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    • St. Patrick's Day Fun and Facts

      St. Patrick's Day Enamel Charm


      St. Patrick's Day is this Thursday -- so here at the Charming Chick Blog we want to share some of history, traditions and symbols of this Irish holiday. St. Patrick's is actually a religious holiday to honor the patron Saint on Ireland. St. Patrick, who  is credited with bringing Christianity to the country. While he may not have been the very first --  he certainly was a big part in putting an end to pagan practices, which helped Christianity to flourish there.


      Willow Tree Irish Charm Figurine

      As you might expect, the largest St. Patrick's celebrations take place in Ireland. Here in the United States - especially in areas with a large Irish population - you'll find a wide array of St. Paddy's Day festivities taking place there as well. To celebrate the holiday you'll often see people - Irish or not - wearing a  lot of green. Many cities have parades that take place, and in some areas (like Chicago) they turn rivers, lakes or other bodies of water green!

      Sterling Silver Lucky Clover Euro Bead

      Here are some of the most common symbols of St. Patrick's day:

      Shamrock ~ The shamrock is a three leafed white clover, which is a symbol of Ireland. It also was used by St. Patrick to help explain the Holy Trinity -- The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. Today 4-leaf clovers are used as a sign of Irish luck. Each leaf represents; luck, love, wealth, and hope. 

      Corned Beef and Cabbage ~ Cabbage has long been a staple of Irish cuisine, but on St. Patrick's Day --  Irish Bacon is the traditional meal served during this holiday. At the turn of the century, Irish immigrants started serving corned beef -- because it was more affordable.

      The Leprechaun - This mischievous little fellow is another symbol of St. Patrick's Day. According to Irish folklore, when the leprechaun isn't hanging out at rainbows and hiding pots of gold -- they making shoes. That must be their day job. It is said that, if you see one of these creatures and capture them, they will grant you three wishes. Also, leprechaun's were originally described to be wearing red and not green.

      Marcasite 4-leaf Clover Necklace

      We'll leave you with one last bit of St. Patrick's trivia:

      Did you know...

      That the first color traditionally associated with St. Patrick's Day was blue? It's true!

      Have a very Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!

    • Valentine's Day Gifts -- Something for Everyone


      Valentine's Day is just around the corner. If you have a gift in mind for that special someone -- now is the time to get it ordered, so you'll have gift in hand for the holiday. At Charming Chick, we have something for just about everyone on your list and at very reasonable prices.

      Gifts for Her

      We have some new arrivals!  Pictured above are some really stylish personalized travel mugs.  The mugs not only look fantastic  - with the delicate damask pattern in classic black and ivory - they also include top quality insulation so your hot beverages will stay -- hot! This makes a wonderful Valentine's Day gift for the lovely ladies on your list. It's also a perfect teacher's gift.


      This multi-colored necklace and earring set makes a fabulous Valentine's Day gift. Each glass bead is beautifully detailed and carefully crafted. This set is super stylish and will go with just about any outfit. The necklace is 18 inches long which is great for just about any neckline. The earrings dangle sweetly, from a silver toned wire.


      For Him



      This engraved multi-tool pocket knife with flashlight, makes a wonderful Valentine's Day gift for the special man in your life. It can be engraved with his initials for an added personal touch. The multi-tool is crafted from aluminum and stainless steel and features eight different tools --  a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, knife, bottle opener, pliers, wire cutter, LED flashlight and saw.



      Our personalized men's toiletry bag is masculine and stylish. It's perfect makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift for the guy on the go and one who like to keep things organized. This can be packed flat in a suitcase and the interior nylon is simple to clean. Other features include a belted exterior fastener and four zippered interior compartments; which are also removable to fit with his travel needs. It can also be personalized for


      It's time to start shopping. Don't delay -- Valentine's Day will be here soon!

    • CLEARANCE -- End of Year Clearance Sale

      Do you love a great sale? Have you visited the Charming Chick web site lately? If not, you need to hustle on over and take a look at our Clearance Sale!!!

      We have some absolutely fantastic prices, on some really great items!

