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  • Wedding Invitations ~ Dos and Don'ts



    Your wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding. Whether they are formal, fun, vintage or traditional they are your guest's first glimpse into what they can expect on your special day. The wedding theme you have chosen such as; a beach wedding, vintage, Paris or country theme may be included on the invite, as well as the colors you have chosen for your big day.


    In addition to the theme there are other things you'll want to keep in mind along the way. When should you send your wedding invitations? How should you address them? What other things should you include? On the Charming Chick blog today we are going to discuss a few of the main dos and don'ts of wedding invitations.




    Wedding Invitation Dos and Don'ts


    Do order plenty of extra wedding invitations. This will ensure that you have enough for any last minute folks you forget and also extras in case you make a mistake while addressing them.


    Don't wait until the last minute to order and send invites. Make sure you find out how long it will take to order the invites, plan for your time to address them (or have someone else address them) and have them set to go out at least 6-8 weeks before the big event. This will ensure that those folks who have to make travel arrangements will have plenty of time to do so.


    Do ask for help while addressing invites. If you have any wonderful friends in your bridal party who have beautiful handwriting and are detail oriented, this could be the perfect opportunity for them to help you. There are also services either through the printer you order from or you can hire a calligrapher to address them for you.


    Don't put "No Children" or "Adult Reception" on the invitations. Instead try to get the word out through friends and family that you prefer not to have children at the reception. Also, when you address the invitation do not include the children's names. If you would like to have children at the reception be sure to include their names on the invitation. The outer envelope should be addressed to Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and the inner envelope should be addressed to the entire family.


    Do have a plan about how you will keep track of responses. Will they be sent to you or will your parents be in charge of tracking them?


    Don't forget to put together a wedding website. This is a fantastic way to let people know how the two of you met and fell in love, where your registered, what hotels you have negotiated lower rates with, directions to your venues and any other information you think your guests should be aware of.


    There are so many other dos and don'ts that aren't included here. Your printer can be a valuable resource of wedding invitation information as well as Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette.

  • Wedding Day Planning~ Ring Warming Ceremony

    True Romance Bride and Groom
    Every Day Low Price ~ ONLY $34.99


    Your wedding day is one of the most important and special events of your life. You'll spend many months - and countless hours - planning so you can rest assured that everything  will be just the way you've dreamed and hoped it would be. For many couples,  the guest list is one of the things on their wedding day to-do list, that they agonized over most.  You may narrow it down and bulk it back up to ensure all the people you love most will be there. With all of that thought and consideration that goes into to deciding who you want to share in your special day, wouldn’t it be wonderfully fitting to include those people in your ceremony?


     Bride and Groom Personalized Champagne Flutes
    Every Day Low Price ~ ONLY $23.99


    A growing trend among many couples is to have a Ring Warming Ritual as part of the ceremony. This deeply meaningful, yet simple gesture, is a beautiful and unique compliment to your wedding day ceremony. During the service, your wedding rings are passed around to all of your guests. Each guest holds the rings briefly, while silently saying a blessing or wish for your union. This ritual is ideal for small  ceremonies and is an interactive way to include your guests in the service. They will all feel so cherished by your gesture to include each and every one of them.



    Personalized Signature Photo Frame
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    If you are worried about your rings getting dropped or lost, consider placing the rings in a small bag or tie them together with fabric. In addition if you are having a larger ceremony - or if you just don’t like the idea of having everyone touching your rings - pass them just among your immediate family members. The passing can even take place during the vows, so that by the time you get to the ring exchange the rings will have made their way back to you.


    Glass Love Coasters Favor Set
    Every Day Low Price ~ ONLY $4.99 (or $1.99 each when you buy 24 or more)


     Your wedding day is your special day, so make it fun, unique and choose to include things that represent your personalities and your love for one another!



  • Wedding Planning ~ Dallas Wedding Vendors


    Are you newly engaged? Just started wedding planning? Looking for wedding vendors in the Dallas area that you can trust?


    You only get one wedding - and there are no do-overs - so you'll want to make sure you choose the right pros to capture all of the special moments and to ensure things run smoothly on your big day! Wedding planning involves pulling together an enormous amount of well thought out details -- and trusting that the logistics of those details to professionals who have your best interest at heart. At Charming Chick we know and understand this, which is why we have decided to make your decision easier by featuring 3 local Dallas vendors who you can rely on. We are confident that they will make every effort to make your day extra special!


