you.

About Purity Promise Rings

To encourage their daily purity walk, many young men and ladies have chosen to wear a purity ring, or another piece of purity jewelry, to symbolize their comittment.  The idea behind the purity ring is that it is to be worn on your ring finger, and not to be removed until you exchange vows and wedding rings with the husband or wife that God has chosen for you.

Traditionally, purity rings are purchased by parents for their child.  Today we also see many churches, youth groups, and other organizations giving a purity ring upon completion of a special study or course on purity.  This has become increasingly common because family roles are changing, and because many young people do not have a parental role model to encourage their purity promise.  Either way, a purity ring is a very special gift.

Purity Promise Rings: Symbols of Purity

We've spoken with many customers, churches and teens about the styles of purity rings that they would prefer.  Then we prayfully considered the styles that we would carry.  Some prefer a traditional purity ring band that reads Pure Before God, True Love Waits, or simply Purity. You'll find many of those purity rings here.

You will also notice that we carry a variety of symbolic purity rings, such as roses, pearls and crosses.  In response to modern media criticizing young people for wearing a purity ring, many teens prefer a ring that is more symbolic.  This could help prevent further harassment of your child, who is already making a very difficult decision to make in today's modern society.  This is entirely your decision to make.  If you are parent, you may wish to speak with your child about this before making your purchase.

Either way, we are here to help you select the perfect symbol of your Purity Promise.  If there's anything that we can do to help, just let us know.