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  • Wedding Cake Tips ~ Getting Started


    One thing that just about every wedding has in common is wedding cake! The wedding guest's mouths water in anticipation of the traditional cake cutting ceremony. Over the years, cakes have evolved to include a wide assortment of flavors and amazingly artistic designs. Don't worry, if you still like the classic white cake with delicious butter cream frosting that can certainly be done -- but  more and more brides are looking to impress their guests with their beautifully extravagant and yummy dessert. If you have begun planning your wedding you may have several questions about selecting a baker and a wedding cake. Today on the Charming Chick Blog we hope to provide you with some great tips to help you get started.



    Just Start Planning


    Before you even think about the cake it's really a fantastic idea to get some other things figured out first. Your venue, colors, dress, decor, flowers, etc. may all have an impact on the style of cake you decide to order. Picking the cake should be one of the last things on your list of things to order. However, you can still do some research to find a baker.




    Do Your Research


    You'll want to make sure you do some research to find the right baker for you. Ask friends, family and wedding professionals who they would recommend then schedule appointments to visit a few of them. While you certainly don't need to be an expert, it is a great idea to have some knowledge of wedding cake terminology. Knowing your butter cream from your fondant and your gum paste from your marzipan is really great. Check out this glossary of wedding cake terms that the knowledgeable folks at put together, it can help you to decide what you want and assist you in explaining it clearly to your baker.



    Set Your Budget


    If you are trying to stay within a certain budget it is a good idea to keep that in mind as you make decisions about your cake. Find out how much per piece you will be paying. If you are having a small wedding this might not be a huge issue but the more guests you have the more cake you will need. Also keep in mind that certain decorations and details can vary greatly in price. Get a clear idea about what you want and then see what can be done to get your vision to fit your budget.



  • Weddings ~ Guest Book Signature Canvas



    Look what's new at Charming Chick -- the Guest Signature Canvas Collection. We are pleased to offer this exciting alternative to the traditional guest book. These important keepsakes, actually originated at a time when each person in attendance at the wedding, was considered a witness. Because of this, everyone was required to sign the marriage license. Once the requirements for witnesses changed, the main purpose of the guest book was to keep track of  the wedding guests information. This was (and still can be) very helpful as the couple starts to send out their thank you notes -- it also served as the beginning for a formal address book.



    Today, most people include a guest book at their wedding - not only remember those who were in attendance as they embarked on their new life together - they are also a place where guests can write their well wishes for the couple. Many couples still choose to use a traditional guest book. These make wonderful keepsakes and are fun to look at through the years. However, some couples are choosing alternatives -- something they can have out and see everyday. They serve as a special reminder of the day they made their life-long, loving commitment to each other.



    Here at Charming Chick, we carry a fantastic selection of traditional guest books. In addition, we offer our customers some fabulous alternatives to those as well. Our Guest Signature Canvas Collection is amazing. They are a finely crafted piece of home decor and each canvas holds up to 200 signatures. This is a wonderful keepsake that you can hang up and enjoy all the days of your life together! These are also a fun and interactive way for your guests to leave a special message for the two of you.

    If you are looking for a unique and useful bridal shower gift -- guest signature canvases are excellent! The bride and groom to be will appreciate your thoughtfulness for many years to come. They are sure to think of you each time they lay their eyes upon your wonderful gift, which will be filled with the signatures of those they love the most.

  • Spring Wedding Tips

    Planning a spring wedding?  Well then you only have a few months left to put the finishing touches on your fairytale wedding.  Here's some top spring wedding tips that every bride should know:

    • Spring weddings are the perfect way to 'get away' with a more relaxed theme.  Spring wedding themes, like butterflies, flowers, and pastel colors, are natural and easy-going.  Take advantage of this!
    • Don't be afraid to keep your color scheme going by adding a splash of color to your Groom and Groomsmen.  While guys don't typically wear some of the most popular spring wedding colors, adding a touch of color (like a tie) will make everything come together seamlessly.
    • Take advantage of the full array of flowers that are available during the spring.  Ask your florist for some ideas that will incorporate more rare flowers in addition to classic spring flowers.
    • Add floral details, but don't go overboard. A few flowers in your hair or your bridesmaid hair is a nice spring wedding touch, but it would be easy to go too far.  Make sure that you and your wedding party don't look like a walking flower garden.
    • While spring weather is typically ideal for an outdoor wedding, be prepared for those spring showers.  Have a backup plan, like a tent or an inside location.