    2nd Generation Video Productions -- Dallas  --




    Your wedding day will pass by in the blink of an eye. You will be filled with so much love, joy and excitement but it may be difficult to remember the details and you'll long to relive those moments once again. Hiring a highly skilled videographer will ensure that each loving glance, tender touch and unique moment will be documented forever. This  means that  you can share and enjoy your wedding day over and over with friends and family -- as well as your future children grandchildren, and  great-grandchildren.


    (Photo courtesy 2nd Generation Video)



    2nd Generation Video Productions is a family owned and operated video production company. They are recognized as one of the best in their field and have been selected Best of the Knot for the past 2 years. They were also awarded a Creative Excellence Award from their professional association. 2nd Generation is able to ensure the highest quality videos because they use only HD Cameras and can produce videos on either DVD or BluRay. They also use wireless mics to provide their clients with clear audio of the vows, readings, toasts and everything in between. Before hiring a videographer be sure to read Questions to Answer Before Selecting a Videographer and Choosing Your Video on 2nd Generation's blog. You'll also want to follow them on Facebook for up-to-date information.


    Another fantastic option that 2nd Generation offers their clients is the ability for friends and family to give the gift of a professionally produced top-notch wedding video. They have made it very easy by providing an online Video Bridal Registry. They provide a shopping cart and secure payment site where couples can register -- then friends and family can purchase gift cards towards the cost of the wedding video. They also provide flexible payment options to fit just about any wedding budget.



    (Photo courtesy 2nd Generation Video)

    "This business is a labor of love for our family.  We treat every couple as if they were our own children and strive to deliver a product that will become a treasured piece of family history.  We feel our work speaks for itself: feel free to view our samples at"



    Event Elements -- Dallas --
    event elements



    When you are wedding planning it is especially smart to consider hiring a wedding planner. Your wedding is all about you and your husband-to-be. You'll want to celebrate and enjoy each other, your family and friends without having to worry if each and every detail is playing out just the way you planned. These wonderful professionals can certainly be a sanity saver but you really want to hire someone who you connect with, someone who really "gets" your vision and is especially attentive to details -- and your budget. An event planner can be involved just the day (or weekend) of, to ensure that things run smoothly and on time -- or they can be with you every step of the way as you plan and design the perfect day.

    We recommend that you contact Event Elements for your wedding planning needs. Kristyn Hall, owner of Event Elements  is professionally trained by The Dallas Wedding Planner Program. She provides very personal service and excellent attention to details. She is creative, innovative and works to make your big day especially unique and personal. She also has accounting and budget management experience, which means she can help you plan the wedding of your dreams and help you stay on track with your budget.

    Event Elements also won the 2011 Brides Choice Award from WeddingWire, so they are now in the top 5 percent of Wedding Pros nationwide. Whether you just need someone for the days leading up to your big day or a full-planner who can walk your through the entire process, Event Elements will design a package specifically to meet your needs. Follow them on Facebook and visit their blog for more information and to see gorgeous photos from weddings they have helped plan.



    Rhonda Robbins Photography -- Dallas --   


    Selecting a great photographer will mean so much to you. After your" big" day has come and gone, you will pour over the pages of your wedding album time and time again to relive all of the love and joy you felt on your most wonderful day. With each click of their lens, a skilled photographer can capture all the warm  feelings, sweet moments and blissful fun that will occur on your wedding day and document it for a lifetime.

    Rhonda Robbins, of Rhonda Robbins Photography will capture all of your most special moments. She not only does an amazing job as a wedding photographer, she also does gorgeous engagement sessions, family photo shoots and more. She  is a true professional who listens to your needs. You will be delighted with the results!

    Contact Rhonda today to learn more about her photo packages. Also, be sure to follow her blog and look for her on Facebook. She has some amazing photos on both, so take some time to look around.

    Have Fun Planning Your Dallas Wedding!!!!!!






  • DIY ~ How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

    You carefully picked and planned exactly what you wanted your wedding bouquet to look like -- but once you say "I do" what can you do to preserve your flowers?  They can be preserved, and enjoyed for years to come. On the Charming Chick blog today, we have some ideas that can help you to do just that!



    There are several different methods that you can use to preserve your wedding bouquet, if you or someone you know, is experienced at drying flowers, you can save a lot of money but saving money isn't always the most important thing -- especially if this is something you have your heart set on.

