• Expecting a Baby? 8 Creative ways to Share the News











    Telling the world that your are expecting a baby can be a very exciting and fun thing to do. Whether you are looking to share the baby news with your husband, parents or lose friends and family, there are ways to make your announcement even more memorable and special. When the time comes to reveal your big news refer to this list for some fun ideas.


    1. Get a charm that says "Grandma" and present it your your Mom. This is an especially great way to share the baby news if she doesn't have any grandchildren yet. She might be a little confused but soon she'll be beaming with joy!


    2. Wear a t-shirt that reads "Baby on Board" and see how long it takes people to notice.


    3. To tell you husband the exciting baby news, and/or parents you have your your first born wear an "I'm going to be a Big Sister/Brother" shirt.


    4. Take a photo of your positive pregnancy test and slip it into a current book, magazine or the sports page of the morning newspaper for an unexpected surprise.


    5. Invite people over for a baby themed dinner where you can serve things like baby carrots, baby back ribs, have baby corn in the salad, babybel cheese, baby potatoes, etc. For a little extra fun you could put out a plate of cinnamon buns with a sign that says "There's a bun in the oven" and see if your guests catch on.











    6. Another way to share your baby news is to frame an ultrasound photo and wrap it for your parents to open. They'll understand what is it very quickly! If you want to share the news with other friends you can have photo cards made and send them out with a message "Coming February 2013" or whenever your expected due date is.


    7. To announce the big news that you are expecting to your husband, you can hand him a Daddy Diaper Bag or a book for the Dad-to-Be Like "My Boys Can Swim!: The Official Guys Guide to Pregnancy"  or "Dude Your Gonna Be A Dad!"


    8. If you will be sharing the baby news that you are expecting around the holidays you can get baby themed gifts for parents or other family members. A bib that says "Grandma is Great" or "#1 Aunt" is perfect. A baby outfit that says "Grandpa Digs Me" or "My Uncle is the Best!" Is ideal as well.



  • Back-to-School Must Haves for Girls

    The kids will be heading back to the class room in the next few weeks -- so back-to-school shopping is in full swing. If you have started to think about getting your kids prepared for the year ahead, you may have wondered what the hottest new "must haves" for girls. Well, you can wonder no more -- we've got the answers for the most stylish back -to-school accessories.




    1. Chunky and Funky Accessories ~ This is the latest trend in jewelry. The bigger the bling the better. Rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are all being worn big and bulky. Stacking bracelets is also a really popular fashion trend as well. So make it bold!


    2. Totes and Backpacks ~ Every student needs something to carry their books and supplies in. Many girls today are opting for stylish totes versus the traditional backpack. These colorful totes from Charming Chick are stylish and water-resistant. They are also popular for cheer, dance team, basketball, softball and other sports.


    3. Scarves ~ A monogrammed scarf is a fantastic back-to-school it or those ladies heading to high school or college. Scarves are a popular fashion accessory. A cashmere scarf is a classic and stylish touch to any outfit -- and the monogram gives it a nice personalized touch.


    4. Super Stylish Cosmetic Bags ~ Cosmetic bags are not only perfect for toting your toiletries they are also great to use for storing and organizing school supplies. With all the pockets and zipper compartments they are fabulous for all the paper clips, pens, highlighters and more, they are great for keeping things at your finger tips.

    5. Sorority Jewelry - If you know a college girl who will be joining a sorority this year, you'll want to pick up some gorgeous sorority jewelry so she can wear her letters proudly! We have a great selection of sorority items to choose from.

    At Charming Chick we have many other great accessories to get your school year started right -- be sure to to shop around.

  • Father's Day Gifts ~ Daddy Diaper Bags

    If you are looking for a wonderful and useful Father's Day gift - for a new Dad or Daddy-to-be - then you are going to love the new Daddy Diaper Bags  we just received. Everyone knows that most Moms love to stylish diaper bags, but they aren't always a style that Dad's feel comfortable carrying -- especially if he is out alone with baby. Dads, worry no more! At Charming Chick we now carry diaper bags that are masculine and stylish.



    This messenger bag is great for any Daddy on the go. It looks very handsome and is quite comfortable to carry. This canvas diaper bag closes easily, with metal latches -- and features one side pocket is designed to hold a baby bottle. One of the coolest things about this Father's Day Gift, is that  the large flap is decorated with a logo that reads: DADDY ACTIVE DUTY, DEPLOYMENT BAG, 1ST NEWBORN DIVISION. Then the background words include: Courage, integrity, strength, perseverance, service above self and dedication.