    Have fun planning your spring wedding!

    Pearl Choker and Earrings Wedding Guest Book Pearl Bracelet

  • Budget Bridesmaid Gifts

    Looking for a creative gift for your Bridesmaids that doesn't blow your wedding budget?  Sometimes the little things can make a big impact and show your Bridesmaid how thankful you are during this busy time.  Here are some inexpensive ideas for bridesmaid gifts:

    • Make it personal: It doesn't have to be expensive if you show that you really took time to find something special just for her.  An engraved jewelry box or picture frame are great examples.
    • Travel essentials: If your bridesmaids are traveling from out of town, something small to welcome her will be much appreciated.  Whether its her favorite snacks or a local souvenir, she'll feel much more welcome. Or how about a monogrammed tote bag to carry her stuff home in?
    • Something she needs: If you've ever been a bridesmaid, you know that the cost can really add up.  Treat her to a manicure and pedicure, or give her the jewelry that you would like her to wear in the wedding.  A small gesture will make her feel appreciated and know that you understand her financial sacrifice for your special day.
    • Something sentimental:  This one takes some thought, but chances are you will be able to think of something really special that isn't expensive.  Maybe you could give her a newer version of that "best friends" necklace you two wore in Junior High.  Or perhaps your nickname for her is "Ladybug" so you give her something ladybug-themed.  Think about how you met, the things you've been through together, and the things you have in common.

    For some of my favorite bridesmaid gift ideas, click the pictures below:

    Engraved Jewelry Box and Bracelet Engraved Picture Frame Monogrammed Tote Bag

  • Beach Wedding Ideas & Tips

    One of the summer's hottest wedding trends is beach weddings.  Whether actually located on a beach, or using a beach decor, a beach wedding motif really sets the scene for a relaxing, romantic day or evening.

    If you are having a beach motif wedding, here are my top ten tips:

    1. Let nature inspire all of your wedding decor, including the cake.  Check out this wave and beach motif wedding cake featured in Modern Bride magazine.  Just remember to choose an icing that won't melt as easily, like fondant.

    2.  Keep the favors simple.  Remember no chocolate or anything that could melt if it might be sunny.  Try salt water taffy or seashell candles.

    3.  Check a tide chart when planning your event times.  Try for a list of tide time charts.  Tides coming in are noisier than tides going out.

    4.  Keep your guests comfy.  As the sun sets, it can really cool down.  You could include a note on the invitation reminding guests to bring a sweater/jacket to stay warm.  Or provide small throw blankets, just in case.

    5.  A beach wedding is the perfect excuse to select a comfortable (and often less expensive) wedding dress.  Barefoot is a common option, but try adding an anklet to dress it up.  Check out some of these Hawaiian style beach wedding dresses.

    6.  Plan for the unexpected.  This is true for every wedding, but when dealing directly with Mother Nature, you definitely want to plan ahead.  This will keep your stress level low, too, since you have already planned for all of the "what ifs".

    7.  If you don't want to spend a lot on decor (which you really don't need to since you already have the perfect backdrop: the beach!), your food selections can really add to the ambiance.  Shrimp is very popular, but you'll also want to have some options for guests that do not prefer seafood.  Try selecting a local restaurant that is more familiar with the beach for your catering.  Fruits are a refreshing appetizer option.

    8.  When choosing your hairstyle, keep the humidity in mind.  Check out this list of ways to avoid hairstyle problems at your beach wedding.

    9.  Talk to other Beach Brides.  There are numerous resources on the web for you to chat with brides that have already experienced their beach wedding.  They might think of something you forgot, or just have some tips to calm your nerves.  The Knot also have an excellent resource for planning a beach wedding.

    10.  Do it your way!  Just because everyone else has seashells on the table, you do not have to follow suit.  Add a little personality.  I've heard of calypso themes, clam bake themes, and even mini tiki huts for the tables.  The beach is a beautiful backdrop on which you can paint any picture you dream up!

    If you are looking for wedding accessories, click the pictures below for my favorite guest books, unity candles, and champagne glasses.  Best wishes for an amazing beach wedding!

    Beach Wedding Guest book Beach Wedding Glasses Beach Wedding Unity Candles

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