    You can look for professional preservists in your area. Some of them actually have the ability - and skill - to disassemble the bouquet, freeze-dry all the parts, ans then put it back together. This is a pretty advanced technique and will not work for every bouquet or flower. You should talk to the preservist several weeks before you wedding so you can find out if the flowers you have chosen are suitable for this method.



    Note: Many preservists also need the bouquet a day or two after the wedding, so if you are jetting off on your honeymoon right after your nuptials, you'll want to ask someone to deliver your bouquet.

    If you would like to preserve your own bouquet, here are some instructions on how you can do that. Remember, it's best  to start preserving your bouquet the day after the wedding.

    {1.} Purchase some silica gel from a craft supply store. Important: If you have pets or children around, be sure to take great care to ensure that there are no silica granules left out that they could get to. There are other materials that people use for drying such as sand, but silica is the most popular choice.

    {2.} Cover the bottom of an airtight container - which is large enough to hold your bouquet - with about 2" of the silica gel.

    {3.} Place your flowers on the silica. If they are open, stand them upright, leaves can just lay flat.

     {4} Carefully add enough silica get to cover the flowers. Do this very gently so you don't damage the flowers. You don't want to crush them.

    {5.} Cover the container with and lid to begin the drying process. After a couple of days, you will want to check the flowers to see how they are progressing. Check them often to ensure that they are dried just the way you would like. Be sure that you don't leave them in the silica too long -- you don't want them to  become too brittle.

    {6.} Carefully lift the flowers from the gel and be sure to remove all the granules from the petals. Then you can arrange the flowers are you wish. Some brides will even showcase their bouquet - along with other wedding mementos - in a keepsake box.

  • Wedding Dos and Don'ts ~ for the Groom


    You found the woman of your dreams. You asked her to marry you. Now she wants to plan, plan, plan! Are you wondering how much or how little you should do. Maybe she seems to have everything all planned out - or at the very least - an idea about how she wants everything to go. Maybe she asks for your opinion on things but does what she wants to regardless of your input. On the other hand, your bride might be looking to you for answers regarding each and every detail and you honestly aren't sure - or don't care - what the napkins look like.

    Do have a heart to heart with your bride-to-be. Let her know what you are comfortable planning, and what you are not. Be specific. This will let her know that you aren't leaving all the planning to her.

    Do make a list of all the things you would like to have at your wedding - or things you would like to be in charge of. If finding the right DJ is high on your list, or you have a good sense of what foods would work best -- let your bride know. This doesn't mean you have to - or even should - make the decision alone. Instead, it means you do the foot work in finding the right vendors to meet with and then you can decide as a couple who can make your wedding dreams, a reality.

    Do voice your opinion. It is your special day as well. You might also like to request your own cake -- the groom's cake is a wonderful addition to any wedding.

    Do make sure you communicate regularly - and clearly - with your groomsmen. You are responsible for keeping tabs on your guys. Did each one get fitted for his tux? Do they know when all the pre-wedding activities are taking place? Have you come up with a wedding day check list so they know what their responsibilities are and where they will be the most help.

    Don't go out drinking the night before your wedding. Make sure your friends plan your bachelor party. The day of your wedding you want to be well rested and feeling your absolute best.

    Don't forget to keep the bride happy. This is and exciting and stressful time for you both, and if you make sure you are there for her every step of the way, she will love you and appreciate you even more than she already does.

    Don't be late. Whatever you do -- be on time for your wedding!

  • Being a Bridesmaid ~ How Much Does it Really Cost?

    One of your dearest friends has just become engage. You both squeal with excitement and start discussing the details when she grabs your hand, looks into your eyes and says, "Will you be my bridesmaid?" Before you even think -- you say, "Yes of course! I would be so honored!!!" It is a huge honor and it and be a really fun experience but what many don't realize - until they are in the thick of it - is that it can potentially be very expensive too.


    So how much does it cost to be a bridesmaid?


    The answer to that really depends on your bride. Is she sensitive to the budgets of her bridesmaids? IS she frugal minded or extravagant? Will her wedding be local or is she planning a destination wedding? In a recent article on MSN Money it is noted that a bridesmaid can spend upwards of $1000-$1400 by being in just one wedding! How on earth could the bill rise to that amount? Let's look at some of the expenses that bridesmaids are responsible for.

