• Flower Girl -- Flower Girl Baskets

    Embroidered Flower Girl Basket

    Flower girls are darling, sweet, and often unpredictable -- but usually in an adorable way. They range in age from about 3-8 years old and most often carry a beautiful flower girl basket full of rose petals. During Greek and Roman times -- these little princesses would carry bundles of grain and herbs, which was thought to aid in fertility.


    Starlight Flower Basket


    Flower girl baskets became a tradition during the Victorian Era and that tradition continues today.  The flower girl dress is most often white -- to represent purity. The ring of flowers - that the little lady wears on her head - symbolizes eternity. The flower petals being scattered - just as the grain in Roman times - is used to represent fertility. Red rose petals are scattered to represent the deep love of the couple. Many brides choose flower petals other than red to either fit with the theme or their personal preference.


    Red Satin Flower Basket


    Today, most flower girl dresses are still white, but they may have a colored sash to either match the bride -- or the color scheme of the wedding. The baskets they carry can be found in a various colors as well.  At Charming Chick we have a large variety of eye-catching and elegant flower girl baskets. Whether you are looking for satin, crystals, color, embroidery, bows or pearls we've got just what you are looking for!

    Diamonds and Satin Flower Girl Basket

    Some of our flower girl baskets are part of a set, which means there may be a matching guest book, pen, unity candle, garter, champagne flutes, etc. Take a look at all of our wedding items to see if there are other accessories that match your favorite basket.

  • Bridal Shower Gift - Fun Gifts for the Bride-to-Be

    Personalized Flip Flops

    Bridal showers are a fantastic time to spoil a bride-to-be. Whether you are looking for something that will become a treasured wedding keepsake, a gift that's fun and fashionable, or spa related items - to help her relax - at Charming Chick we have many items that make an absolutely perfect bridal shower gift.

    Our Bride Satin Tote Bag is a wonderful gift for the bride-to-be. It is super stylish and perfect, for toting all of her wedding related materials and wedding day essentials. This satin bag is useful and elegant; a wonderful combination for any bride.

    Bride -  Just Married Flip-Flops make a great gift for the couple who will be heading for surf, sand and sun or their honeymoon. These flip-flops are designed so the words Just Married appear in the sand with each step. We also have flip-flops for the groom, as well as a matching bikini.

    This is a very special keepsake that can be given to a bride-to-be. It is a Wedding Love Letter Ceremony Box Set. If you give this gift, the bride and groom can do a love letter exchange. This is traditionally done during the ceremony; at which time  heartfelt love letters are written and then sealed; only to be opened several years later, into the marriage. This Wedding Love Letter Ceremony Box Set includes a walnut veneer wine box with lock, a pair of wine goblets, exclusive stationery for Bride and Groom, and example ceremony wording and instructions.

    Our Personalized Soaps are available in a variety of delicious scents. Help the bride-to-be wash away some of the stress of wedding planning, with these luxurious soaps. because they can be specially monogrammed just for her, she'll know that you put a lot of thought into her gift. Each bar is enriched with Vitamin E to keep her skin smooth and soft.

    We have so many wonderful gifts available here at Charming Chick. If you take a look around we are sure you'll find just what you've been searching for.

  • Wedding Favors -- Show your Appreciation in Style



    Hugs and Kisses -- From Mr. and Mrs.
    Scented Soap Favors


    As you are planning your wedding, you may wonder,  "What are wedding favors for any way?" Well, simply put, they are a lovely way for you so say Thank You to all of your friends and family, who have taken the time to share in your special day. Some of these guests may have traveled hundreds or thousands of miles just to be with you on your wedding day. Your wedding guests will help to make your day memorable and fun! That's why you'll want to be sure to give them a gift that really let's them know how much you appreciate them.




    If you want to give a gift that will leave your guests with a lasting impression and remembrance of your day, the Meant to Bee Personalized Honey Jar Favor makes a memorable gift. Your guests are sure to love the rich gourmet clover honey and each time they enjoy it, they will be reminded of you and your special day. These adorable jars can be personalized with your names and wedding date, then they are topped of with white organza ribbon and a bronze honey bee charm.



    These Love Bird Salt and Pepper Shaker Favor Set make a unique and useful gift. Your guest will love receiving these sweet shakers, elegantly packages in a light-brown, matte-finish gift box which displays the shakers behind clear, plastic window; delicate line graphics of trees and a branch with two kissing lovebirds appear on the tag. The packaging it topped of with a beautiful chocolate satin bow. Your guests will appreciate the thought that you put  into selecting this fantastic favor.


