• Back-to-School Must Haves for Girls

    The kids will be heading back to the class room in the next few weeks -- so back-to-school shopping is in full swing. If you have started to think about getting your kids prepared for the year ahead, you may have wondered what the hottest new "must haves" for girls. Well, you can wonder no more -- we've got the answers for the most stylish back -to-school accessories.




    1. Chunky and Funky Accessories ~ This is the latest trend in jewelry. The bigger the bling the better. Rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are all being worn big and bulky. Stacking bracelets is also a really popular fashion trend as well. So make it bold!


    2. Totes and Backpacks ~ Every student needs something to carry their books and supplies in. Many girls today are opting for stylish totes versus the traditional backpack. These colorful totes from Charming Chick are stylish and water-resistant. They are also popular for cheer, dance team, basketball, softball and other sports.


    3. Scarves ~ A monogrammed scarf is a fantastic back-to-school it or those ladies heading to high school or college. Scarves are a popular fashion accessory. A cashmere scarf is a classic and stylish touch to any outfit -- and the monogram gives it a nice personalized touch.


    4. Super Stylish Cosmetic Bags ~ Cosmetic bags are not only perfect for toting your toiletries they are also great to use for storing and organizing school supplies. With all the pockets and zipper compartments they are fabulous for all the paper clips, pens, highlighters and more, they are great for keeping things at your finger tips.

    5. Sorority Jewelry - If you know a college girl who will be joining a sorority this year, you'll want to pick up some gorgeous sorority jewelry so she can wear her letters proudly! We have a great selection of sorority items to choose from.

    At Charming Chick we have many other great accessories to get your school year started right -- be sure to to shop around.

  • Pashmina Monogram Scarf -- Wrap Yourself in Luxury

    It’s winter. It’s chilly. It’s time to bundle up. Depending on the part of the country you live it; you might have to layer up a little or a lot. It can be really hard to look super stylish and keep warm at the same time. Here at Charming Chick, we have just the item to keep you looking fashionable, cozy, and fabulous -- a Pashmina Monogram Scarf.

    Our luxurious Pashmina Scarf is not only chic but also sensible. It’s very versatile and can be worn in many ways; and it can be worn dressed up or dressed down.

    Another magnificent thing about these scarves is that they are available in five vibrant colors. That’s right – five; aqua, black, tan, brown, and pink. Since it is so reasonably priced – far less than the designer ones – you can pick up a couple. Then you will have one for any outfit or occasion.

    Pashminas are most commonly worn as a scarf or a shawl to keep out the cold but they have many other uses as well.


    Make it Your Own

    What I mean by this is, you don’t have to wear it draped around your arms and neck; you can thread it through belt loops in a coat or pants to add a splash of color and a lot of pizzazz.

    Another fun thing you can do it fasten the Pashmina closed with a beautiful brooch to add elegance and your own special touch.

    And let’s not forget that these stunning scarves can also be monogrammed. We let you choose your thread color and have 6 fonts to pick from, so you really can make this scarf uniquely yours.


    Cover Your Arms

    Sometimes we find the perfect blouse or dress. It’s the right style, the right fit, the right color, but maybe it is sleeveless and either, 1.) it’s just too chilly or 2.) we are just not comfortable with having our arms out on display. Wearing a beautiful Pashmina will do the trick. It will keep you comfortably warm and elegantly cover your arms.


    Decorate Yourself  -- or Your Room

    Not only will you look marvelous in a Pashmina Scarf, you can cozy up a room as well. Because Pashminas are so attractive - and a nice size - they look fantastic draped over a chair, couch, bed spread, or table.


    Have fun with it and keep warm!


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