    * Bridesmaids dress ~  This can really vary in price depending on your bride. According the wedding website, the average price for a bridesmaid dress is around $200. This doesn't include any alterations that need to be done, undergarments, shoes or accessories -- so you need to take this into consideration as well.

    *Travel and Lodging Expenses ~ If the wedding you'll be participating in is in town -- fantastic! If not, you will need to plan accordingly. Most of the time the bride and groom will reserve a block of rooms for out-of-town guests and the wedding party. This can save you a lot of money and if you room with one or two other bridesmaids, you can save even more.

    *Bridal Shower ~ Whoever hosts the bridal shower, usually ends up paying for the bridal shower. Sometimes it's the Maid-of-honor, sometimes it's all the bridesmaids together, or another friend or family member of the bride. You may only be responsible for the bridal shower gift but your expenses may also include travel and party supplies or food for the shower as well.

    *Bachelorette Party ~ The main rule for the bachelorette party is that the bride pays for nothing, which means the bridesmaids pay for the entertainment, food, drinks, and anything else that is included.

    *Wedding Day Pampering ~ This usually includes hair and nails. If this is something the bride has asked to have done -- many times she'll foot the bill as a gift to her bridesmaids. However, that isn't always the case. If you are on a tight budget you might want to clarify who is paying before making your appointment.

    The most important thing you can do, is to be upfront with the bride about what you can and can not afford. If she is the awesome friend you've always known her to be, she'll understand and will keep you budget in mind when making her requests.

  • Your Perfect Gown ~ Wedding Dress Dos and Don'ts

    You've probably dreamed about the "perfect" wedding dress, your entire life. Sure, your dreams about your ideal dress have probably changed and evolved over the years. Trends come and go. Our taste and fashion sense also change, but one thing is sure to stay the same -- you want to look absolutely stunning on your wedding day!



    Now you are engaged and reality has set in -- and perhaps you are thinking "What on earth am I going to wear?" First of all, relax. Take a deep breath and follow these wedding dress dos and don'ts. No matter what dress you choose - on your special day - all eyes will be on you! No pressure right? Well, don't worry, you will look absolutely radiant -- and you will take your groom's breath away as soon as he lays his eyes upon you.


    Here are a few tips that will help you do just that.


    Wedding Dress Dos and Don'ts





    *take too many people with you -- they can sway your decision or further complicate the process for you.

     *go to too many bridal salons or try on too many dresses

    .*let other people's opinions influence your decision -- you know what you look best and feel most comfortable wearing. Trust your gut!



    *your research ahead of time. Look through magazines and on-line to see which styles appeal most to you.

    *take people with you who you trust and those who have your best interest at heart. Overly opinionated people can have you second guessing yourself.

    *start the shopping process alone. This can help you get an idea of what YOU want before other people express their opinions.

    The Gown




    *select a gown that you don't feel absolutely gorgeous in -- this is your day to shine!

    *choose a dress with a long train if you are getting married on the beach -- in other words, consider your venue.

    *worry if you fall in love with a dress that isn't modest enough for your venue. You can always have sleeves added or wear a stunning wrap during the ceremony. Let the bridal boutique know exactly what you need. They will have some helpful suggestions for you -- so you can have your cake and eat it too!



    *have fun with your bridal accessories. You can add in a little color, a little whimsy, or just add a little dazzle to your attire.

    *select a gown that best suits your body type. No matter your size, shape or height -- the perfect dress is out there just waiting for you.

    *have fun with your footwear. Some brides like to wear boots, sneakers, flip-flops, shoes covered in rhinestones, brightly colored heels and more. Step out in style!

  • Do-it-Yourself Wedding Favor Ideas

    Weddings can be expensive. If you have been busy planning yours -- you know this all too well. There's the dress, venue, catering, photography and much more. Wedding favors - the thank gifts you give your guests - also play a big part as you are planning your budget. At Charming Chick we have a great assortment of fantastic favors that your guests are sure to love. The great thing about most of our party favors is, the more you buy -- the more money you save. Each couple has their own idea of how they want to thank their guests -- and some even want a do-it-yourself project. For those people we have a few ideas to share with you on the blog today.


    DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

    * Make some goodies for your guests and put them into to favor boxes. You can make candies, cookies, chocolates, or anything else you feel like creating for your guests. If you make something that really embodies the theme of your wedding -- that will make the gift even more special. Your guests appreciate your hard work --- and will enjoy the delicious confection you created just for them.

