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    • {NEW} Rowallan of Scotland Leather Goods



      Leather Goods


      We are thrilled to introduce a new collection into our Charming Chick family -- Rowallan of Scotland!  These leather goods feature designs that are simple, yet elegant. The colors are vibrant and stunning. The organizational features mean you will have everything you need - right at your finger tips - as you navigate through your busy day. You'll also love the clean, classic stylish designs. Let's take a closer look at some of these gorgeous yet, practical leather accessories.




      Rowallan of Scotland's Personalized Leather Jewelry Case is a fantastic way to store your jewelry or to safely take it with you. The soft micro-suede interior is gentle on your jewelry and won't scratch or damage your beautiful items. This jewelry case features two leather loops for chains and necklaces and eight padded ring forms and four open compartments for smaller items -- all of which are covered by a removable suede pad that ensures your items stay in place during transport.




      Another of Rowallan of Scotland's leather goods are the Personalized Leather Business Card Cases -- a very stylish career accessory. It is available in six vibrant colors and has been expertly crafted to keep your business cards, credit cards, ID, etc. in perfect condition. The fine leather is stretched over a sturdy metal frame. It can be embossed with up to three letters and is perfect for women and men.




      Rowallan of Scotland's Personalized Leather Clutch Wallet offers maximum storage is and sleek and beautiful design. These leather goods are available in three eye-catching colors and can be embossed with up to three letters. This mini purse is features two spacious compartments divided by a zippered pocket. There is also an open section that includes nine credit card slots, a window for picture ID and additional compartments ideal for checks or receipts.





      With this Rowallan of Scotland Personalized Leather Passport Cover Wallet you can travel in style. Crafted of a full-grain leather exterior, this wallet features an interior passport pocket as well as slits that will securely hold your credit cards and travelers checks all in one organized location. This passport wallet is available in six beautiful colors and can be embossed with up to three block letters.





      The last Rowallan of Scotland's leather goods that we will be featuring are the Personalized Leather Keychain Wallets.  This gorgeous wallet features a key ring so it can easily and conveniently attach to your keys. It also features three slots for credit cards, a clear window for your ID and a compartment to hold cash or receipts.


    • Finders Key Purse -- Key Finder

      Music Note Purse Key Finder

      Do you often find yourself fishing around in your purse -- frantically trying to locate your keys? How many times has this happened to you? Once a day? Twice a day? Several times a day? We know that no matter how carefully you place your keys into your handbag, they will always seem to migrate to the farthest, darkest corner. What in the world can you do to prevent this from happening? Well, we are very glad you asked. Never fear -- the Finders Key-- Purse Key Finder is here!


      Black and Silver Finders Key

      Finders Key Purse - key finder, is a clever invention that can help you to locate your keys quickly, easily and stylishly! These are a must-have for every woman. They are simple to attach -- and work very well with any bag you may have; tote bags, handbags, laptop cases, backpacks, briefcases, messenger bags, etc.

      All you need to do, is simply attach the clasp at the end to your key ring, then rest the hook on the edge of your purse.  As you will see in the photo above; this is how your key finder will appear on the outside of the purse. Once you start using the Finders Key Purse - key finder, you'll be so thankful that your keys are at your finger tips, instead of having to dig through your bag to locate them.

      Christian Cross Finders Key


      Finders Key Purse are the original, patented design of key finders - don't settle for imitations!  As an authorized retailer, we carry the entire exclusive line of Finders Key Purse key finders. There are so many fantastic styles designs. We are confident that you will easily find - the perfect key finder - to fit your own personal style.

      Princess Crown Key Finder

      Finders Key Purse -- key finders also make a perfect gift! Once you buy one and try it you'll want to get one for all the other wonderful women in your life. They will thank you for it!

    • Tote Your Stuff in Style

      Tote bags can be a stylish and fashionable way to make an impact, without saying a word. With so many attractive styles to choose from; you are sure to find the perfect tote to express your unique personality.

      Not only are tote bags super stylish, they are also practical and roomy. You can carry many items comfortably and securely and look fabulous doing it. How many times have you had your arms full of books, your purse, your lunch bag and your water bottle  - as you head into work? It’s tough to juggle all of those items! If you have a tote handy, you can throw most - if not all – of those items into your bag -- and away you go!

      Tote bags are also really great to use while shopping. We are all trying our best to be more eco-friendly, right? So why not 'go green' with style? Whether you are off to the pet store, to load up on your kitty’s favorite canned food, headed out to the farmer’s market to pickup some fresh fruits and veggies, or off to the mall to find a cute skirt for the weekend; you can take your tote with you and say, “no thanks” to the plastic bag. It’s a win-win for all!

      Tote bags also make a fantastic gift. Sure totes are a practical present that everyone will love and enjoy, but they can also be really fun too. At Charming Chick we have a great selection of totes to fit anyone’s personal style. We definitely have the classic canvas bags but we also carry some really trendy designs too. The best part is, they can all be monogrammed to add a special personalized touch. When you give someone a monogrammed tote bag, they will know that you put a lot of thought and effort into selecting just the one that fits their personal style and believe me -- they will really appreciate it!

    • Finders Key Purse - The Original Key Finder

      I'm so excited to announce this new product line that we have added for 2009: Finders Key Purse.  These are the original, patented key finders that have quickly become a must-have for every lady.

      Finders Key Purse

      They are easy to use (just clip to your keys and hook on your purse) and extremely useful.  No more digging to the bottom of your purse trying to find your keys.  If you're like me, your hands are always full with groceries, etc. so this really comes in handy more than you would think at first.  I also like the safety aspect of Finders Key Purse - no more digging in your purse in a dark parking lot trying to get in your car.

      The best part is that Finders Key Purse are so affordable.  They make great gifts for any woman.  And with so many great designs, you can change your look often.  There are even Collegiate designs for many Universities!

      So what are you waiting for?  Order your Finders Key Purse from CharmingChick.com today!

    • Animal Print Handbags

      One of the hottest accessories for 2009 is animal print handbags.  I'm loving the giraffe prints, leopard prints, and snake skin styles.  Animal prints are really a classic style, but this season I'm seeing them cleverly combined with bright colors, shiny metallics, and shiny patent leather.

      We've been stocking up on animal print handbags, so here's some of my favorite newest handbags:

      Metallic Animal Print Handbag Giraffe Print Handbag Animal Print Handbag

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