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    • Breast Cancer ~ Fundraising Ideas and Tips

      You may have noticed that pink is everywhere! Pink ribbons, pink shoes, socks, or chin guards on football players, pink shirts, pink bracelets, pink cupcakes, and pink packaging on hundreds - if not thousands - of products you purchase every day. When you see pink you can be sure that money is being raised, lives are being changed and we are making great strides in the fight against breast cancer. 


      Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, it is the most popular time year to raise money that will help to provide mammograms for women who cannot afford it, fund research that will improve cancer treatments, one day wipeout the disease forever and to improve the lives of cancer patients everywhere. Almost everyone has been touched by cancer in some way and if you have a loved one or friend fighting the disease you may feel very helpless but still feel very determined to find away to help. Fundraising doesn't have to stop in October - it can keep going year round!

      So what can you do to raise money for the cause? There are so many ways and here at Charming Chick we hope to give you ideas and inspire you to make a difference!


      Fundraising ideas:

      1. Clear the clutter and host a garage sale. Donate all proceeds.

      2. Get crafting. Turn your hobby into money for your favorite breast cancer organization. Do you like to take photographs, quilt, knit, sew, paint, or something else? You can sell these items at crafts fairs, bazaars or on Esty.

      3. Are people always asking for your recipes? Make a cookbook and sell it and donate the proceeds.

      4. Just ask! Ask for a donation in any amount for your favorite breast cancer foundation. You can even write a letter to friends and family about why it is so important for you to help raise money for breast cancer.

      5. Participate in Komen for the Cure, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, Avon Walk for Breast Cancer or any other fundraiser dedicated to raising awareness and funds in the fight against breast cancer.

      6. Host a bake sale. Yummmm!

      7. If your boss will let you, you can make a "Casual Friday." Folks interested in dressing down on this day can make a donation of $5 or more each time they want to participate. then that money can go to the cause.

      8. Party with a Purpose. Host a dinner or get together that aims to raise money for breast cancer. You can charge per plate or table and you may be able to get food, entertainment, a venue and decorations donated.

      9. Have an auction or raffle. Depending on the laws for your state you can put on a silent auction or raffle off items with proceeds going to benefit breast cancer research.

      10. Have a Car Wash

      11. Chili Cook-off are fun and a great way to raise money!

      12. Donate your birthday for a cure. Let friends and family know that in lieu of gifts this year you would like them to donate to your favorite breast cancer organization.

      13. Many restaurants will donate a portion of their days proceeds to raise money for certain organizations. Approach several. It never hurts to ask around.

      14. Sell flowers, fruits or veggies out of your own garden.

      15. Have a friend that does home parties like Tupperware, Partylite, Pampered Chef, etc.? Offer to donate your hostess rewards and/or see if they will donate a portion of their sales to the cause.

      There are really so many ways you can raise money to help fight breast cancer. Get creative. Be Passionate. You will succeed!

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