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    • Sorority Spotlight ~ Alpha Sigma Tau

      Alpha Sigma Tau ~AΣΤ


      Open Motto: “Active, Self-reliant, Trustworthy.”
      Mascot: They encourage each local chapter to choose their own mascot.
      Symbol: Anchor
      Jewel: Pearl
      Colors: Emerald Green and Gold
      Flower: Yellow Rose



       Alpha Sigma Tau sorority was founded on November 4, 1899 at Michigan State Normal College, which is now Eastern Michigan University. At the time of Alpha Sigma Tau's founding, there were three other sororities already on campus; Pi Kappa Sigma, Sigma Nu Phi and Zeta Phi.  The women who founded this sorority - Harriet Marx, Eva O'Keefe, Adriance Rice, Helene M. Rice, Mable Chase, Ruth Dutcher, May Gephart and Mayene Tracy - are said to have been positive visionaries, inspire integrity and were remarkably resourceful.


       Alpha Sigma Tau members are  involved in several philanthropic activities. For one, they support Pine Mountain Settlement School, which is in Southeastern Kentucky in the mountains of Appalachia. The school provides a hands on approach to education and provides basic and environmental programs. According to the Alpha Sigma Tau official website the sorority has supported PMSS since 1945 through financial contributions from its members. Some members and alumnae also give of their time and talents by volunteering at the school as well.

      "...the following are some of Alpha Sigma Tau's sponsored projects: purchase of major equipment, renovation of campus buildings, purchase of a fifteen-passenger van, and most recently, the endowment of the Pine Mountain Settlement School Intervention Program Fund. These projects support the Pine Mountain Settlement School as it maintains its successful programs and expands the opportunities available to the area.  Alpha Sigma Tau donations are also used to purchase library and audio-visual materials for the Pine Mountain Center. In appreciation of these donations, each item carries a bookplate designating it as a gift from a specific collegiate or alumnae chapter. These bookplates are nature prints designated by Gwen Frostic, a well-known nature artist, environmentalist, and Alpha Sigma Tau." 

       In June of 2004 the sorority also officially adopted Habitat for Humanity and added it to its National philanthropic service. This is a Christian ministry which helps build houses for families in need. Members volunteer their labor and assist the organization by contributing funds as well.

    • Sorority Spotlight ~ Alpha Sigma Alpha

      Alpha Sigma Alpha ~ AΣA


      Open Motto: “Aspire, Seek Attain.”
      Mascot: Dot the Lady Bug
      Symbol: Phoenix
      Jewel: Pearl, Ruby
      Colors: Crimson, Pearl White, Palm Green and Gold
      Flower: Narcissus and Aster




      Alpha Sigma Alpha was founded November 15, 1901 at the Virginia State Female Normal School, which is now Longwood University. During the time of its founding, higher education for women was still a highly debated topic. Because of this, many women who were enrolled in these schools sought out the commandery and support of other women facing the same obstacles. The founders of Alpha Sigma Alpha were searching for the same.

      Virginia Lee Boyd-Noell, Juliette Jefferson Hudley-Gilliam, Calva Hamlet Watwon Wootton, Louise Brooks Cox- Carper and Mary Williamson-Hudley had become very good friends and i the fall of 1901 they were recruited and bid by other sororities. However, they quickly realized that this would mean the five friends would not be sorority sisters. So in November of that year they formed AΣA. Early on it was decided that only teacher's colleges or universities and colleges of education within universities.


      According to the official Alpha Sigma Alpha website the sorority's purpose as stated in the charter is as follows:

      The purpose of the association shall be to cultivate friendship among its members, and in every way to create pure and elevating sentiments, to perform such deeds and to mould such opinions as will tend to elevate and ennoble womanhood in the world.”


      In 1958 Alpha Sigma Alpha's philanthropic focus became aiding the mentally challenged and in 1976 the Special Olympics was named their national project. In 1990 and additional project was added:

       "The S. June Smith Center is a private non-profit agency providing early identification, education, training and therapy to infants and children in the Lancaster area with developmental disabilities and delays." via www.alphasiggmaalpha.org

      Currently there are 145 Alpha Sigma Alpha chapters and over 100,00 members nationwide.

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