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    • Summer Turquoise Jewelry

      Turquoise jewelry is one of those classic summer accessories that never seem to go out of style. It's the perfect shade for almost any summer outfit, and it's a really affordable gemstone.

      Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle has a great article about summer jewelry, also commenting about how turquoise jewelry is really a must-have for summer.

      I was interested, so I did a little research and found out some really cool things about turquoise jewelry. For centuries women around the world have believed that turquoise has the ability to attract luck, love, and money, and that turquoise jewelry has healing and protective powers. Turquoise got it's name from 16th century Europeans who mistakenly thought that the turquoise they were buying from traders was originating from Turkey, rather than Persia. Turquoise is also an alternative December birthstone.

      How do you care for turquoise jewelry? Be sure not to expose it to oils, perfumes, cosmetics, chemicals, heat, or direct sunlight. You can keep it from scratching by storing it separately from other jewelry pieces. Feel free to wash with water as needed, but be sure to dry the gemstone thoroughly afterwards.

      For some of my favorite turquoise jewelry, click the pictures below:

      Turquoise Bracelet Turquoise Heart Charm Turquoise and Bali Beaded Bracelet

    • What Jewelry Do I Pack For a Summer Vacation?

      With some airlines now charging you per checked bag, we're all trying to cram as much as possible in our carry-on bag. So what jewelry do you pack for your summer vacation?

      First, don't take your good jewelry! Unless you carry individual insurance policies on your pricier pieces, it's just not worth the risk. Even then, no one wants to have to fill out all that insurance claim paperwork! Lock your expensive jewelry in your safe or your safety deposit box, and travel with your "costume" jewelry instead. You can look like you are wearing diamonds without having to worry about those expensive pieces being lost or stolen on vacation. This also goes for any vintage jewelry or heirlooms - those items cannot be replaced, so don't take the risk of losing them.

      Sandy beaches and salty or chlorine waters can be very harsh on precious metals and gemstones. You don't want your ring to slip off while splashing in the ocean anyway, so make sure to remove your jewelry before hitting the beach or pool.

      So what jewelry do you bring? You'll want to pack something that can look great with a variety of outfits, like a classic sterling silver necklace with a simple pendant. Also, don't forget that you can often pack less clothing, but still completely change your outfit, just by changing your jewelry. So pack some fancy chandelier earrings to dress up a more casual outfit for dinner.

      Summer classics are usually your best bet. Pearls are a summer favorite that most ladies agree will dress up a casual outfit easily, and yet aren't too heavy or uncomfortable. Check out this post about classic summer pearls from Just Ask Leslie.

      Lastly, keep it organized. A simple travel jewelry organizer (like the ones below) are a great way to keep your jewelry from "shifting" during flight. Plus you'll be able to easily see what all you have to work with when you are getting ready. Click the pictures below to check out some of my favorite travel jewelry organizers, and have fun on your summer vacation!

      Jewelry Roll Organizer Cometic Jewelry Case Cosmetic Case

    • Nautical Jewelry: A Summer Staple

      Every summer I'm excited to see designers re-inventing nautical style, making this traditional fashion seem new and fresh.  Nautical jewelry is more than just a trend, it is really summer staple.  Purchasing a couple nautical-themed accessories is easily affordable, since you'll be able to wear them again and again.

      This year's nautical jewelry features sea life, in addition to the traditional anchors and sailboats.  Glamour Gift Guide spotlighted a stunning gold starfish necklace and bracelet combo that is dramatic, but not gaudy.

      Looking for nautical clothing to accompany your jewelry?  Check out MyFashionLife.com for celeb nautical styles and more.

      Click the pictures below to check out some of my favorite nautical necklaces and more.

      Anchor Beaded Bracelet Sailbaot Sterling Silver Necklace Anchor Necklace Earrings Set

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