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  • Pinterest Boards: Not Just for Ladies, Guys Like It Too











    My husband is under the misconception that Pinterest is just for the ladies. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's really for everyone. For instance if your guy is into action movies, superheros and comics there is a TON of stuff out there. Think of all the great boards that guys could come up with related to cars, videos games, their favorite sports teams and so much more. I know that many ladies are interested in these things as well -- I have a boards of my favorite football team of course :) The point is, if you are a guy and the word Pinterest has you envisioning frilly women's fashion, a thousand pages of nail art, and tons of wedding and baby stuff -- well yes, there is a lot of that. However, depending on who's boards you follow -- you will find a lot of stuff you love.













    Pinterest is a very visually pleasing site and when you follow boards or people and you see things you like you can "pin" those items to one of your boards. Let's say you are looking for dinner ideas and you see a pot roast that looks delicious. When you "repin" this photo from the board you see it on aren't simply pinning a picture of the most mouth-watering pot roast you have ever seen, you are actually pinning the website where you should be able to find the recipe for this dish. Putting together a Pinterest board of Grilling allows quick and easy access to recipes to make. How many times have you been surfing the web and you end up at a site but you have no idea how you got there or how to get back. You could always bookmark it to your computer but pinning it on Pinterest allows you to categorize items AND desplay a photo. It's and that's certainly not just something only females can enjoy, so come on guys -- if you haven't tried Pinterest yet you really should. As a side note, it also helps you find great gift ideas for your gal. Just peek at her boards and you'll never be at a loss for what you get her, because if it's on her boards it's certainly something she will love!!!

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  • The History of Labor Day

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    Most of us view Labor Day as the last real weekend of summer. If they haven't done so already, this is the time when the kids go back to school and fall is about ready to begin. We are also advised not to wear white and soon we will notice the crisp, cool smell of autumn in the air. Labor Day is a popular time for those last out-of-town or camping trips as well but some of you may be wondering -- what exactly is Labor Day? What is it for and when did it begin? On the Charming Chick blog today we will answer some of these question and provide a few fun facts along the way.  



    Labor Day is observed on the first Monday of September. This holiday is dedicated to the hard-working men and women of our country -- that means YOU! It is a celebration all the social and economic contributions of the American peope. On May 18th, 1882 cabinetmaker Peter McGuire attending a meeting at Central Labor Union and proposed a holiday for all those who labor. The first Labor Day was help on September 5, 1882. However, 1883 few workers were given this holiday off so over 10,000 New York workers showed up to take a stand against employers not willing to recognize the holiday. Actually, at that time it was more of an unoffical holiday though.


    In 1887 Oregon was the very first state to recognize Labor Day as a holiday. It didn't become a national holiday until 1894 but by that time 30 states were already officially observing it.  President Grover Cleveland rushed the request to make Labor Day a national holiday through congress -- where it was unanimously approved. The reason they were in such a hurry, had to do with several tragic deaths during heated labor disputes. It was an attempt by President Cleveland prevent further violence from erupting due to labor issues.



    Labor Day is usually a time for rest, for parties and for just enjoying the extra day off. Did you know that the time between Memorial Day a Labor Day is considered hot dog season? It's true! Labor Day is actually the 3rd most popular holiday for grilling right behind Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.


    All of us here and Charming Chick wish you a fun, relaxing and safe Labor Day weekend!!!!! Enjoy!


  • Father's Day is June 19th ~ GREAT gifts for Dad!!!

    Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!  ~Lydia M. Child, Philothea: A Romance, 1836 (via Quote Garden)

    Father's Day will soon be here -- that means now is the time to spoil your Dad! Fathers, grandfathers, uncles, husbands, etc. are so important -- which is why there is a day to honor - and thank them - for all their love, support, and encouragement throughout our lives. To show our appreciation -- many of us choose to select special and unique gifts to give to the fathers in our life.

    We have some great ideas for you today. Each item featured --  can be personalized in time for Father's Day. However, you need to order soon to allow enough time for personalization and shipping.

    When most people think "Dad" -- they think King of the Grill! If your Dad - or Grandad - loves to BBQ, then this grilling set is just perfect. The set features a grilling spatula, two-pronged fork and easy grip tongs -- which are neatly packaged inside a custom storing case. Each tool is crafted using stainless steel and wood. One of the most exciting features, is that the polyester carrier pouch may be embroidered with up to three block initials in white, light grey, tan, black, red or blue thread.

    This personalized portfolio is handsome, elegant, and most of all professional.  This finely crafted portfolio is available in two sizes: Large holds a 8.5 inch by 11 inch pad of paper -- Small holds a 5 inch by 8 inch pad of paper. There is a pocket inside the portfolio to hold loose papers, as well as a pen loop -- for added convenience. This dashing notebook can also be monogrammed, which is another wonderful feature. 

    Does your Dad have a duffle bag that is looking a little ragged? Has it been hard used and well-loved? Then you should hook your Dad up with a new one -- our Personalized Deluxe Duffle Bag is a fantastic choice! This isn't just any old duffle bag either -- it was designed with several great features to keep things organized. It is crafted of sturdy 600D polyester with PVC piping -- and features a U-shaped zipper closure for easy shoe storage. It is equip with padded nylon handles, a removable, adjustable shoulder strap, vinyl backing, reinforced cardboard bottom wrapped in PVC and several spacious pockets AND can be personalized! Need we say more?

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