• Personalized Stocking Stuffers & Gift Ideas

    The weeks leading up to Christmas are arguably the happiest time of the year. It’s a time where families and loved ones come together to share in the joy and happiness of the holiday season. You’re able to gaze at all the pretty Christmas lights and decorations, eat and drink everything peppermint flavored, and gift one another with special presents!

    The only problem that you may be having is finding the perfect Christmas present for your mom, sister or girlfriend.

    You could easily pick up a regular old coffee mug at any given store and a thousand other girls would have the same mug. But imagine your sister or mother’s reaction when you gift them with a personalized mug in adorable colors with their initials included in the design - it would be a unique present that no one else has!

    Even though you may have gotten a lot of your Christmas shopping done over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, we have a few great personalized gift ideas for you from stocking stuffers to bigger items. Personalizing a present is a nice way to put a unique twist on an otherwise typical gift. Below, we’ve listed a bunch of wonderful options that you can have monogrammed or personalized through Charming Chick.

    6 Personalized Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Her

    Colorful Monogram Stud Earrings

    These monogrammed stud earrings make a very cute, personalized gift for Christmas. There are lots of fun colors to choose from and different monogram fonts available.

    colorful and personalized stud earrings for christmas

    Monogram Bangle Bracelet

    This sterling silver bangle is so classic! It will never go out of style and can be a perfect heirloom piece. The easy open hook bangle gives it the availability to fit on almost any wrist and it comes in two different sizes. This monogrammed bangle would be the perfect addition to any arm stack!

    Customizable Breast Cancer Awareness Bangle Bracelet

    We really like this gift option because 1) it supports a great cause and 2) there are many features that you can add on to build your very own bracelet. You are able to choose from a variety of charms to add to your bangle, all of which are pink and also include tassels, crystal and pearl charms!

    customizable breast cancer awareness bracelet with tassel and charms

    Monogrammed Ball Cuff Bangle Bracelet

    This gorgeous ball cuff bangle bracelet would be a perfect gift for any woman. You are able to engrave it with a traditional monogram or even with sorority Greek letters. It’s so simple yet beautiful!

    Monogrammed Boot Cuffs

    Boot cuffs are a very popular fall and winter trend so rest assured that these would be a great gift for any fashionista in your life! Through Charming Chick, you have the option to pick between brown or gray boot cuffs, along with an assortment of monogrammed fonts. These would be really cute to wear with both booties or knee-high boots!

    trendy monogrammed boot cuffs

    Acrylic Monogram Necklace

    This style of necklace is another popular trend and one of Charming Chick’s best sellers. A lot of prominent fashion bloggers have worn similar necklaces to this one and they all rave about them. Charming Chick has many colors, sizes and necklace chains to choose from.

    6 Personalized Gift Ideas for Her

    Monogram Tote Bag

    It might be too premature to think about going to the beach or pool, but this tote will be perfect for the warm weather when it rolls around again. You can get this tote embroidered with a monogram, name, single initial or even Greek letters to represent your sorority.

    Monogrammed Chevron Infinity Scarf

    How cozy does this scarf look?! It comes in 4 different color combinations of chevron and 8 different monogram fonts to choose from so you are really able to personalize it and make it an amazing gift for someone!

    personalized chevron scarf with initials

    Monogrammed Umbrella

    This monogrammed striped umbrella is the perfect gift for any girl who is always on-the-go! Umbrellas are not an accessory that are very glamorous but if you’re going to carry around one with you, it might as well be this pretty striped one!

    Monogram Travel Mug

    This is a perfect gift option because it’s something useful that any woman can use. You can carry your hot or cold drinks in a cute travel mug instead of one of the generic steel ones that you usually see people carrying around. Plus, no one will have have to worry about their siblings or co-workers "accidentally" stealing their mug anymore!

    personalized travel mug for christmas gift

    Monogram Throw Blanket

    With this monogrammed throw blanket, you’ll have the option to choose from 4 great patterns as well has 5 popular color combinations. Everyone should have a warm blanket for all the cold winter nights!

    Monogram Blanket Scarf

    Blanket scarves made a huge appearance onto the fashion scene last year and their popularity has not subsided. Everywhere you look this Christmas, you will probably see girls wearing a blanket scarf but not all of them will be wearing a monogrammed one! This is the perfect gift for any woman, but especially those who live in colder climates.

    blanket scarf with monogram initials

    As you can see, there are endless options for monogrammed gifts this holiday season. From tote bags to earrings to blankets, we are sure that you will be able to find a personalized present that would be ideal for your friends or family.

