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  • Wedding Traditions ~ Some old and Some New


    As you plan your wedding, you are probably thinking about incorporating some family traditions into your ceremony and celebration. Maybe you have decided to use a ring pillow that has been in the family for generations, wear your grandmother's wedding dress, carry your Great-Great Grandmother's rosary or do something else to honor past generations and/or your heritage. Weddings are also a wonderful time to start new traditions of your own. Something, that your own children may wish to carry on.


    Today on the Charming Chick blog, we will share traditions that some brides and grooms choose to include in their nuptials. Maybe you will want to include one or two yourself -- or perhaps they will inspire you to invent a new tradition, all your own! 



    Wedding Traditions


    *You are probably familiar with the "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" tradition -- but do you know what each of those items stands for? I found this interpretation on Frugal Bride:

    Something old and borrowed -- represents past traditions.

    Something new -- brings luck for the future.

    Something blue -- is a symbol of fertility and modesty.

    *The garter toss is believed to have started as an old British tradition called "flinging the stocking." Guests would retrieve the couple's stockings from their room, then fling them at the newlyweds. The person who was first to hit either the bride or groom on the nose -- was believed to be the next to wed. Yeah, you'll probably just want to stick with the garter toss.


    *Want to stick to tradition and toss your bouquet but afraid your single girls will hurt themselves - or each other - trying to get to it? You might want to consider a break-away bouquet. This way instead of one lucky lady -- there will be several. If you want to do something a little different -- you can always  have charms baked into a cake attached to ribbons. Then each of your bridesmaids can pull one out to see their fortune. It is fun an also makes a nice keepsake and could also be something fun to do at a bridesmaids luncheon as well.

    * Many couples choose to include a unity ceremony of some kind. They symbolize two individuals -- embarking on one life together. There are many types of these ceremonies; unity candle, sand,water, wine and even use roses. If you are looking for an alternative to these you might want to learn more about a Hand Fasting Ceremony or Love Letter Ceremony.


    *Many of today's brides are trading the traditional veil for gorgeous hair accessories! They are opting for headbands or clips decorated with feather, flowers and/or sparkle.

  • Flower Girl -- Flower Girl Baskets

    Embroidered Flower Girl Basket

    Flower girls are darling, sweet, and often unpredictable -- but usually in an adorable way. They range in age from about 3-8 years old and most often carry a beautiful flower girl basket full of rose petals. During Greek and Roman times -- these little princesses would carry bundles of grain and herbs, which was thought to aid in fertility.


    Starlight Flower Basket


    Flower girl baskets became a tradition during the Victorian Era and that tradition continues today.  The flower girl dress is most often white -- to represent purity. The ring of flowers - that the little lady wears on her head - symbolizes eternity. The flower petals being scattered - just as the grain in Roman times - is used to represent fertility. Red rose petals are scattered to represent the deep love of the couple. Many brides choose flower petals other than red to either fit with the theme or their personal preference.


    Red Satin Flower Basket


    Today, most flower girl dresses are still white, but they may have a colored sash to either match the bride -- or the color scheme of the wedding. The baskets they carry can be found in a various colors as well.  At Charming Chick we have a large variety of eye-catching and elegant flower girl baskets. Whether you are looking for satin, crystals, color, embroidery, bows or pearls we've got just what you are looking for!

    Diamonds and Satin Flower Girl Basket

    Some of our flower girl baskets are part of a set, which means there may be a matching guest book, pen, unity candle, garter, champagne flutes, etc. Take a look at all of our wedding items to see if there are other accessories that match your favorite basket.

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