• Throw a Spooktacular Halloween Party!

    Halloween is about a week away. If you have thought about throwing a party for friends and family, we have some great tips on the Charming Chick blog today that can help to ensure that everyone has a ghoulishly good time.



    Creepy Costumes


    What is a Halloween party without people dressed in funny, terrifying and creative costumes? Kids love to dress up and - truth be told - adults do too. It may take a little coaxing but once they are dressed up it's hard not to feel like a kid again. To make the costume aspect even more fun and interesting, you can always include a costume contest into the party activities. Depending on how many guests you plan on having, you can do one, two, or three prize for adults and a few for the kiddos.



    Dreadful Decor


    The decorations set the stage. As soon as your guests arrive they should be greeted with festive, freaky and fabulous decor. Of course the colors orange, black, brown, white and yellow are most commonly associated with this holiday.

    Scatter fake spiders and spider webs inside and out. You can also put up fake tombstones for an even creepier detail. Also, put dry ice in the punch bowl to create an ominous, foggy effect. Pictures, knickknacks, and decorations that include ghosts, goblins, zombies, Jack  O' Lanterns, and mummies are nice and spooky. Also, don't forget to have scary and suspenseful music playing in the background.



    Plan some thrilling activities.


    There are so many fun things you can plan to do during your Halloween party. Here are a few games and activities that are sure to make for a frightenly good time:


    * Pumpkin carving

    * Bobbing for Apples

    * Monster Tag

    * Make a Mummy

    * Weave a Scary Tale 



    Freaky Food


    You'll want the food you serve at your Halloween party to be delicious and devilish. Creating these ghostly snacks can also be a lot of fun. If you are looking for some festive and unique recipies here are some great websites:


    21 Gross Halloween Recipes ~

    25 Spooky Halloween Treats ~ Family Fun

    Halloween Party Food Ideas ~ Better Homes and Gardens

    Happy Planning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wedding Dos and Don'ts ~ for the Groom


    You found the woman of your dreams. You asked her to marry you. Now she wants to plan, plan, plan! Are you wondering how much or how little you should do. Maybe she seems to have everything all planned out - or at the very least - an idea about how she wants everything to go. Maybe she asks for your opinion on things but does what she wants to regardless of your input. On the other hand, your bride might be looking to you for answers regarding each and every detail and you honestly aren't sure - or don't care - what the napkins look like.

    Do have a heart to heart with your bride-to-be. Let her know what you are comfortable planning, and what you are not. Be specific. This will let her know that you aren't leaving all the planning to her.

    Do make a list of all the things you would like to have at your wedding - or things you would like to be in charge of. If finding the right DJ is high on your list, or you have a good sense of what foods would work best -- let your bride know. This doesn't mean you have to - or even should - make the decision alone. Instead, it means you do the foot work in finding the right vendors to meet with and then you can decide as a couple who can make your wedding dreams, a reality.

    Do voice your opinion. It is your special day as well. You might also like to request your own cake -- the groom's cake is a wonderful addition to any wedding.

    Do make sure you communicate regularly - and clearly - with your groomsmen. You are responsible for keeping tabs on your guys. Did each one get fitted for his tux? Do they know when all the pre-wedding activities are taking place? Have you come up with a wedding day check list so they know what their responsibilities are and where they will be the most help.

    Don't go out drinking the night before your wedding. Make sure your friends plan your bachelor party. The day of your wedding you want to be well rested and feeling your absolute best.

    Don't forget to keep the bride happy. This is and exciting and stressful time for you both, and if you make sure you are there for her every step of the way, she will love you and appreciate you even more than she already does.

    Don't be late. Whatever you do -- be on time for your wedding!

  • Tips for Planning a HOT Summer Wedding

    Summer is one of the most popular times of the year to have a wedding. The rains of spring become distant memory and make way for the warmth and sunshine. Summer brings all kinds of new possibilities -- as far as wedding planning is concerned. No sleeves -- no problem! During the summer months, you won't be freezing your tukas off in the name of fashion, and neither will your bridal party. Another benefit is all the gorgeous flowers that become available this time of year. Buying flowers in season means you can cut costs on your bouquets - and all of other flowers needed - for your special day. There are so many reasons to have a summer wedding and here are some tips to help you plan your big day.



    {Tip #1}

     If you are planning an outdoor wedding, be sure to provide lots of water and sunscreen for your guests. There are vendors who sell sunscreen packets. Another great feature is that you can even have them imprinted with your names and wedding date! The same is true for water. You can either just by a bunch of water at your local store -- or you can find some one to provide personalized labels, for an extra special touch!


    {Tip # 2}

    When choosing your summer wedding gown -- you may want to stay away from anything too cumbersome. This is especially important is you will be married outdoors. Beach and garden weddings lend themselves nicely to flowing fabrics. They are light and much easier to move in. Sound too simple for you? Keep in mind that these types of dresses can dazzle with intricate embellishments and beading.


    {Tip #3}

    Use vibrant colors! The sunny season is the perfect time to have fun with color! You don't have to use a bunch of colors -- sticking with one or two that really pop, is an excellent idea. your can incorporate them subtly -- or you can showcase them front and center.





    {Tip #4}

    Be inspired by nature! Use centerpieces, backdrops and other features to incorporate all the the wonderful elements of summer, into your wedding. If you are doing things indoors -- bring the outside in. If it's outside -- go with the natural flow of the venue and environment.  It will make for a day you and your sweetheart will never forget.

