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    • Trick-or-Treating ~ Halloween Safety Quick Tips

      Halloween is just a couple of days away, so we here at Charming Chick want to share a few quick tips to ensure that trick-or-treating is fun and safe for all.


      Halloween Safety Tips



      ~ Halloween costumes should fit properly.

      ~ Children should be able to see well through their masks; cut eye holes larger if needed.

      ~ Make sure that costumes are not dragging on the floor or present a risk for tripping.

      ~ If you are trick-or-treating in a cold climate, layer heavier clothing under the halloween costume to keep warm.

      ~ Use hypoallergenic  make-up to help prevent an allergic reaction.

      ~ Put reflective tape on the costume so the trick-or-treaters can be seen by those driving in cars.



      Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips


      ~ Children should always be accompanied by an adult while trick-or-treating on Halloween night.

      ~ Bring a flashlight and glow sticks so you can see and be seen in the dark. Be sure to shine the flashlight on the sidewalk to prevent tripping over objects.

      ~ Leave your pets at home. It might seem like a good idea to bring the family dog along while trick-or-treating but it really isn't. Dogs and other animals don't understand masks and can get spooked. It's unsafe for them and for others because you never know how they will react if they are fearful or feel threatened.

      ~ Use sidewalks. This is the best practice and will keep you and your little ghosts and goblins much safer.

      ~ Only trick-or-treat on well-lit streets. Darker streets make it much harder for cars to spot you and the most important thing to do is to ensure that everyone can see you clearly.

      ~ This Halloween go in a group. The larger the group you go with, the more visible you are to cars. Plus, it's really fun to go with other friends and family.

      ~ ONLY go to houses who have their porch light on.


      At Home


      ~ As we mentioned before, keep pets at home but you'll also want to make sure that they are inside and safe during Halloween. Black cats are said to be especially vulnerable so keep them indoors (along with all your pets).

      ~ If you are handing out candy, keep your porch light on

      ~ When you return home from trick-or-treating look over the candy carefully. Thow out anything that looks tampered with or is homemade by someone you don't know.



      Have a very Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tips for Choosing a Spooktacular Halloween Costume


      Halloween is just a few weeks away and many of us are trying to decide on  just the right costume for this fun fall holiday. Should you go traditional or be terrifying? Do you buy something at the store, DIY or a combination of the two? There are really so many choices out there and you are only limited by your imagination.

      At Charming Chick we have just a few tips to help you decide on the right costume for you this Halloween!


      This lamp  charm  makes an ideal accessory
       if you plan on being a genie this Halloween .






      1. Think outside the box

      The more original and creative you can be -- all the better. If you don't think you are creative enough to invent your own original costume or character don't worry; putting a new spin on and old favorite can work just as well or better.


      Also, choosing someone who is trending, or in the news a lot, is another great idea. You could go as the famous "Hockey Mom" and politician Sarah Palin or you would be "winning" as Charlie Sheen this year. You can also choose to go as your favorite celebrity; that can be a lot of fun!

      2. Consider your comfort

      It is also a great idea to consider how comfortable you will be while wearing the costume and where you are headed. If you are dressing up to take the kids trick-or-treating or will be at an outside, event a big or heavy weight costume might be okay.However, if you are going to be indoors = especially where there will be a lot of people - those types of costumes may be too hot or cumbersome to wear.

      Also, when kids go out trick-or-treating they aren't going to want to wear a coat over their costume, this takes away from the WOW factor and may have people asking, "Now what are you dear?" You can keep your little superheros and princesses warm by putting layers underneath their costume if it's a chilly fall evening.


      3.  Decide on a costume theme for the entire family 


      This is fun if you'll be attending a Halloween party or going trick or treating as a family. There are so many creative combinations you can do. Some family go as all the characters from the Wizard of Oz, all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the solar system, and more. If you check out The Tip Junkie Blog she has a ton of great Halloween costume ideas for the whole family.


      Have fun! Be Safe! Get Creative!


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