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    • Celebrity Anchor Necklaces

      Lately I've seen a lot of celebrities wearing anchor necklaces, and had a lot of people ask me where to get one.  Well, if you want the actual one that Paris Hilton wears, you'll need to spend a couple grand.  However, I think there are some great similar necklaces that are much more affordable.

      To check out Paris Hilton's anchor necklace, see this People magazine blog article.

      One of the most popular celebrity anchor necklaces I've seen is the one that Morgan wore in Sex in the City.  It's diamond encrusted, but switch out those diamonds for CZ or crystals, and you've got yourself an affordable look-alike.  For more interesting reading, Kristoper Dukes blogs about how Mogan's Sex in the City anchor necklace.

      Click the pictures below to check out some of favorite anchor necklaces:

      Paris Hilton Anchor Necklace Celebrity Anchor Necklace Sex in the City Anchor Necklace

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