    All of these ideas would be a great gift for any woman in your life, including but not limited to:

    • moms
    • sisters
    • grandmothers
    • sorority sisters
    • mother-in-laws
    • newlywed friends with a new last name/initial they'd like to show off
    • teachers

    And not only does Charming Chick have adorable gifts, we also have a ton of cute Christmas stocking options that are also customizable. You can even get one for your pup! Personalized Christmas stockings are a wonderful gift options because not only are they cute, but they are a piece of Christmas decor that can be used for many, many years!

    Please be aware of our holiday order deadlines: Dec 15th is last day you will be able to order personalized products to ensure that you get your amazing gifts to their destination on time. However, non-personalized items from Charming Chick can be ordered a bit later. Be sure to take a look at our Christmas Delivery Guarantee and shipping deadline dates. We wouldn’t want you to miss holiday deadlines - we want everyone to have their Christmas gifts in time for the holidays!

  • Fun Fall Activities for the Whole Family









    Fun Fall Activities

    Do you love the fall? Can’t get enough of changing leaves, football, sweatshirts, sweaters and delicious the smell of soups and baked goods wafting out from the kitchen? Me neither! I adore autumn. So, if you’re like me, you’ll want to seize the season before it goes by as fast as summer seemed to! Fall is also a wonderful time to get in some good ol' fashioned family bonding time in! There are pumpkin patches, apple picking, fall crafts, and so much more.

    Not sure what to do? Well then my dears you’re in luck; you have come to the right place for find some fun fall activities!
















    1. Visit a pumpkin patch.

    Sure you can get pumpkins at your local grocery store and that’s great and all but there is something really special about visiting a farm and picking out your own pumpkins. There are usually hay rides, corn mazes, hot apple cider, animals to pet and/or ride, bags of fresh apples and a ton of opportunities for great photos. This isn't just one of my favorite fun fall activities, it's a favorite tradition for many families


    2. Go on a Nature Hike.

    Another fun fall activity is getting out and doing a nature hike. It can be as simple as heading out to your own backyard, a local park, a wooded area, or anywhere else you can collect the treasures of fall. Depending on the area you live in, you can find all sorts of wonderful goodies just blowing around outside; leaves, acorns, sticks, pine cones and so much more.

    Kids can even take the items from their nature hike to create unique place mats for Thanksgiving or any other meal.

    Creating a beautiful place mat can be accomplished in just 3 easy steps:

    *The kids chose the color paper they want for the base.

    *Then they empty out their bag and selected flat items to go on the paper. They arrange them just the way they think will look best. Use leaves, flowers, grass, pine needles, small twigs, etc.

    *To finish off the place mat a clear piece of contact paper is carefully laid on top and you push it down as flat as it will go and…

    Voilá! A beautifully unique place mat. Easy peasy!




























    From Click on the photo for 6 more DIY Pine cone crafts!!!


    3. Feed the birds (and squirrels).

    It’s time to make sure your bird feeders are full because soon it will be harder for the birdies to find food. Also, you may have noticed that the squirrels are busy collecting food for the winter so you might want to leave them some goodies too!

    A fun fall activity and craft using pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed is. You just coat the pine cone in peanut butter and roll it in bird seed. I usually tie a piece of yarn or string to the top and then we hang them in the trees where we can see them. I’m not sure if any birds eat from them but I do know our squirrels LOVE them.  It’s a fun fall activity that even the animals can share in!











    4. Splash in some puddles!

    Just put on some old clothes and rubber boots and go for it! It’s so much fun…











    5. Make some s’mores.

    Making S'mores isn't just for summer, they are a delicious fun fall activity too! If you have a wood burning fireplace or a fire pit in the backyard, you can still enjoy some yummy s’mores! You can even make them in your microwave but they aren’t quite the same and don’t put them in very long or the marshmallows will explode.  I’m not trying to be bossy or anything but I just want to save you from having to clean up a super gooey mess :)


    6. Go Apple Picking.

    Apple picking is one of the best fun fall activities there is. While the rewards are great because you can make all kind of yummy things with the apples you gather from apple picking, the bonding and fun you have while doing it will be even more wonderful. When you go apple picking you can fill up buckets of aples for a fraction of the price you would pay in the grocery store. You can make homemade applesauce, apple chips, caramel apples, baked apples, apple cider, apple butter, and so much more!!