    Give you guests a memento from your fairy tale wedding -- the Cinderella's Carriage Bookmark. This wedding favor is beautifully detailed and makes a unique gift that your guest will love. It measures 5 inches tall.


    Wedding favors are the finishing touch to your very special day! Wedding favors don't have to be expensive. It really is the thought that counts.




  • Stay Dry in Style – Monogram Umbrellas

    Umbrellas can be much more than an accessory to keep you dry; they can also be an extension of your style. At Charming Chick we believe that you should be able to keep dry and stay fashionable at the same time.

    Our super chic Monogram Umbrellas can be used, no matter the season. They can protect you from the elements -- rain or shine. We all know that umbrellas are most often used when it’s grey and soggy -- but they are also perfect to have on hand, when it’s bright and sunny. These attractive monogram umbrellas can provide shade to keep you a little cooler, and protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

    Our monogram umbrellas not only look fantastic, they are incredibly easy to use. They have an automatic open and close feature. How cool is that?

    Imagine that it’s raining  - pouring actually - and you have your hands full. You clumsily search for your umbrella with your free hand and when your hand finally rests upon it -- you are relieved. You open your car door, slide your thumb up to the automatic button and then  -- Poof --  like magic, the umbrella opens and you are on your way to your destination.

    For an added touch of style and elegance , each umbrella can be monogrammed. We offer several choices of thread color and a variety of fonts, so you can really personalize this the way you want it.

    These monogram umbrellas also make a wonderful gift! Anyone would love to receive such a fashionable and useful item, and since it can be personalized with the receiver's initials, they will really appreciate the thought and planning, that went into the gift.

    *Important* You'll want to be sure to allow one week for personalization of this item; so  when purchasing as a gift, you'll want to keep that in mind.


  • A Keepsake For all Occasions -- Photo Frame

    Are you planning an event for someone very special? Have you been looking for a keepsake - upon which - each guest can express their well wishes? Are you planning your wedding and looking for an alternative to the traditional guest book? Or a memento of your big day, which you can look at and remember all the thoughtful people who help you to celebrate?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions; then you definitely need to take a look at our Personalized Signature Photo Frame. This is a fantastic way for you to display a favorite photo from the event; surrounded by thoughtful words of those, who came to share in the joy of the occasion.

    These photo frames are wonderful for weddings! Whether they are purchased by the bride-to-be or given as a bridal shower gift, it can be used with or in place of the guest book. Traditionally, an engagement photo is placed in the frame on the day of the wedding -- and then later, a wedding photo is inserted into the frame. With the white matting and elegant black frame, it can be displayed in just about any room and fit with any decor.  This way, the happy couple can be reminded of all the warm wishes of their loved ones, for years to come.

    This personalized signature photo frame can be used for many other occasions as well; graduations, birthdays (these are especially nice for first birthdays), and anniversaries -- just to name a few.

    Another non-traditional “guest book” that we have for weddings -- is a beautiful Wedding Guest Signature Plate 10” square ceramic plate. It comes with decals which can be affixed to the plate; as well as a pen that your guests can use to write their sediments upon it.  This will be cherished and enjoyed for years to come.

  • Tell Time in Style - Ceramic Style Watches

    At Charming Chick we are delighted to introduce into our collection a new and fabulously, fashionable watch!  Nothing says style like our Black Ceramic Style Watch is not only stylish, but affordable as well. Those are two things that go really great together -- don’t you think?

    You have probably seen ceramic watches adorning the wrists of the celebs or advertised in magazines. They are really fun and certainly chic, but if you have ever seen the price tag on one of the designer ceramic watches – you might think you could never afford such a luxury.

    At Charming Chick we say -- think again! You won’t have to break the bank, to look amazing.

    Our Black Ceramic Style Watches look fantastic and they are very affordable. You wouldn’t know it to look at them though. With the dazzling Swarovski crystal bezel that frames the watch face, and the chunky, soft silicon band - which looks as great as the designer brands do - you will be amazed how something so striking, could be so reasonably priced.

    Are you wondering what this low price could be? Well, it’s no secret -- $15.99 is all it costs to add this beautiful piece of jewelry to your collection.

    The best part is, that our “Ceramic Style” watch not only comes in black, it is also available in brown as well. The brown is a wonderful addition to the black -- because it means you’ll have a watch to go perfectly with just about any outfit you own!