    *While these aren't completely a do-it-yourself wedding favor, beautifully wrapped candles make fantastic gifts as well. You can purchase a simple candle and make it amazing. Tie a beautiful ribbon around the center and attach a tag, which expresses your gratitude -- include your names and wedding date.

    *Buy some candy bars and fancy, fun and festive paper. Print out your special message to your guests as well as your names and wedding date. You can be sure that these favors won't be sitting around gathering dust.

    (photo via Conservation Volunteer Northern Ireland)

    *Another idea for great wedding favors, is to include seed packets in your favor boxes. This is a fantastic and inexpensive idea. You can do flowers, herbs or both. Get creative! You can include bluebells or something similar. They just seem perfect for a wedding -- don't you think?

    There are so many things you can give your guests. If you just use your imagination and think outside the box -- you are sure to come up something fun and creative. For more ways to save money on your wedding visit out post about cutting wedding costs.

  • Beach Weddings ~ Feel the Sand Between Your Toes

    If your idea of the perfect wedding includes surf, sand and seashells -- then this post is for you! On the Charming Chick Blog today, we will feature some of our fabulous beach themed wedding items and provide some tips to help you plan the sweet and salty wedding of your dreams.



    If you are going to plan the perfect beach wedding, you will probably be searching for all the right accessories. You'll be standing on the beach with the love of your life, the breeze blowing through your hair, your toes in the sand -- you will be immersed in all that is beautiful and magical about the beach. We have several lovely items that will echo the theme of your wedding throughout your event. Each item in our Beach Wedding Collection can be purchased separately -- or you can buy the entire set. It has everything you'll need - right down to the bridal garter - at an amazing price.



    Remember, beach weddings are tend lean toward the informal side. If you have your heart set on a cathedral train or six-inch heels, you might want to reconsider. You can certainly still have a beach themed wedding -- but the beach itself won't really work with your attire. Beach brides can still choose an absolutely stunning wedding gown, but selecting something a bit more understated works best. Some couples get married barefoot, in sandals, or flip-flops. Each of these make comfortable and appropriate choice for a beach wedding.


    Some other beach wedding planning tips are:

    * Consider the time of year, the environment and conditions of the beach -- when deciding when and where you wish to be married. Make alternate arrangements to move things indoors -or have tents set up - in the off-chance that Mother Nature decides to throw some unusual weather your way.

    * Double check your facilities. You' ll want to be sure your guests are comfortable and that there are restrooms close by. Be sure to make necessary arrangements for guests who may need extra assistance getting to their seats.

    * Don't forget the sunscreen. Your guests will also appreciate having water available -- especially if it's a hot day.

    * Have fun and enjoy your romantic and special day!!!

  • Weddings ~ Guest Book Signature Canvas



    Look what's new at Charming Chick -- the Guest Signature Canvas Collection. We are pleased to offer this exciting alternative to the traditional guest book. These important keepsakes, actually originated at a time when each person in attendance at the wedding, was considered a witness. Because of this, everyone was required to sign the marriage license. Once the requirements for witnesses changed, the main purpose of the guest book was to keep track of  the wedding guests information. This was (and still can be) very helpful as the couple starts to send out their thank you notes -- it also served as the beginning for a formal address book.



    Today, most people include a guest book at their wedding - not only remember those who were in attendance as they embarked on their new life together - they are also a place where guests can write their well wishes for the couple. Many couples still choose to use a traditional guest book. These make wonderful keepsakes and are fun to look at through the years. However, some couples are choosing alternatives -- something they can have out and see everyday. They serve as a special reminder of the day they made their life-long, loving commitment to each other.



    Here at Charming Chick, we carry a fantastic selection of traditional guest books. In addition, we offer our customers some fabulous alternatives to those as well. Our Guest Signature Canvas Collection is amazing. They are a finely crafted piece of home decor and each canvas holds up to 200 signatures. This is a wonderful keepsake that you can hang up and enjoy all the days of your life together! These are also a fun and interactive way for your guests to leave a special message for the two of you.

    If you are looking for a unique and useful bridal shower gift -- guest signature canvases are excellent! The bride and groom to be will appreciate your thoughtfulness for many years to come. They are sure to think of you each time they lay their eyes upon your wonderful gift, which will be filled with the signatures of those they love the most.

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