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  • Throw a Spooktacular Halloween Party!

    Halloween is about a week away. If you have thought about throwing a party for friends and family, we have some great tips on the Charming Chick blog today that can help to ensure that everyone has a ghoulishly good time.



    Creepy Costumes


    What is a Halloween party without people dressed in funny, terrifying and creative costumes? Kids love to dress up and - truth be told - adults do too. It may take a little coaxing but once they are dressed up it's hard not to feel like a kid again. To make the costume aspect even more fun and interesting, you can always include a costume contest into the party activities. Depending on how many guests you plan on having, you can do one, two, or three prize for adults and a few for the kiddos.



    Dreadful Decor


    The decorations set the stage. As soon as your guests arrive they should be greeted with festive, freaky and fabulous decor. Of course the colors orange, black, brown, white and yellow are most commonly associated with this holiday.

    Scatter fake spiders and spider webs inside and out. You can also put up fake tombstones for an even creepier detail. Also, put dry ice in the punch bowl to create an ominous, foggy effect. Pictures, knickknacks, and decorations that include ghosts, goblins, zombies, Jack  O' Lanterns, and mummies are nice and spooky. Also, don't forget to have scary and suspenseful music playing in the background.



    Plan some thrilling activities.


    There are so many fun things you can plan to do during your Halloween party. Here are a few games and activities that are sure to make for a frightenly good time:


    * Pumpkin carving

    * Bobbing for Apples

    * Monster Tag

    * Make a Mummy

    * Weave a Scary Tale 



    Freaky Food


    You'll want the food you serve at your Halloween party to be delicious and devilish. Creating these ghostly snacks can also be a lot of fun. If you are looking for some festive and unique recipies here are some great websites:


    21 Gross Halloween Recipes ~ Parenting.com

    25 Spooky Halloween Treats ~ Family Fun

    Halloween Party Food Ideas ~ Better Homes and Gardens

    Happy Planning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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