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  • Pearls ~ The Birthstone for June!











    The month of June marks the official start of summer -- and folks that are born in the month of June are very fortunate to have the beautiful pearl designated as their birthstone. There are two other acceptable birthstones for June as well, alexandrite and moonstone. Since pearl is the most commonly used birthstone and there is so much interesting information about them we are just going to focus on those.










    What is a Pearl?


    A pearl is produced when an irritant is lodged within the tissue of a live shelled mollusk. A pearl is naturally produced when an irritant such as a piece of sand or a tiny bug gets into the mollusk’s shell. The mollusk then secretes layer upon layer of nacre (calcium carbonate) which covers the irritant and over time produces a pearl. Most pearls on the market today are cultured, which means a person actually puts the irritant – usually a piece of mother of pearl - into the mollusk’s shell, instead of it spontaneously ending up in there.












    Types of Pearls


    There are many different types of pearls. Each is unique and special in its own way.


    Natural -- a natural pearl is one that occurs spontaneously in nature. an irritant makes it's way into the shell of a mollusk which then begins to secrete nacre and a pearl is formed.

    Cultured -- a cultured pearl is one in which a person puts an irritant (usually mother of pearl) into a mollusks shell to facilitate the creation of a pearl and the mollusk still does the rest.

    Freshwater -- freshwater pearls can be found in mollusks living in rivers, lakes, ponds, etc. and other unsalted waters.

    Saltwater -- saltwater pearls are found in mollusks living in the salty oceans or other salty sources.

    Tahitian --  these pearls are sometimes referred to as black pearls and are typically 8mm-14mm in size. They are produced by a black lipped oyster. These oysters produce pearls in varying dark colors with hints of pink, blue and green.

    South Sea --  are grown in warm waters and similar to Tahitian pearls. They range in size from 9mm-20mm. While they are typically white, they may include hues of gold, silver, or pink.


    Pearls are graded and priced based on their luster, size, shape, markings (blemishes) and color.



    You must be very careful with your pearl birthstone jewelry. If the pearls come in contact with chemicals - even those found in hairspray, perfume, cleaning products, chlorine, etc. - it can dull the luster and even wear away the nacre. Always put your pearls on last, right before heading out the door and only clean them with a very soft cloth and warm water.


    If you know someone who was born this month get them their birthstone. Don't forget, pearls are also perfect for weddings!!!


  • Graduation Gifts for Your High School Graduate

    Graduation Cap and Diploma Charm

    It's hard to believe that the end of the school year is fast approaching! That also means it's time to start thinking about Graduation gifts. If you - or someone you know - is a senior in high school, this means moving on to bigger and better things. For most people, high school graduation is the end of an era, and the beginning of their adult life. It is a big change and a huge step in one's life -- this is why it is always a fantastic sentiment, to present the graduate with an extra special keepsake.



    This beautiful pewter charm makes a fantastic graduation gift. The verse reads: "Dare to dream of your own great success." This is a wonderfully motivating quote - and something they can keep in mind - as they embark on their journey into adulthood. The world is wide open to our graduates. They are in charge of their own destinies, and it is important that they know they be anything they want to be!  They just have to think big, work hard and have passion to obtain their dreams!



    There might not be a way for you to prepare the graduate in your life, for everything they will encounter in the world -- but this Engraved Multi-Tool Pocket Knife with Flashlight, is sure to come in handy. This handy little tool is crafted of stainless steel and aluminum and features eight tools: a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, knife, bottle opener, pliers, wire cutter, LED flashlight and saw. All of these features and free personalization, create a timeless keepsake that will be treasured for years!



    This Multi-Strand Ivory Pearl Engraved Bracelet is classic and elegant. It can be presented to the graduate -- either at or right before graduation - as a compliment to any outfit. The bracelet features gorgeous ivory glass pearls - in two different sizes - and a stylish toggle clasp, and a silver charm that can be engraved with an inital.



    Our Black Leather Engraved Money Clip Wallet is a great graduation gift for him. The slim form of this wallet makes it comfortable to carry. Your graduate will have a safe place to keep all of his important cards, cash and IDs. The best part is, it can be engraved with the graduates initials for a special personalized touch.

    At Charming Chick we have a great selection of gifts for all the graduates in your life. Be sure to order early -- and keep in mind that personalized items require extra time.


    "There's a big world out there. Bigger than prom, bigger than high school -- and it won't matter if you were the prom queen, the quarterback of the football team, or the biggest nerd. Find out who you are, and try not to be afraid of it." ~ Author Unknown

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