    It's amazing how much stuff one baby needs! Seriously, if you aren't a parent yet you are going to be shocked and surprised -- which is why you need to get the Daddy in your life this Expedition Diaper Bag, for Father's Day. This awesome diaper bag backpack can hold a lot of baby gear. This great bag is crafted of cotton and features leather straps with buckles, to close the pockets of this diaper bag. One side pocket is designed for a baby bottle. The top flap is decorated with a logo that reads: FATHERHOOD: The Expedition of a Lifetime. Background words next to the logo include: shelter, guide, daddy's base camp, teach and protect.

    The last diaper bag that we will feature today, is this Military Camouflage Daddy Diaper Bag. This is certainly a much more masculine alternative, to the traditional diaper bags we see. Zippers are used to close the pockets of this bag, which is designed to be carried over the shoulder. This great Father's Day Gift features a side pocket, which is designed for a baby bottle. The lower pocket is accented with a round logo that reads: DADDY, Always Ready, Always There. A rectangular logo near the top of the bag reads: FATHER'S CREED: I am a father. I have answered my child's call. I will not quit. I will not fail.

    Order soon! Father's Day is June 19th ~ it'll be here before we know it!

  • Father's Day is June 19th ~ GREAT gifts for Dad!!!

    Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!  ~Lydia M. Child, Philothea: A Romance, 1836 (via Quote Garden)

    Father's Day will soon be here -- that means now is the time to spoil your Dad! Fathers, grandfathers, uncles, husbands, etc. are so important -- which is why there is a day to honor - and thank them - for all their love, support, and encouragement throughout our lives. To show our appreciation -- many of us choose to select special and unique gifts to give to the fathers in our life.

    We have some great ideas for you today. Each item featured --  can be personalized in time for Father's Day. However, you need to order soon to allow enough time for personalization and shipping.

    When most people think "Dad" -- they think King of the Grill! If your Dad - or Grandad - loves to BBQ, then this grilling set is just perfect. The set features a grilling spatula, two-pronged fork and easy grip tongs -- which are neatly packaged inside a custom storing case. Each tool is crafted using stainless steel and wood. One of the most exciting features, is that the polyester carrier pouch may be embroidered with up to three block initials in white, light grey, tan, black, red or blue thread.

    This personalized portfolio is handsome, elegant, and most of all professional.  This finely crafted portfolio is available in two sizes: Large holds a 8.5 inch by 11 inch pad of paper -- Small holds a 5 inch by 8 inch pad of paper. There is a pocket inside the portfolio to hold loose papers, as well as a pen loop -- for added convenience. This dashing notebook can also be monogrammed, which is another wonderful feature. 

    Does your Dad have a duffle bag that is looking a little ragged? Has it been hard used and well-loved? Then you should hook your Dad up with a new one -- our Personalized Deluxe Duffle Bag is a fantastic choice! This isn't just any old duffle bag either -- it was designed with several great features to keep things organized. It is crafted of sturdy 600D polyester with PVC piping -- and features a U-shaped zipper closure for easy shoe storage. It is equip with padded nylon handles, a removable, adjustable shoulder strap, vinyl backing, reinforced cardboard bottom wrapped in PVC and several spacious pockets AND can be personalized! Need we say more?

    Check out our other Men's gift items for even more Father's Day gift ideas.

  • What Jewelry Do I Pack For a Summer Vacation?

    With some airlines now charging you per checked bag, we're all trying to cram as much as possible in our carry-on bag. So what jewelry do you pack for your summer vacation?

    First, don't take your good jewelry! Unless you carry individual insurance policies on your pricier pieces, it's just not worth the risk. Even then, no one wants to have to fill out all that insurance claim paperwork! Lock your expensive jewelry in your safe or your safety deposit box, and travel with your "costume" jewelry instead. You can look like you are wearing diamonds without having to worry about those expensive pieces being lost or stolen on vacation. This also goes for any vintage jewelry or heirlooms - those items cannot be replaced, so don't take the risk of losing them.

    Sandy beaches and salty or chlorine waters can be very harsh on precious metals and gemstones. You don't want your ring to slip off while splashing in the ocean anyway, so make sure to remove your jewelry before hitting the beach or pool.

    So what jewelry do you bring? You'll want to pack something that can look great with a variety of outfits, like a classic sterling silver necklace with a simple pendant. Also, don't forget that you can often pack less clothing, but still completely change your outfit, just by changing your jewelry. So pack some fancy chandelier earrings to dress up a more casual outfit for dinner.

    Summer classics are usually your best bet. Pearls are a summer favorite that most ladies agree will dress up a casual outfit easily, and yet aren't too heavy or uncomfortable. Check out this post about classic summer pearls from Just Ask Leslie.

    Lastly, keep it organized. A simple travel jewelry organizer (like the ones below) are a great way to keep your jewelry from "shifting" during flight. Plus you'll be able to easily see what all you have to work with when you are getting ready. Click the pictures below to check out some of my favorite travel jewelry organizers, and have fun on your summer vacation!

    Jewelry Roll Organizer Cometic Jewelry Case Cosmetic Case

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