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  • Pinterest ~ Charming Chick has Made Pinning Easy!

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    You've heard of Pinterest, right? If not, it's one of the hottest, fastest growing sites on the web. It is a virtual pin board that you can use to organize all the things you love. You can post and pin your favorite recipes, DIY projects and ideas, fashions, jewelry, wedding ideas, words you love and so much more to your inspiration boards! It helps you to organize the things you love and to share them with your friends and family. It's so much fun and a really useful tool as well. We used to have to search through magazines to clip out favorite items and create inspiration boards



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    At Charming Chick, we have now installed a "Pin It" button. You'll find this on all of our products which makes it so easy to share and organize all of your favorite items. You can create a Wish List board and pin all of the things you love that catch your eye. If you are a bride to be, we have a fantastic selection of wedding items that you can pin to you wedding inspiration boards; cake toppers, wedding favors, bridesmaid and groomsmen's  gifts, garters, ring bearer pillows, flower girl baskets, unity candles and so much more!!!




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    Pinterest is also great because you can browse other people's boards, repin items, comment, like and get inspired. You can follow people from all over the world and their inspiration boards. If you choose folks that have the same interests as you, you are sure to find many interesting items.



    Love Cats? Create Cat Board on Pinterest!


    Anyone who is familiar with social media knows that there is certain etiquette should be followed. The Pinterest is no different. First of all it is invite only, only so you must either be invited by another member or you can request an invite. It is important to be nice to the other members and respect everyone, be sure to give credit where credit is due and report questionable content.


    Have fun creating your virtual inspiration boards!

  • Spring Weddings ~ Flowers and More


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    If you are planning a spring wedding this year then it's almost "go" time! I'm sure the excitement is welling up inside of you and you may be trying to make sure that every last detail is taken care of and that nothing will be overlooked. There are some special considerations that need to be made when planning a spring wedding and today on the Charming Chick blog we are going to let you know what those are and what you can do to ensure your special day runs smoothly and you take advantage of all the wonderful things this season has to offer.





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    A Chance of Showers

    You can't control mother nature but you can be prepared. If you are planning on having an outdoor wedding you'll definitely want to order some tents or have a "plan B" of some kind. Having a wedding outdoors with all the gorgeous blooming tulips, daffodils, crocuses, blooming trees, etc. can be super romantic so if you live in an area where you can be relatively certain you'll have a dry day -- or you just want to take a chance, go for it, just make sure you have arrangements in place to keep you and your guests dry. Even if you aren't planning an outdoor affair, you still want to be prepared with umbrellas and awnings in place to keep you dry. It would be a shame for your hair and make-up to get ruined because of a few sprinkles (or a downpour).



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    A Season of Flowers


    When you think spring what is the first thing that comes to mind? Flowers of course! There are some gorgeous flowers that you can use that are usually unique to springtime. Take advantage of this time of year by incorporating a lot of flowers and save money by choosing flowers that are in season. If you are planning on having an outdoor wedding you can incorporated all the of beautiful springtime blooms into your wedding decor.




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    What to Wear? What to Wear?

    In many areas of the country springtime means ideal temperatures. Sure it may be rainy but in general temps are not too hot and not to cold, meaning brides can really choose from any style of dress without worry. If you have your sights set on a short sleeve, long sleeve or strapless gown you should be just fine. You can always carry a beautiful pashmina  or other type of wrap or arm coverings but chances are pretty good that you won't need them.


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  • Wedding Day Planning~ Ring Warming Ceremony

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    Your wedding day is one of the most important and special events of your life. You'll spend many months - and countless hours - planning so you can rest assured that everything  will be just the way you've dreamed and hoped it would be. For many couples,  the guest list is one of the things on their wedding day to-do list, that they agonized over most.  You may narrow it down and bulk it back up to ensure all the people you love most will be there. With all of that thought and consideration that goes into to deciding who you want to share in your special day, wouldn’t it be wonderfully fitting to include those people in your ceremony?


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    A growing trend among many couples is to have a Ring Warming Ritual as part of the ceremony. This deeply meaningful, yet simple gesture, is a beautiful and unique compliment to your wedding day ceremony. During the service, your wedding rings are passed around to all of your guests. Each guest holds the rings briefly, while silently saying a blessing or wish for your union. This ritual is ideal for small  ceremonies and is an interactive way to include your guests in the service. They will all feel so cherished by your gesture to include each and every one of them.



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    If you are worried about your rings getting dropped or lost, consider placing the rings in a small bag or tie them together with fabric. In addition if you are having a larger ceremony - or if you just don’t like the idea of having everyone touching your rings - pass them just among your immediate family members. The passing can even take place during the vows, so that by the time you get to the ring exchange the rings will have made their way back to you.


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     Your wedding day is your special day, so make it fun, unique and choose to include things that represent your personalities and your love for one another!



  • Do-it-Yourself Wedding Favor Ideas

    Weddings can be expensive. If you have been busy planning yours -- you know this all too well. There's the dress, venue, catering, photography and much more. Wedding favors - the thank gifts you give your guests - also play a big part as you are planning your budget. At Charming Chick we have a great assortment of fantastic favors that your guests are sure to love. The great thing about most of our party favors is, the more you buy -- the more money you save. Each couple has their own idea of how they want to thank their guests -- and some even want a do-it-yourself project. For those people we have a few ideas to share with you on the blog today.


    DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

    * Make some goodies for your guests and put them into to favor boxes. You can make candies, cookies, chocolates, or anything else you feel like creating for your guests. If you make something that really embodies the theme of your wedding -- that will make the gift even more special. Your guests appreciate your hard work --- and will enjoy the delicious confection you created just for them.

    *While these aren't completely a do-it-yourself wedding favor, beautifully wrapped candles make fantastic gifts as well. You can purchase a simple candle and make it amazing. Tie a beautiful ribbon around the center and attach a tag, which expresses your gratitude -- include your names and wedding date.

    *Buy some candy bars and fancy, fun and festive paper. Print out your special message to your guests as well as your names and wedding date. You can be sure that these favors won't be sitting around gathering dust.

    (photo via Conservation Volunteer Northern Ireland)

    *Another idea for great wedding favors, is to include seed packets in your favor boxes. This is a fantastic and inexpensive idea. You can do flowers, herbs or both. Get creative! You can include bluebells or something similar. They just seem perfect for a wedding -- don't you think?

    There are so many things you can give your guests. If you just use your imagination and think outside the box -- you are sure to come up something fun and creative. For more ways to save money on your wedding visit out post about cutting wedding costs.

  • Tips for Planning a HOT Summer Wedding

    Summer is one of the most popular times of the year to have a wedding. The rains of spring become distant memory and make way for the warmth and sunshine. Summer brings all kinds of new possibilities -- as far as wedding planning is concerned. No sleeves -- no problem! During the summer months, you won't be freezing your tukas off in the name of fashion, and neither will your bridal party. Another benefit is all the gorgeous flowers that become available this time of year. Buying flowers in season means you can cut costs on your bouquets - and all of other flowers needed - for your special day. There are so many reasons to have a summer wedding and here are some tips to help you plan your big day.



    {Tip #1}

     If you are planning an outdoor wedding, be sure to provide lots of water and sunscreen for your guests. There are vendors who sell sunscreen packets. Another great feature is that you can even have them imprinted with your names and wedding date! The same is true for water. You can either just by a bunch of water at your local store -- or you can find some one to provide personalized labels, for an extra special touch!


    {Tip # 2}

    When choosing your summer wedding gown -- you may want to stay away from anything too cumbersome. This is especially important is you will be married outdoors. Beach and garden weddings lend themselves nicely to flowing fabrics. They are light and much easier to move in. Sound too simple for you? Keep in mind that these types of dresses can dazzle with intricate embellishments and beading.


    {Tip #3}

    Use vibrant colors! The sunny season is the perfect time to have fun with color! You don't have to use a bunch of colors -- sticking with one or two that really pop, is an excellent idea. your can incorporate them subtly -- or you can showcase them front and center.





    {Tip #4}

    Be inspired by nature! Use centerpieces, backdrops and other features to incorporate all the the wonderful elements of summer, into your wedding. If you are doing things indoors -- bring the outside in. If it's outside -- go with the natural flow of the venue and environment.  It will make for a day you and your sweetheart will never forget.

    {Tip #5}

    Serve fun summertime drinks. If you want to serve alcohol some of the most popular drinks are, pina coladas, margaritas, wine smoothies and other refreshing and festive drinks. Non-alcoholic might include; fruit flavored ice teas and lemonades, fruit smoothies, root beer floats, and italian sodas are other great options. Get creative!

  • Wedding Favors -- Show your Appreciation in Style



    Hugs and Kisses -- From Mr. and Mrs.
    Scented Soap Favors


    As you are planning your wedding, you may wonder,  "What are wedding favors for any way?" Well, simply put, they are a lovely way for you so say Thank You to all of your friends and family, who have taken the time to share in your special day. Some of these guests may have traveled hundreds or thousands of miles just to be with you on your wedding day. Your wedding guests will help to make your day memorable and fun! That's why you'll want to be sure to give them a gift that really let's them know how much you appreciate them.




    If you want to give a gift that will leave your guests with a lasting impression and remembrance of your day, the Meant to Bee Personalized Honey Jar Favor makes a memorable gift. Your guests are sure to love the rich gourmet clover honey and each time they enjoy it, they will be reminded of you and your special day. These adorable jars can be personalized with your names and wedding date, then they are topped of with white organza ribbon and a bronze honey bee charm.



    These Love Bird Salt and Pepper Shaker Favor Set make a unique and useful gift. Your guest will love receiving these sweet shakers, elegantly packages in a light-brown, matte-finish gift box which displays the shakers behind clear, plastic window; delicate line graphics of trees and a branch with two kissing lovebirds appear on the tag. The packaging it topped of with a beautiful chocolate satin bow. Your guests will appreciate the thought that you put  into selecting this fantastic favor.


    Give you guests a memento from your fairy tale wedding -- the Cinderella's Carriage Bookmark. This wedding favor is beautifully detailed and makes a unique gift that your guest will love. It measures 5 inches tall.


    Wedding favors are the finishing touch to your very special day! Wedding favors don't have to be expensive. It really is the thought that counts.




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