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    • Earrings ~ Express Yourself!


      Earrings are a girl's best friend! Okay -- maybe diamonds are but earrings have got to be a close second! Every woman should have a nice variety to choose from.  Do you want to know why?


      Because your earrings are speaking to people. You may not realize it but it is true.  Sure, for some people they are simply an every day fashion accessory. They put them on each morning without really thinking about it.  However, others might pour over their extensive earring collection trying to select THE perfect pair. Are you trying to send a message with your earrings?



      can be simple,

      or sophisticated.



      They can give people clues about you, like:


      you are an animal lover,

      a sports fan,



      you hope for peace,




      or that you are a SURVIVOR!



      They can also be festive,







      and fabulous!


      Earrings are certainly fashionable and can really add the crowning touch to a favorite outfit.  They are also a great way to compliment any hair style. If you have short hair - or even on days that you wear your hair up, or pulled back - you will really be able to show off your lovely baubles. 


       If you love your earrings, you'll also want to be sure that you store them properly. You can store them in a  jewelry box  with soft lining. Just hook each pair into each other, so they stay together and are easier to find. Be sure not to lay stones on top of each other. You don't want them rubbing together and getting scratched.

      If you have sterling silver earrings, you'll want to store them with anti-tarnish stripes. This will help them to keep them in ready to wear condition. You should have a polishing cloth available though, you can just give them a quick wipe to shine them up quickly.


    • Tips for Organizing and Storing Your Jewelry

      Happy 2011 from Charming Chick! The beginning of the New Year, is a perfect time to get organized. As you start getting all of your things cleaned up and in order -- it is very important that you do not forget about orgnanizing your jewelry as well.

      Perhaps you were lucky enough to acquire some new treasures over the holiday – if so you probably need to rearrange things a bit to make room for them.

      Also, properly storing your jewelry will not only keep it safe and easy to locate; it will also extend the life of your dazzling beauties.

      One of first things you'll want to do is to get a jewelry box, so you rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc., don't touch each other or get tangled up. Metal can scratch metal, certain stones can scratch each other and chains can become tangled, kinked or broken.

      Here are some tips on keeping your valuables in great condition.

      Necklaces should be stored flat or hanging up. This will prevent them from becoming tangled and knotted; which can then weaken the links and cause your chain or necklace to break. Not only will you be left with a broken chain -- but it is also very possible that the bauble you had hanging from it, could become lost or damaged.

      Rings should be stored in a box that is lined with a soft material. They should not touch each other if possible -- and any ring that has a stone should be inserted into the ring holder, stone side up.

      Earrings can be hooked together so that pairs do not become separated. You can lay them in a lined box and ensure they aren’t touching --  or you can get earring holders; which you can fasten your earrings into.

      Sterling Silver when storing sterling silver you’ll want to make sure that it doesn’t become overly tarnished. To do this you can purchase silver protection strips; which can be placed in your jewelry box to prevent to prevent tarnishing. They do this by safely absorbing the sulfur in the air.

      Another way to easily maintain your silver is to take it out once a month and polish it with a silver polishing cloth. It’s easy, it keeps your jewelry looking stunning, and it will help prevent permanent damage.

      Traveling with your fine accessories also takes some planning and care. There are many soft travel case or jewelry-rolls which are nice for storing your items and keeping it safe from damage. Before you plan your next trip, you should definitely get one of these.

      One other thing you must keep in mind when organizing and storing your jewelry -- is to make sure it isn’t ever placed in direct sunlight or anywhere it might be subjected to extreme temperature changes.

      And finally, make sure to place your jewelry box in a safe and secure location.

    • Earrings on a Budget

      If there's one accessory that can literally change your outfit entirely, it is earrings.  So if you are looking to make a big splash with little cash, adding the right earrings to your ensemble can make all the difference.

      Add some sparkling crystal or CZ chandelier earrings to instantly dress up your work clothes for a night out.  Some classic pearl earrings can make even jeans look elegant.

      For the most flexibility for your money, owning a key set of what I like to call "everything earrings" is critical.  These are the earrings that no matter what you have on, they will perfectly compliment it.  Spending a little extra on these earrings will pay off.  Good picks would be studs featuring your birthstone or another gemstone that you feel great wearing.  Black onyx is both elegant and classic, and will look great with everything from jeans to an evening gown.  Also make sure you have some classic sterling silver hoops or other sterling silver dangle earrings.  You'll find that these will match perfectly with just about everything, too.

      For some of my favorite Everything Earrings, click the pictures below:

      Black Onyx and Pearl Earrings Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings Blue Topaz Stud Earrings

    • Guide to Choosing Earring Length

      Ever wonder what kind of earring will compliment your face the most?  I've compiled a quick guide on choosing your earring length and style based on the shape of your face:

      Oval face: You can wear almost any earring style. Hoops are often the most flattering.

      Round face: Choose longer earrings with oblong or straight styles. Earrings with sharp angles balance the curves of the face. Teardrops also flatter round faces.

      Square face: Hoops, ovals and small earrings look best. Avoid wearing short and chunky earrings because they make the face appear wider.

      Also keep in mind your overall body type: While larger earrings might look great on a taller person, they will not be as flattering on someone with a petite build.

      For some of my favorite earrings, click the pictures below:

      Crystal and Pearl Earrings Lucky Clover Earrings Silver Hoop Earrings

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