      Of course, you will find a lot of our festive and fun Christmas items there. We have the ever popular Willow Tree ornaments -- at super low prices. Now is the perfect time to stock up for next year! These beautiful keepsakes, make wonderful gifts for just about anyone.  

      We also have some whimsical snowman photo holders, a snowman night light, and snowman ornament. All are absolutely adorable and can be tucked away for you to enjoy - or give as gifts - next Christmas.

      Did you have your eye on a certain piece of jewelry from our Christmas collection, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to buy it since you were buying for others? Well, now is the time to get it. The prices are so low, so there’s no reason your shouldn’t.

      I know it’s hard to believe - especially if you live somewhere that has been hit hard with snow this winter - but Spring will be here before we know it! That is why now, would be the ideal time to buy a pair or two of the reflexology inspired, OKA flip-flops. These are not just any old flip-flops. They are super stylish and they massage your feet with every step. So you look good and feel great!

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    • Willow Tree -- Simplicity of Form

      If you have ever seen a Willow Tree® figurine; you know that these are exceptionally crafted keepsakes, which seem to capture - a touching moment in time. Each sculpture is elegant and uncomplicated -- but with the tilt of a head, or the subtle placement of hands; they express so much emotion to those who see them. So simple and yet so powerful.

      Willow Tree® figurines make the perfect gift for anyone you care about. Whether it is a couple about to promise each other forever, a friend who is faced with sickness or loss, new parents welcoming their precious blessing into the world, or friends who are more like sisters -- each individual will treasure this sweet reminder of your love and thoughtfulness for years to come.

      When you present someone with a beautiful Willow Tree® sculpture, they will know instantly the emotion you are trying to convey. Of course, the interpretation and meaning behind each piece, is really left up to the individuals who give and receive it. Since the expression of the figurine is communicated solely through gestures, this allows each person the freedom to determine what that sculpture truly means to them.

      Each original Willow Tree® figurine is hand carved by artist Susan Lordi. Susan is able to brilliantly capture so many emotions that we - as human beings – experience throughout our lives.

      At Charming Chick, we are delighted to offer you a wide variety of Willow Tree items. We have many sculptures to choose from, which include; several of the Willow Tree Angel figurines, a gorgeous Nativity, Christmas ornaments, and journals. If you are having trouble finding the just the right gift, take a look through our selection of Willow Tree figurines; one of these exquisite pieces is sure to remind you of someone you love.

    • Share the Spirit of Christmas - Christmas Themed Gifts

      Are you having trouble finding just the right gift?  Have you been searching  for the perfect teacher’s gift; something that they won’t receive from everyone? Perhaps you have been invited to some fun and festive holiday parties this year, and you are in need of a great hostess gift. Well, we’ve got you covered! At Charming Chick we have a fantastic assortment of Christmas themed gifts that are jolly, joyful, and will fit any budget.

      If you are looking for a great way to say “thank you” to your hosts and hostesses, during this Christmas season, we have some brilliant ideas for you.

      In our Christmas collection, we have a gorgeous snowflake bottle topper and a vibrant glass snowman plate, which are sure to come in handy, during the holiday season. These are beautiful and useful gifts, which will be enjoyed each Christmas season. We also have a fanciful glass snowman figurine and a gorgeous Willow Tree Nativity - either of which - would be a great way to show your appreciation. They are sure to become treasured Christmas decorations, for years to come.

      If you are looking for a stocking stuffer, teacher's gift, or a secret Santa present we have many items - throughout our site - to choose from.

      Our Christmas assortment has several beautiful jewelry pieces which include; earrings, charms, bracelets, watches and brooches, all in a festive holiday theme. The jewelry lover in your life, would be thrilled to receive any of these stylish - and affordable - Christmas  items as a gift.

      Don't forget to take a look through our wonderful Willow Tree collection. You will find many Willow Tree angels, figurines and ornaments to choose from. These are beautifully crafted, inspirational gifts, which will be displayed as a cherished keepsake. 

      Be sure to take a look through our fantastic Christmas selection. We are confident that you'll find just the right gift, for that someone special!

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