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    • Groom's Cake -- Top it Off Right

      Baseball Bride and Groom Cake Topper

      Groom's cakes are making a huge comeback. Traditionally, these cakes were to be a gift from the bride to the groom. They are most often dark in color, and made to look far more masculine than the actual wedding cake. The groom's cake is also commonly decorated to reflect his interests and hobbies.

      While the bride's cake is often times, topped off with something romantic - or beautiful flowers - the groom's cake will contain a topper that expresses fun. The Groom's Cake Football Topper is just perfect for the all-around fan. Whether he enjoys playing, watching, or both, this topper makes the perfect accent and reflects his love of the game. This hand painted porcelain piece, is beautifully detailed and something you'll want to display for years to come.

      Is your groom-to-be a soccer stud? Does he love to play and love to watch? Does it seem as if he eats, sleep and breathes soccer? Well then, the Soccer Player Groom and Bride Cake Topper will be the perfect addition to his cake.

      If you and your sweetie are looking forward to riding off into the sunset on a motorcycle, then this topper is just the thing that his cake needs. The Motorcycle Couple Cake Topper, is also finely crafted of porcelain and exquisitely hand-painted. The couple are seated on a classic motor bike and includes a miniature Just Married license plate along with actual paper pom-poms delicately tied to the back fender.

      If you decide to have a groom's cake, have fun with it! He's ll appreciate it and the time you took to consider his interests. The groom's cake may be served as a dessert for the rehearsal dinner, as an alternative to the wedding cake, or boxed slices may be served to guests as wedding favors. You can get really creative and have fun with the packaging of the slices as well.

    • Wedding Cake Etiquette -- Cake Knives and Servers

      One of the main highlights of your wedding reception will be -- the cutting of the cake.  Once you have decided how your wedding cake will look and taste, after you have picked out your cake knife and server, and selected the perfect topper; your thoughts may turn to wedding cake etiquette and tradition.

      You may have some questions  like -- when should the wedding cake be served? Is the groom's cake served at the same time? Who should cut the cake? How do you cut the cake? Is a cake knife and server all we will need to have on hand--  or are other utensils required?

      At Charming Chick, we would like to give you a few helpful tips; which will help answer these questions and ensure that your cake cutting ceremony goes smoothly.

      Who Cuts the Cake?

      Traditionally, the bride and groom cut the first piece of cake. This is done as a symbol of unity. With the bride's right hand on the knife handle -- the groom carefully places his hand on top of hers and they make the first cut together; then they enjoy the first bite.

      Wedding cake etiquette then states that the bride serves the groom's parents -- and then groom serves the bride's parents. After this is done, all the other wedding guest may be served.

      So, who serves up the rest of the cake? It's an excellent idea to decide who will cut  - and serve - the rest of the cake before your wedding day. You don't want to burden your guests by just assuming that someone will step in and do the cutting for you.

      Your caterer or cake designer are the best people to assign this task to - be aware that there is normally a cake cutting fee - which will be added for this service. It is well worth the money because they are experienced and will do the job right. Cake cutting isn't as simple as some may think. However, if you would like to give this task to someone who has offered to help; then it would be a really good idea for that person to study a cake cutting guide and have it on hand the day of your wedding.




      When Should the Cake be Served?

      Wedding cake etiquette states, that this is usually done at the end of the reception. The cake cutting ceremony signifies the end of the reception and lets or guests know that it is okay for them to leave --  without it being considered rude.

      Many brides and grooms today do the cake cutting right after dinner. If you decide to do this, just be aware that this is the time when your guests will start to slowly exit.

      If you choose to have a Groom's Cake -- it is usually cut and wrapped so that guests may take a piece with them as they leave. 


      Don't Forget about YOU!

      Chances are pretty good that you are going to be so busy running around saying hello, posing for photos, dancing and smiling that you probably won't have the opportunity to have a piece cake for yourself (besides of course the one bite you took during cake cutting). That is why wedding cake tradition also states that the top-tier (assuming you have one) is to be removed and carefully wrapped and refrigerated for the bride and groom to enjoy after they return from their honeymoon.

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