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    • Spring Weddings ~ Flowers and More


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      If you are planning a spring wedding this year then it's almost "go" time! I'm sure the excitement is welling up inside of you and you may be trying to make sure that every last detail is taken care of and that nothing will be overlooked. There are some special considerations that need to be made when planning a spring wedding and today on the Charming Chick blog we are going to let you know what those are and what you can do to ensure your special day runs smoothly and you take advantage of all the wonderful things this season has to offer.





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      A Chance of Showers

      You can't control mother nature but you can be prepared. If you are planning on having an outdoor wedding you'll definitely want to order some tents or have a "plan B" of some kind. Having a wedding outdoors with all the gorgeous blooming tulips, daffodils, crocuses, blooming trees, etc. can be super romantic so if you live in an area where you can be relatively certain you'll have a dry day -- or you just want to take a chance, go for it, just make sure you have arrangements in place to keep you and your guests dry. Even if you aren't planning an outdoor affair, you still want to be prepared with umbrellas and awnings in place to keep you dry. It would be a shame for your hair and make-up to get ruined because of a few sprinkles (or a downpour).



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      A Season of Flowers


      When you think spring what is the first thing that comes to mind? Flowers of course! There are some gorgeous flowers that you can use that are usually unique to springtime. Take advantage of this time of year by incorporating a lot of flowers and save money by choosing flowers that are in season. If you are planning on having an outdoor wedding you can incorporated all the of beautiful springtime blooms into your wedding decor.




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      What to Wear? What to Wear?

      In many areas of the country springtime means ideal temperatures. Sure it may be rainy but in general temps are not too hot and not to cold, meaning brides can really choose from any style of dress without worry. If you have your sights set on a short sleeve, long sleeve or strapless gown you should be just fine. You can always carry a beautiful pashmina  or other type of wrap or arm coverings but chances are pretty good that you won't need them.


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    • Your Spring Wedding Budget

      Especially during these rough economic times, it is even more important to set a wedding budget and really try to stick to it as much as possible.  A lot of time you don't realize how much things add up until you put it all on paper.

      If you're planning a spring wedding, February will be a very busy month for you.  Even though it still seems like winter, your wedding is just around the corner!

      If you haven't already set your wedding budget, or just haven't formalized the budget yet, check out this great wedding budget planning worksheet from Real Simple magazine.

      I like this budget worksheet the best because it gives you some standard percentages, like 10% of your wedding budget will probably be spent on floral.  That's a good way to make sure that you are staying on track.  Good luck with planning your spring wedding budget!

    • Spring Wedding Tips

      Planning a spring wedding?  Well then you only have a few months left to put the finishing touches on your fairytale wedding.  Here's some top spring wedding tips that every bride should know:

      • Spring weddings are the perfect way to 'get away' with a more relaxed theme.  Spring wedding themes, like butterflies, flowers, and pastel colors, are natural and easy-going.  Take advantage of this!
      • Don't be afraid to keep your color scheme going by adding a splash of color to your Groom and Groomsmen.  While guys don't typically wear some of the most popular spring wedding colors, adding a touch of color (like a tie) will make everything come together seamlessly.
      • Take advantage of the full array of flowers that are available during the spring.  Ask your florist for some ideas that will incorporate more rare flowers in addition to classic spring flowers.
      • Add floral details, but don't go overboard. A few flowers in your hair or your bridesmaid hair is a nice spring wedding touch, but it would be easy to go too far.  Make sure that you and your wedding party don't look like a walking flower garden.
      • While spring weather is typically ideal for an outdoor wedding, be prepared for those spring showers.  Have a backup plan, like a tent or an inside location.

      Have fun planning your spring wedding!

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