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    • Wedding Guest Books

      Starlight Wedding Collection Guestbook and Pen Set

      At Charming Chick, we have a fantastic selection of guest books for you to choose from. Whatever your theme, you are sure to find the perfect keepsake -  to hold the signatures and messages - of those who helped share in your spectacular wedding celebration.


      Christian Wedding Guest Book and Pen Set


      This Christian wedding guest book is covered in white satin. It is beautifully decorated with a cross and vine design. The words on the front cover read; Faith, Hope and Love abide, but the greatest of these is Love. Background verses read as follows: I found the one whom my soul loves. I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it.


      Personalized True Love Wedding Guest Book


      The True Love wedding guest book is uniquely yours. It can be personalized with the groom's name, bride's name, and wedding date. The book cover is wrapped in white satin and decorated with a black and gray design that includes --  leaves, vines, writing, a grunge heart and three banners. This artwork is bordered by black satin ribbon.


      Fairytale Wedding Guest Book and Pen Set


      Our Happily Ever After wedding guest book is just perfect for your fairytale wedding. The set is covered in white satin and is adorned with clear beads and a silver carriage ornament. In the center of the book, there is embroidery of a castle, swirl and the words "And They Lived Happily Ever After."


      Aqua Satin Guest Book and Pen Set

      We have several beautiful - and colorful - wedding guest books as well. This Aqua Guest Book and pen set is simply stunning. It will coordinate perfectly with your wedding decor.

      Is there a beach wedding in your future? If so, we have several styles of guest books fit with that theme as well. They are sure to be just what you have been searching for.

    • Soap and Spa Essentials -- Mommy Needs a Time Out!

      Do you know a new Mom, busy Mom, or super Mom? Does she do it all but never seems to take a moment for herself? Then doesn't she deserve the gift of a "time out?" Of course she does -- and here at Charming Chick we have several products to help her feel relaxed and restored.

      Forget Calgon – our Mommy’s Time Out gift set is far better! The deserving Mom you decide to give this gift to, will indeed feel pampered. This magnificent spa set includes; bath caviar, bath gel, body lotion, four beautiful soap roses, and a loofah. With its light and relaxing green tea scent, the all the stress of the day will instantly melt away.

      Mommy’s Time Out Spa Set is packaged in a cute plastic carrying case. Whenever she feels the need to be pampered, she can just grab her little plastic suit case -- and retreat to the tranquility, of her own bathroom. She is sure to emerge renewed and rejuvenated.

      Another great spa product we carry is Mommy’s Time Out Bath Confetti. This is a wonderful addition to the set but it also makes a great gift on its own. It comes in the same soothing and refreshing green tea scent. The clear plastic box holds 60 grams of fun shaped confetti.

      If you are looking to add a really nice personal touch to your gift, you can also include any of our personalized soaps. These decadent soaps are available in several scents and can be personalized with a name or initials. This is a great gift that any lady would love to receive.

      We also offer our persoanlized soap, in gift sets as well. One of our most delicious sets -- is Chocolate Covered Cherries. With its rich chocolate and the sweet cherry scented bars, it is the perfect combination. These soaps not only look and smell fantastic; sugar crystals will gently exfoliate and rich shea butter will leave her skin feeling amazing!

      Give the gift of spa.

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