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  • Super Bowl: Get Ready for the BIG Game






























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    We have one more week of NFL division playoffs, then we will know who will be in this year's Super Bowl. This year the Super Bowl game will be played on Sunday, February 3rd. If you are like millions of Americans, you look forward to the big game and perhaps even plan a festive party so you can enjoy the Super Bowl game, friends, family and food on the day of the big game. Today on the CharmingChick blog, we are going to give you some tips and inspirations so you can make your Super Bowl party a smashing success.























    Planning the perfect Super Bowl party doesn't have to involve great expense or super fancy decor -- though it certainly can if you wish. The most important thing is to invite people you enjoy being around (a love for football is not a requirement). Then you'll want munchies, chips, dips, veggies, hot dogs, pizza, or any other crowd pleasing favorites. You definitely don't want anything too awkward to hold in one hand -- and cheer with the other. If you will have alcohol at your party, please make sure everyone drinks responsibly and those drinking should have a designated driver to get them home safely.
















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    If you ask my children, any food is better on a stick. I stumbled upon this delicious looking appetizer. It looks fancy but take a look at the recipe on the blog Big Girls Small Kitchen. It's really simple and your guests will definitely be "Wowed"! Make up some of these with delicious meatballs and some Lil' Smokies wrapped with bacon or dough.











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    Football decor is also fun. I love the idea pictured above that I found on the Amina Michele blog. Forget the stuffy table cloth, use some turf and white tape to make festive football field that will showcase your delicious Super Bowl goodies! Such a simple idea but it will leave a lasting impression on your gifts -- and maybe become a yearly tradition!


    One other fun activity that I'd like to mention is a Football Pickem. You can waged bragging right, goodies, chores, or whatever you like but it really makes watching the Super Bowl even more fun for avid football fans and novices alike. The questions can be anything. Check out these questions from last year's event, All you need to do is modify some of them to make them relevant to this year's Super Bowl.


    What are some of your favorite things to do or serve at your Super Bowl party?

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