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  • Amethyst -- The Birthstone for February

    Sterling Silver Amethyst Earrings 


    The birthstone for February is amethyst, and it is an absolutely stunning gemstone. It is also the anniversary gemstone for the fourth and sixth years of marriage.

    With its regal color -- it is only natural that it adorns several prominent pieces of royal jewelry. Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz and is found in a range of shades including deep purple, lavender, violet, and mauve.  It is also the most valuable member of the quartz family. Amethyst is sometimes found mixed with citrine which forms the gemstone ametrine.


    Amethyst is a seven on the Moh's scale  of hardness; which means it is a relatively hard stone and more resistant to scratches than other semi-precious stones. However, you must keep in mind that heat, can greatly affect the color. Long exposure to sun light - or other heat sources - can have an adverse effect on it. 

    Sterling Silver Faceted Amethyst Pendant with Chain

    The history and mythology associated with amethyst, is as fascinating as the stone itself. At one time it was believed to thwart intoxication and prevent addiction -- so often times wine goblets were carved out of this dazzling gemstone. In addition to preventing the wearer from succumbing to the effects of alcohol; it also has many other remarkable properties and uses.


    Sterling Silver Amethyst Cuff Bangle

    Amethyst is said to protect the wearer against evil, promote bravery, protect the wearer in battle, quicken intelligence, and cure insomnia. This gemstone has also been worn to symbolize faithfulness, humility, sincerity, and spiritual wisdom. It was even thought to have healing powers.

    Sterling Silver Faceted Amethyst Ring

    If you know someone who is fortunate enough to be born in the month of February, you should give them the gift of their birthstone. At Charming Chick we have several stunning pieces of amethyst jewelry for you to choose from. Most of the stones are faceted, so they sparkle and sizzle beautifully.

    Even if a person isn't born in the month of February, these pieces make a fantastic gift! The richness of the stone, combined with .925 sterling silver is a magnificent pairing.


  • Valentine's Day -- Spoil your Sweetheart


    Sterling Silver Amethyst Heart Necklace

    Valentine's Day is just around the corner and the good news is -- there is still time left to order! Nothing says Valentine's Day quite like hearts. At Charming Chick we have some stylish heart jewelry that you can spoil your sweetie with, this holiday!

    Our Eternal Love Intertwined Heart necklace - will make the perfect gift for your love - this Valentine's Day. The symbol of the intertwined hearts tells her you mean -- forever. This necklace is finely crafted in .925 sterling silver and is an elegant and timeless piece of jewelry. It will be cherished for many years to come. The necklace is not only a beautiful and meaningful gift; it is so versatile that it can be worn dressed up or dressed down. This stunning piece is 17 inches long, which means it falls just perfectly for most necklines.

    Do you need something special and meaningful. Something that really says how much you care? Do you need it fast? Well, we have just the thing. The Be Mine Forever Heart necklace is just the item you have been searching for. It is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day! This cute silver-toned heart cluster hangs sweetly from a durable sterling silver box chain and is 16 inches long. The best part is, is that it ships in just 24 hours. There are only a few left -- so order soon.

    This sterling silver Heart Band makes a fantastic gift  for Valentine's Day -- or any day. It is high polished for maximum shine  and is 9mm wide. This is a great quality, eye-catching piece of jewelry. Your sweetie is sure to love this ring and wear it everyday. You can be sure that she'll think of you every time she looks down at her hand.

    Give her the key to your heart this Valentine's Day, with a lovely sterling silver Key Locket. This thoughtful gift will really show her how much you care and appreciate all she does. It really says "I love you!"


    For more Valentine's Day gift ideas visit the Charming Chick web site today!

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