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    • Monogram Cake Topper -- Stylish Elegance

      A Monogram Cake Topper, is the perfect way to add the crowning touch, to any cake. If you are looking for something to grace the top of a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion cake, a monogram, or even a single initial -- can tie really the whole thing together. When you add a monogram topper(s) to a cake it will personalize it even more, and is a fantastic way to show the guest(s) of honor, how much you care.



      These Swarovski Crystal Letter Cake Toppers are very popular with today's brides. They are stylish, elegant and with genuine Swarovski crystals that adorn each letter -- they have just the right amount of -- bling as well. The letters can be arranged in any fashion. In addition to letters A-Z, there is also a heart and ampersand available. Each letter measures 3 inches tall and comes with a 2.5 inch spike to hold the letter securely into place.




      This Crystal Monogram Cake Topper is stunning as well. The decorative grooves, and crystals, really set off each piece and make for a dazzling presentation. The font is elegant and the style is timeless. Each letter is 5.5 inches tall and has a pick at the bottom which makes it slide easily - and securely - on the cake. This topper is available in letters A-Z.

      Our Silver Monogram Cake Topper is available in two sizes. The large measures 4.5 inches tall and the small measures 2.5 inches tall. They also come with a pick to secure it into place at the top of your cake. These toppers are the hottest trend in weddings and can easily be used to make any cake, extra special. These toppers are available in A-Z and numbers 0-9 as well. Using the numbers is a perfect way to commemorate a special anniversary or birthday.

      Monogram toppers a fun, stylish and special. Click HERE to view our wide variety of cake toppers.

    • Find the Right Topper for Your Wedding Cake

      You've searched high and low - far and wide - and finally found the perfect design for your wedding cake.  You have also carefully chosen the perfect baker and now your thoughts turn to how to top it off.  Traditionally, a cake topper showcases a blushing bride and handsome groom looking like the picture of perfection. Today, there are so many styles of cake toppers to choose from -- that you can be sure you'll find just the right one to fit in with your wedding theme and personal style.


      If you want your wedding to have a more relaxed feel to it, you might like to select a topper that shows the bride and groom in a more candid pose, verses the formal one that may come to mind. Here at Charming Chick we have many unique and striking ways for you to top off your wedding cake. We are pleased to offer many styles for you to choose from; one of our favorites isa figurine of an adorable couple eating cake.


        If you are looking for a cake topper that is going to have a personal touch to it; one which is elegant and completely classy -- you might like to choose a silver monogram topper. This can go with just about any theme and can be beautifully displayed in your home, after the wedding.



      Another way to really personalize your cake is to use a photo heart cake topper. Photo cake toppers are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in weddings today. These toppers are stunning and they will have people talking. Another great thing is that you won't have  to tuck it away after the big day. It can be displayed in your home or office and enjoyed for many years to come.

      When selecting a cake topper be sure it something that you will love  and one which really compliments the cake you have selected.

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