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    • The Awareness Ribbon -- Showing your Support

      At one time or another, most people have either worn - or at least seen - an awareness ribbon; they have been around for many years. In the 1970’s the yellow ribbon surfaced, to show support for the safe return of soldiers, in the 1990’s the red ribbon began being used, to bring awareness for those affected by the AIDS epidemic, shortly after that we saw the pink ribbon worn in support of breast cancer – and today, we see awareness ribbons in all the colors of the rainbow and each one can represent several causes.   

      So what is an awareness ribbon and why do people choose to wear them? Well, the first reason is in the name itself – to raise awareness about a cause; which in turn can help raise funds to aid in supporting the cause. Merchandise like pins, magnets, key chains, bracelets, shirts, hats, etc. which have the ribbon of choice on it, are sold and most often a large percent if not all the funds raised, go to help the cause.

      Many people all have countless reasons for wearing an awareness ribbon, but they all boil down to the same reasons – they are a symbol which unite the supporters of the cause, they open the door to conversations about the cause, and last – and most importantly – they are a reminder that life, is so very precious and that every person matters.

      At Charming Chick we are proud to offer many awareness ribbon items that can be worn to show support and bring awareness to whichever cause (or causes) are near and dear to your heart. We have charms, hats, shirts, pins and much, much more.

       If you would like a full list of ribbons colors and the causes they represent Click Here. If you know of a cause that we do not have listed, please let us know, and we will be happy to include it.


    • Presidential Candidates' Statements on Autism

      In response to requests from the Autism Society of America, presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain have made statements regarding Autism and healthcare. Do you know where each candidate stands on these important issues?

      You can read each candidates statement on the Autism Society of America's Vote for Autism web page. Both letters address concerns such as the important of early detection, support for future research, and helping families with Autism afford the specialized health care that they need.

      For ways that you can get involved in promoting Autism Awareness and encouraging our government to address these important concerns, visit the ASA website.

      Autism Keychain Autism Ribbon Ring Autism Puzzle Pin

    • Art Exhibit by Autism Society of America

      One of the charitable organizations that we donate to here at Charming Chick is the Autism Society of America.  Recently, they have launched an art exhibit of art created by individuals on the Autism spectrum.

      It was such a neat experience to check it out, so I thought I would pass this information along.  You can view the art exhibit by clicking here.

      The Autism Society of America supports research that will help families living with Autism.  You can read more about their research, programs, and information about Autism on their website here.

      Check out some of our newest Autism Awareness jewelry by clicking the pictures below:

      Autism Awareness Jewelry Set Autism Awareness Keychain Autism Awareness Charm

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