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    • Sorority Spotlight ~ Alpha Phi

      Alpha Phi ~ ΑΦ


      Open Motto: “Union hand in hand.”
      Mascot: Phi Bear
      Symbol: Ivy Leaf
      Colors: Bordeaux and Silver
      Flower: Lily of the Valley and Forget Me Not






      Alpha Phi is a women's fraternity that was founded at Syracuse University on September 18, 1872.  Alpha Phi was the third Greek-letter organization for women and was founded by Clara Bradley Wheeler Baker Brudette, Hattie Florence Chidester Lukens, Martha Emily Foote Crow, Ida Arabella Gilbert DeLamanter Houghton, Jane Sara Higham, Kate Elizabeth Hogoboom Gilbert, Elizabeth Grace Hubbell Shults, Rena A. Michaels Atchison, Louise Viola Shepard Hancock and Clara Sittser Williams.  These ten founders were pioneers when it came to higher education for women.

      During this time in history it didn't seem necessary for women to attend colleges and universities but these women - and others like them - felt very differently. It wasn't an easy time and having the friendships and support of other women who were facing the same struggles made all the difference.

      According to the Alpha Phi website their purpose is as follows:

      The objectives of our Fraternity are the promotion of growth in character;
      unity of feeling, sisterly affection, and social communion among our members.


      In all that we do, we try to obey God's principles of justice and right. We have
      banded ourselves together to improve our minds and hearts, and we seek to aid
      each other through a constant watchcare always given in love.


      We believe ourselves to be sincere searchers for truth.


      We seek the highest ideal of womanhood, and we try to gain this
      ideal by cultivating not only the power and passion for seeking
      intellectual development but, also, the spirit of love and charity.

      And we who are thus united are under a solemn pledge to lend
      a helping hand to one another.

       ~ Constitution of Alpha Phi International Fraternity, Incorporated, Article II


      Alpha Phi are innovative thinkers and they are committed to empowering women. Through the Alpha Phi Foundation they officially adopted Cardiac Care and raise funds to support programs that focus on studying the symptoms of women's heart disease, its treatment and prevention.


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