• St. Patrick's Day ~ How to Catch a Leprechaun



    Leprechaun's are tricky little guys! They are also quite mischievous and a tad bit naughty -- but in their defense they are trying to protect their pot  'o gold. Do they visit your house? If you are lucky enough to have a leprechaun visit you on St. Paddy's Day you may wake up to some funny things around the house. Your food may be green, your chairs turned over or you may find gold dust scattered around your home. You may have a bit of a mess to clean up -- it's surprising just how strong these pint sized cobblers can be!




    If you and your kids want to try to catch a leprechaun this St. Patrick's day you'll want to build a trap! That's right -- if you are clever enough to devise a leprechaun trap that can trick a trickster -- well then, you may just get a pot o' gold!!! How exactly does one go about building a contraption fit for catching a leprechaun? It just takes a little creativity and some careful planning. Gather your boxes, cans, nets and egg cartons. Grab some glitter, glue, yarn and stickers and get to work!





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    I found the adorable leprechaun trap pictured above on Click on the photo for their blog post for the details on how to make this or at least glean some inspiration to create your own. I don't know how any leprechaun could resist a temptation like that!




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    This leprechaun trap was featured on along with a couple of others. Just click on the photo above to go to that post and find the instructions on how to make it. I think my kids have decided to give this one a try. We are sure hoping to finally catch the pesky little guy who visits each year and makes mischief. He's quite sneaky and pretty clever. We haven't been able to catch him, but perhaps this year we will -- will you?




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