    {Tip #5}

    Serve fun summertime drinks. If you want to serve alcohol some of the most popular drinks are, pina coladas, margaritas, wine smoothies and other refreshing and festive drinks. Non-alcoholic might include; fruit flavored ice teas and lemonades, fruit smoothies, root beer floats, and italian sodas are other great options. Get creative!

  • Plan a ROCKIN' Bachelorette Party!!!


    The purpose of a bachelorette party, is to help a bride-to-be, celebrate her last days as a single woman. These parties are most often paid for and hosted by the maid-of-honor and the other bridesmaids -- under no circumstance should the bride to pay for anything during this celebration. Fear not!  If you want to plan a fun and memorable event for the bride-to-be, you don't have to break the bank to do it (unless you want to).




    There are really so many options for planning a great events. On the Charming Chick Blog today, we'll offer some party planning tips - and share some great products - to ensure the bachelorette party you are throwing, is a smashing success!


    As we mentioned earlier, a bachelorette party is an event to say goodbye to the single life -- however, one of the first, and most important tips that you might want to consider, is not planning the event the day before the wedding. The bride wants to be at her very best the day of her wedding -- so if the party you are planning entails, hanging out, into the wee hours of the morning -- that is just not going to work. We recommend you plan the party the weekend before the big day-- if possible. If it has to be closer to the wedding, then a day or so before, is a better option. Of course, if you are planning a tame celebration, then the day before might be totally appropriate. Use your best judgement and consult the bride-to-be for her opinion as well.



    What can make a bachelorette party even more special? A super cute martini glass for the bride-to-be, of course. The glass has a fun design and reads "CAUTION: Bachelorette party in progress." This adds some extra fun to the festivities.  At Charming Chick we make it easy and affordable because -- the more you buy, the more you save! We also have really cute beverage koozies with the same message printed on them--  these can be really great  for everyone too!



    Need some party ideas? We've got you covered. Here's is a list of some fun activities that you do. If nothing else, they may inspire you so you can come up with something that you know the bride-to-be that you are honoring, will absolutely love!


    *Plan a spa day! Get the girls together for manicure, pedicures, facials, massages -- the whole works!

    *Check out a local winery.Not only will you all be able to taste some fabulous wines, you may be able to take in some great entertainment as well. Want to kick it up a notch? Rent a limo or at the very least hire a driver or designate someone to do.. This will ensure everyone gets home safe and sound.

    *Host a luncheon or tea party. Dress up and make it creative and fun.

     *Take the bride to the theatre and to her favorite restaurant. Again, renting a limo is a fabulous idea and can make the bride-to-be feel extra special!

    Have a small budget? Not to worry. You can still host a fun event for the bride-to-be.

    *Throw a slumber party! Rent movies, serve drinks, do each other hair and nails and just have a really great girls' night in!

    *Host a dinner party. Make it fancy, make it fun and DIY your own decorations. Planning game a game or two after dinner can be really fun too!

    * Have a picnic in the park! Find a park with tennis courts, volleyball nets, or big open spaces to play games and just have a really great time hanging out.

  • Graduation Party -- Plan a Party for Your Grad!

    A major accomplishment, deserves a really fun celebration -- right? Of course it does, and that is why planning a super special event for your grad, is a fantastic idea! Graduation parties are usually attended by the graduates family and close friends. It can be as big as your budget and venue allows -- but most often a graduation party, tends to be a more intimate affair. This makes it easier for the graduate to enjoy themselves --  and to  greet and thank everyone in attendance. It is their celebration after all -- so you'll want to make sure they really enjoy themselves, and feel very special. So what can you do to ensure the graduation party you are planning goes well? Today, on the Charming Chick blog,  we have some tips to help you as you plan.



    {Tip #1} Decide on a Budget


    This will help keep you in check as you plan the graduation party. A great way to get started, is to make a list of all the things you want to have at the event - get pricing - then decide what you will include. It is always a great idea to consult with the guest of honor as well.  While you might be thinking of a more formal sit down dinner -- your grad might just want an informal BBQ.


    {Tip #2} Send Out Invites


    You'll want to send the invites out, at least two weeks in advance. This will help to ensure that your guests have plenty of time to RSVP -- and you'll have a good idea of about how many people to expect for the graduation party. If you are looking for a way to save money -- and be eco-friendly at the same time - you can choose to send your invitations through Evite.


    {Tip#3} Decorations


    The decor for the graduation party is generally graduation themed and pays tribute to the graduate.  You don't need to go overboard by putting together a huge shrine -- but a great idea is to have photos up and scattered throughout the party. Including photos from your grad's school days, events, sporting events, club activities, honors, etc. It is also fun to do a slide show presentation with power point or a movie maker, and you can add graduation songs to it. You can have personalized favors, candies, or even confetti.

    You also might want to get or make a card holder box. Many guests will want to give your graduate a gift and most of the time it is a monetary one, which will help as the embark on the next phase of their life.


    {Tip #4} The Food!


    If you keep it simple (or have the graduation party catered) then you'll be able to enjoy the festivities as well. If you will be preparing and serving the food, you may want to enlist the help of family and friends. You can make grad's favorite food, have a BBQ, do a baked potato bar or Hawaiian HayStacks, sandwiches, pizza, anything really. Just make sure to keep the cold food cold and the warm foods warm.

    As for dessert, you can do cake if you wish. Ice cream and cake are popular choices but you can do all sorts of things, shaved ice, candy bars, s'mores, root beer floats, milk shakes, etc.


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