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  • Weddings ~ Guest Book Signature Canvas



    Look what's new at Charming Chick -- the Guest Signature Canvas Collection. We are pleased to offer this exciting alternative to the traditional guest book. These important keepsakes, actually originated at a time when each person in attendance at the wedding, was considered a witness. Because of this, everyone was required to sign the marriage license. Once the requirements for witnesses changed, the main purpose of the guest book was to keep track of  the wedding guests information. This was (and still can be) very helpful as the couple starts to send out their thank you notes -- it also served as the beginning for a formal address book.



    Today, most people include a guest book at their wedding - not only remember those who were in attendance as they embarked on their new life together - they are also a place where guests can write their well wishes for the couple. Many couples still choose to use a traditional guest book. These make wonderful keepsakes and are fun to look at through the years. However, some couples are choosing alternatives -- something they can have out and see everyday. They serve as a special reminder of the day they made their life-long, loving commitment to each other.



    Here at Charming Chick, we carry a fantastic selection of traditional guest books. In addition, we offer our customers some fabulous alternatives to those as well. Our Guest Signature Canvas Collection is amazing. They are a finely crafted piece of home decor and each canvas holds up to 200 signatures. This is a wonderful keepsake that you can hang up and enjoy all the days of your life together! These are also a fun and interactive way for your guests to leave a special message for the two of you.

    If you are looking for a unique and useful bridal shower gift -- guest signature canvases are excellent! The bride and groom to be will appreciate your thoughtfulness for many years to come. They are sure to think of you each time they lay their eyes upon your wonderful gift, which will be filled with the signatures of those they love the most.

  • Flower Girl -- Flower Girl Baskets

    Embroidered Flower Girl Basket

    Flower girls are darling, sweet, and often unpredictable -- but usually in an adorable way. They range in age from about 3-8 years old and most often carry a beautiful flower girl basket full of rose petals. During Greek and Roman times -- these little princesses would carry bundles of grain and herbs, which was thought to aid in fertility.


    Starlight Flower Basket


    Flower girl baskets became a tradition during the Victorian Era and that tradition continues today.  The flower girl dress is most often white -- to represent purity. The ring of flowers - that the little lady wears on her head - symbolizes eternity. The flower petals being scattered - just as the grain in Roman times - is used to represent fertility. Red rose petals are scattered to represent the deep love of the couple. Many brides choose flower petals other than red to either fit with the theme or their personal preference.


    Red Satin Flower Basket


    Today, most flower girl dresses are still white, but they may have a colored sash to either match the bride -- or the color scheme of the wedding. The baskets they carry can be found in a various colors as well.  At Charming Chick we have a large variety of eye-catching and elegant flower girl baskets. Whether you are looking for satin, crystals, color, embroidery, bows or pearls we've got just what you are looking for!

    Diamonds and Satin Flower Girl Basket

    Some of our flower girl baskets are part of a set, which means there may be a matching guest book, pen, unity candle, garter, champagne flutes, etc. Take a look at all of our wedding items to see if there are other accessories that match your favorite basket.

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