    The watch face measures 1” in diameter. The band is adjustable which means it can fit a variety of wrist sizes. Many people like to wear these a little loose so they fit like a bracelet but you can do whatever is most comfortable for you.

    So treat yourself, treat someone you love, and pick up one of these fashionable watches today!

  • Sweet and Sassy Baby Clothes

    Do you have a new baby to buy for this Christmas? Are you looking for something that is unique and memorable? Here at Charming Chick we have some adorable baby clothes for the little cuties on your list.

    If you know anything about babies, you know that onesies are a definite must have item but when you are giving them as a gift, you want to jazz it up a bit. That’s the precious long and short sleeved onesies we offer make for the perfect gift. Sure, they are practical but they are also stylish and fun too, because we can personalize them!

    These onesies also make a fantastic gift for anyone with twins or higher order multiples. Even if the babies aren’t identical, people can have a hard time remembering who is who. So, when there is any sort of gathering - the parents can slip these personalized onesies on the babies - and then no one has to ask, “Now, who am I holding?”

    We also have personalized baby gift sets. These are great keepsakes. The set includes: A hat, bib and onesie, and all can be monogrammed.

    Here at Charming Chick, we also have some infant snuggle sacks available, which are just too cute for words. The babies once the babies are nestled into these sacks, they look sweet as can be. We have Lady Bug and an Owl Snuggle Sacks available.

    Looking for something fun, stylish and unique? We have a darling Baby Chef Set that makes a wonderful gift. It’s a 3-piece set which includes a chef’s hat, black and white checkered pants and a white chef’s coat.

    We also have some adorable outfits for baby girls. One of our most popular is a sweet black and pink ruffled sleeper.  It just perfect for the little princess on your list!

    Don't forget to visit our baby gifts section while you are shopping too!

  • Teacher Charms

    Looking for a unique back-to-school gift for a teacher?  Teacher Charms are the perfect way to show appreciation.  Many teachers collection teacher charms, and look back on them fondly over the years.  One of my favorite teacher charms is the Favorite Teacher Charm below.

    Teacher Charms


  • Tips for Early Detection of Cancer

    Did you know that periodic checks and test may detect cancer early and save your life?  Below is a quick guide from the National Foundation for Cancer Research abot what tests you should have yearly and monthly to detect cancer.  You can find the full details on the NFCR Early Cancer Detection Guide web page.

    18 - 20 Over Time



    Complete Health Exam1

    Pap test2

    Skin self-exam, Breast self-exam

    Complete Health Exam1

    Skin self-exam

    20 - 40 Every 3 years



    Complete Health Exam1, Clincial breast exam

    Pap test2

    Skin self-exam, Breast self-exam

    Complete Health Exam1

    Skin self-exam, Testis self-exam

    40 - 50 Every 3 years



    Complete Health Exam1

    Clinical breast exam, Mammogram, Endometrial biopsy3, Pap test2,
    Fecal occult blood test (FOBT) or
    Fecal immunochemical test (FIT)4

    Skin self-exam, Breast self-exam

    Complete Health Exam1

    Prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test5, Digital rectal exam,Fecal occult blood test (FOBT) or Fecal immunochemical test (FIT)4
    Skin self-exam, Breast self-exam

    50 - 65 Every 5-10 years


    Colonoscopy, Flexible sigmoidoscopy,
    Double contrast barium enema (DCBE)4

    Complete health exam1, Clinical breast exam, Endometrial biopsy3, Mammogram, Pap test2, Fecal occult blood test (FOBT) or Fecal immunochemical test (FIT)4

    Skin self-exam, Breast self-exam

    Colonoscopy, Flexible sigmoidoscopy,
    Double contrast barium enema (DCBE)4Complete health exam1, Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test5, Digital rectal exam, Fecal occult blood test (FOBT) or Fecal immunochemical test (FIT)4

    Skin self-exam, Testis self-exam

    65+ Every 5-10 years



    Colonoscopy, Flexible sigmoidoscopy, Double
    contrast barium enema (DCBE)4Complete health exam1, Clinical breast exam,
    Endometrial biopsy3, Mammogram, Pap test2,
    Fecal occult blood test (FOBT) or Fecal immunochemical test (FIT)4

    Skin self-exam, Breast self-exam

    Colonoscopy, Flexible sigmoidoscopy, Double contrast barium enema (DCBE)4Complete health exam1, Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test5, Digital rectal exam, Fecal occult blood test (FOBT) or Fecal immunochemical test (FIT)4

    Skin self-exam, Testis self-exam

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