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    • Mother of the Bride Dresses ~ Dos and Don't

      The Mother of the bride, plays a very important part, in the wedding of her daughter. Her primary role before and during the event --  is to offer love, support, encouragement and advice to the bride-to-be. The Mother of the bride is also happy to do whatever she can, to make her daughter's wedding special and memorable. Her heart swells with pride as she remembers her darling little girl -- while gazing at the beautiful woman her daughter has become.  During the ceremony you will probably notice her dabbing away tears of joy -- as her sweet girl begins a new life with the man of her dreams.


      Doesn't a lovely woman such as this, deserve a stunning new dress to wear during the event? Of course she does! Because of this -- we have put together some dos and don'ts, for mothers and daughters on the look out for the perfect Mother of the Bride dress.


      * Do select a style that is flattering and makes the Mother of the Bride feel her best. Moms make sure to ask your daughters opinion. Brides be sure to keep in mind that you want your mom to feel comfortable and beautiful so keep her taste in mind when giving your input. 


      *Don't select a dress that is white, cream, ivory or champagne -- unless the bride specifically requests one of those colors. Don't select a style that closely resembles the bride's dress either. You might think this wouldn't be possible but depending on the dress the bride selects it could certainly happen. While the Mother does need and deserve to look fantastic -- the bride's dress should stand out and be compleely unique.



      *Do let the Mother of the groom know what you are wearing once you select your dress. This of course is not required -- but is certainly in good taste. According to tradition, the Mother of the bride gets first choice -- then the Mother of the groom make her selection. This helps to ensure her dress isn't the same and the colors will not clash with the mother of the bride's dress.

      *Don't select a dress that exactly the same color as the Bridesmaids dresses -- unless the bride wants it that way.

      *Do make sure to give yourself plenty of time to select a dress. If something needs to be ordered of alterations need to be made -- you'll want to have extra time so there is no stressing over, it at the last minute.

    • Shopping for Wedding Jewelry

      Amidst the millions of other wedding decisions you are making, sometimes it's easy to forget about your bridal jewelry.  So for the busy bride, I've prepped the following top 5 tips you should keep in mind when shopping for wedding jewelry:

      1.  Wait!  Don't shop for your jewelry until you've decided on the dress and headpiece.  It's a lot easier to find something to match your dress than it is to match a dress to the necklace that you've already fallen in love with.

      2.  Feel free not to splurge!  Okay, so it's your wedding and you have every right to spend as much as you want for this important event.  But, at the same time, don't spend more than you have to.  While everyone is certainly going to notice those stunning earrings you've selected, they certainly aren't going to know if they are CZ or real diamonds.  There are a lot of affordable alternatives, like silver-plated, CZ gemstones, crystals or faux pearls.

      3.  Compliment your dress.  There's no doubt that your dress is the most important part of the outfit, so don't take away from that - compliment it.  If you are wearing a rather simple dress, feel free to pick something a little more "wow" than what you would typically wear.  On the same note, if your dress is extremely detailed and snazzy, stick with a more basic necklace, earrings and bracelet.

      4.  Match! Feel free to purchase each piece separately, but make sure you are sticking with the same general color, gemstone, etc.  For example, if you are wearing a pink pearl necklace, a pink CZ tennis bracelet isn't going to look as nice as a pink pearl bracelet.  Buying your jewelry as a set is a great way to get your shopping done, and be sure that everything matching perfectly.

      5.  Don't shop at all!  Borrowing jewelry is becoming more popular, especially if it has sentimental value.  Sure, you detest your Mom's out-of-style wedding gown, but her classic diamond stud earrings might be   the perfect "something old" to add a personal touch to your wedding.

      For some of my favorite bridal jewelry picks, click the pictures below:

      Pearl Necklace Bridal Jewelry Set Chandelier Earrings

    • Fall Wedding Jewelry

      While most wedding jewelry is classic and timeless, each season I see some exciting trends in wedding jewelry. This fall, the trend is dramatic wedding jewelry to match those dramatic fall wedding colors. Think long chandelier earrings, thick cuff bangle bracelets, and multi-stranded necklaces.

      Another fall trend is not so trendy at all: vintage wedding jewelry. What a great way to incorporate "something old" into your wedding attire. Maybe it's Mom's pearls or Grandma's cameo. It doesn't even have to be "really" vintage - you can steal the style with vintage fashion jewelry, which is much more affordable for brides on a budget!

      For some possible stunning wedding jewelry ideas, click some of my pictures below:

      Blue Crystal Choker and Earrings Pearl Chandelier Earrings Off White Beaded Bracelet

    • Planning Your Wedding on a Budget

      With the economy suffering right now, it can seem impossible to afford your dream wedding. But luckily there are ways to cut costs in your wedding budget so that you don't have to compromise that dream gown or beautiful destination. Here's my top five tips for keeping your wedding budget under control:

      1. Choose your date carefully. Off-season is the best, and stay away from holidays. Many locations will give big discounts for Sunday vs. Saturday. A candlelight wedding on a Friday night is extremely romantic - and much less expensive than the typical Saturday evening wedding. Not only can you save on locations, but vendors such as catering, bakeries, and florists, will often give you a discount since they are less likely to be busy those days.

      2. Invite less guests. It's amazing how much you can save by eliminating a few folks from your guest list. It's your wedding - you don't "have" to invite anyone. Let go of the pressure to invite those friends you haven't seen in years or those coworkers you don't even like. Not only will it keep your wedding day less expensive, but you can actually spend time with all your guests this way. A smaller wedding can feel more intimate and relaxed, as well.

      3. Plan the wedding yourself. Wedding planners can be costly, and many of the tasks that they perform you may be able to do yourself. Enlist the help of bridesmaids, Moms, grandmothers, and other friends to keep from getting overwhelmed. Your family and friends will be happy to help with your special day!

      4. Have the wedding and reception in the same place. By picking a multi-purpose venue you can usually get a package deal and save a good bit of money. It also keeps your planning less stressful, and you don't have to pay for transportation to several locations.

      5. Limit your attendants. Each bridesmaid, groomsman, flower girl, ring bearer, etc. all cost you. Sure we all want our family and friends to be involved in our wedding day, but try to limit the number of attendants wherever possible. There are lots of way to get these folks involved, like with the planning!

      I found some great budget wedding tips here for further reading. Brides.com also has several great articles on saving money in your wedding budget.

      If you are looking for affordable bridal accessories, check out some of my favorites below. These pieces look pricey, so no one will know your money-saving-secret!

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