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    • Earrings ~ Express Yourself!


      Earrings are a girl's best friend! Okay -- maybe diamonds are but earrings have got to be a close second! Every woman should have a nice variety to choose from.  Do you want to know why?


      Because your earrings are speaking to people. You may not realize it but it is true.  Sure, for some people they are simply an every day fashion accessory. They put them on each morning without really thinking about it.  However, others might pour over their extensive earring collection trying to select THE perfect pair. Are you trying to send a message with your earrings?



      can be simple,

      or sophisticated.



      They can give people clues about you, like:


      you are an animal lover,

      a sports fan,



      you hope for peace,




      or that you are a SURVIVOR!



      They can also be festive,







      and fabulous!


      Earrings are certainly fashionable and can really add the crowning touch to a favorite outfit.  They are also a great way to compliment any hair style. If you have short hair - or even on days that you wear your hair up, or pulled back - you will really be able to show off your lovely baubles. 


       If you love your earrings, you'll also want to be sure that you store them properly. You can store them in a  jewelry box  with soft lining. Just hook each pair into each other, so they stay together and are easier to find. Be sure not to lay stones on top of each other. You don't want them rubbing together and getting scratched.

      If you have sterling silver earrings, you'll want to store them with anti-tarnish stripes. This will help them to keep them in ready to wear condition. You should have a polishing cloth available though, you can just give them a quick wipe to shine them up quickly.


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