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    • Baby Bunch Bouquets -- Beautiful and Practical




      Have you been searching for the perfect gift for a mom-to-be? Do you want to get a great gift for a new baby that is practical -- but you really want to present it in a beautiful and unique way? If you haven't heard of Baby Bunch Bouquets -- then you are in for a pleasant surprise.


      Baby Bunch Bouquets are the hottest new baby gift. They have even been featured on the Martha Stewart Show! They are a fantastic and fun alternative to natural floral arrangements. In the hospital it makes a beautiful presentation for Mom -- and after arriving home it will be a gift that both Mom and baby will love.




      The Blue Baby Bunch Bouquet, is available in two sizes - medium and large. The Medium Bucket arrives in a sturdy metal pail and includes: one white bib, one blue hat, two pairs of socks (one blue and one white pair) and one blue onesie. Large Bucket includes: one white bib, one white t-shirt, one blue hat, two pairs of socks (one blue  and one white pair), one blue onesie and one pair of white leggings -- perfectly suited for a handsome baby boy.



      The Pink Baby Bunch Bouquet is also available in two sizes - medium and large. Medium includes one white bib, one pink hat, one pink one-piece, one pink pair of socks and one white pair of socks to outfit the most fashionable baby girl. Large includes one white bib, one white t-shirt, one pink hat, two pairs of socks (one pink pair and one white pair so mademoiselle can mix and match), one pink one-piece and one pair of pink leggings. It is clothing fit for a princess.

      Another really fabulous baby gift is the Love at First Sight Sonogram Frame and Baby Bunch Gift Set. This makes a perfect baby shower gift. The Mom-to-be can proudly and elegantly display her baby's first photo -- the sonogram. This color bouquet of baby clothes is perfectly suited for either a boy or a girl.


      The clothing come in infant sizes 0-6 months and is made of 100% cotton, so you can be sure it all feels as good as it looks. These are such a fun gift and any new Mom will be thrilled to receive such a wonderful and thoughtful gift!

    • Sweet and Sassy Baby Clothes

      Do you have a new baby to buy for this Christmas? Are you looking for something that is unique and memorable? Here at Charming Chick we have some adorable baby clothes for the little cuties on your list.

      If you know anything about babies, you know that onesies are a definite must have item but when you are giving them as a gift, you want to jazz it up a bit. That’s the precious long and short sleeved onesies we offer make for the perfect gift. Sure, they are practical but they are also stylish and fun too, because we can personalize them!

      These onesies also make a fantastic gift for anyone with twins or higher order multiples. Even if the babies aren’t identical, people can have a hard time remembering who is who. So, when there is any sort of gathering - the parents can slip these personalized onesies on the babies - and then no one has to ask, “Now, who am I holding?”

      We also have personalized baby gift sets. These are great keepsakes. The set includes: A hat, bib and onesie, and all can be monogrammed.

      Here at Charming Chick, we also have some infant snuggle sacks available, which are just too cute for words. The babies once the babies are nestled into these sacks, they look sweet as can be. We have Lady Bug and an Owl Snuggle Sacks available.

      Looking for something fun, stylish and unique? We have a darling Baby Chef Set that makes a wonderful gift. It’s a 3-piece set which includes a chef’s hat, black and white checkered pants and a white chef’s coat.

      We also have some adorable outfits for baby girls. One of our most popular is a sweet black and pink ruffled sleeper.  It just perfect for the little princess on your list!

      Don't forget to visit our baby gifts section while you are shopping too!

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