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    • Winter Jewelry Trends: Stacked Bangle Bracelets

      Stacked bangle bracelets are continuing to be one of the most popular jewelry trends this winter.  From just a few thin sterling silver bangles, to several bright multi-colored lucite bangle bracelets, everyone seems to be stacking bangle bracelets this winter.

      The best part is that you can buy just a few bracelet and create a variety of looks.  Everyone will think you have a huge jewelry collection, and will never know how budget-friendly your stacked bangles are.

      For some of my favoriate stacked and stackable bangle bracelets, click the pictures below:

      Stacked Lord's Prayer Bangle Bracelet Gold Lucite Bangle Bracelet Purple Stacked Bangle Bracelets

    • Swarovski Crystal Bangles for Fall

      There's no doubt that Swarovski Crystal bangle bracelets are one of the hottest jewelry trends this fall.  But I'm really amazed at all the different styles that are popping up!  I've seen just about every color in the rainbow, as well as some super classy (and expensive looking) sterling silver bangles featuring Swarovski crystals.

      Check out some of my favorite Swarovski Crystal Bangles below:

      Swarovski Crystal Bangle Blue Swarovski Crystal Bangle Gold Lucite Swarovski Crystal Bangle Bracelet

    • Christian Bible Scripture Bracelets and Jewelry

      One of the newest trends I've seen in Christian gifts is Bible Scripture bracelets and jewelry.  The infinity design allows a longer Bible verse to be imprinted around the bracelet or pendant.  By far our best-selling design has been the Lord's Prayer.

      These items make great gifts for any Christian lady.  They are also particularly nice when a friend is in need of comforting and healing.  It's a great way to encourage another Christian to stay strong in a difficult time.

      For some of my favorite Bible scripture bracelets and jewelry, click the pictures below:

      Lords Prayer Bracelet Serenity Prayer Bracelet Lords Prayer Necklace

    • Summer Trend: Lucite Bangle Bracelets

      Add some bold summer flare to just about any outfit with a lucite bangle bracelet. Designers such as Alexis Bittar are using lucite in summer bracelet designs, and less-expensive versions are easy to find. You gotta love their vintage charm and bold design.

      If you're wondering what exactly lucite is, you are not alone. Until recently, many (including myself) had not heard the term. According to Wikipedia, lucite is more commonly known as acrylic, and is commonly used as an alternative to glass. I love it because it's strong but fairly lightweight.

      My favorite way to wear a lucite bangle bracelet is with a bold summer dress, like a color blocked dress. I'm loving the style expertise that BrokeandBeautiful.com shared regarding pairing a color blocked dress with a thick lucite bangle. A bright, thick lucite bangle can add a punch of color to a plainer outfit, too. And my ultimate favorite is lucite bangles with Swarovski Crystals - that extra sparkle really makes the entire outfit stand out.

      Click on the pictures below to view some of my favorite lucite bangle bracelets:

      Pink Lucite Bangle Bracelet Black Swarovski Crystal Lucite Bangle Bracelet

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