    Looking for even more fall inspiration? Visit our Fun Fall Activities and Fun Fall Fashion boards on Pinterest!!!

  • Pinterest Boards: Not Just for Ladies, Guys Like It Too











    My husband is under the misconception that Pinterest is just for the ladies. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's really for everyone. For instance if your guy is into action movies, superheros and comics there is a TON of stuff out there. Think of all the great boards that guys could come up with related to cars, videos games, their favorite sports teams and so much more. I know that many ladies are interested in these things as well -- I have a boards of my favorite football team of course :) The point is, if you are a guy and the word Pinterest has you envisioning frilly women's fashion, a thousand pages of nail art, and tons of wedding and baby stuff -- well yes, there is a lot of that. However, depending on who's boards you follow -- you will find a lot of stuff you love.













    Pinterest is a very visually pleasing site and when you follow boards or people and you see things you like you can "pin" those items to one of your boards. Let's say you are looking for dinner ideas and you see a pot roast that looks delicious. When you "repin" this photo from the board you see it on aren't simply pinning a picture of the most mouth-watering pot roast you have ever seen, you are actually pinning the website where you should be able to find the recipe for this dish. Putting together a Pinterest board of Grilling allows quick and easy access to recipes to make. How many times have you been surfing the web and you end up at a site but you have no idea how you got there or how to get back. You could always bookmark it to your computer but pinning it on Pinterest allows you to categorize items AND desplay a photo. It's and that's certainly not just something only females can enjoy, so come on guys -- if you haven't tried Pinterest yet you really should. As a side note, it also helps you find great gift ideas for your gal. Just peek at her boards and you'll never be at a loss for what you get her, because if it's on her boards it's certainly something she will love!!!

    Be sure to check out all of our Charming Chick Pinterest boards! We are constantly updating and editing items to keep things fresh.


  • Last Minute Ideas ~ Christmas Gifts for Grandparents



    Christmas gifts for Grandparents...

    We are down to single digits! Christmas will be here in only 8 days -- or less depending on when you are reading this! Continuing with our Last Minute Gift series we are going to be looking at Christmas gifts for Grandparents. They are those wonderful people in our lives who love us unconditionally and spoil us rotten. Grandparents are the BEST but if your grandparents are like mine --they have pretty much everything and don't want things that will just add clutter -- am I right? Well, we think we have some fantastic ideas for Christmas gifts for your grandparents.


    The Sterling Silver Grandma Euro Bead is a wonderful (and small) gift that is compatible with any of the very popular sterling silver euro bead bracelets such as Pandora, Brighton and Camilia. This is a special gift for an amazing grandma! She will wear it proudly and cherish it for years to come! It is crafted in genuine sterling silver and the embellishment is plated with 14k gold.



    Grandfathers love handkerchiefs and these Personalized Men's White Hankies are great Christmas gifts. They are crafted of 100% cotton and easily washable. These classically designed handkerchiefs feature a handsome, vertical and horizontal line trim, which create a cross hatch look in all four corners and free personalization.



    This exquisite Sterling Silver Engraved Round Charm Toggle Bracelet is a finely crafted piece of jewelry. What a better way to thank the special grandmother in your life than the gift of fine jewelry. This solid sterling silver bracelet is available in 7 and 8 inch lengths and the monogram can be done in several engraving styles.



    Does you granddad grill like none other? Can he put a pork loin on a charcoal grill never touch it and it comes out perfectly cooked two hours later? Yes? No? Well either way we are sure any grill loving grandfather will love this Personalized Grill Tool Gift set. This set is equipped with a grilling spatula, two-pronged fork and easy grip tongs neatly packaged inside a custom 600D polyester storing case, this outdoor cookware makes a superb gift for every grill master on your list. Includes three wood and stainless steel tools. All utensils measure 13.5 inches long. May be embroidered on the polyester carrier pouch with up to three block initials in white, light grey, tan, black, red or blue thread.

  • Fall Activities ~ Make the Most of the Season


    Now that autumn is in full swing, there are so many great fall activities that you and your family can enjoy. This is the time year when temperatures slowly begin to drop (or quickly depending on what part of the country you live in) and we start to prepare for the winter ahead.




    So, how can you make the most of the season? We have some fantastic ideas that can help you enjoy autumn to the fullest!


    * Go Apple Picking -- There are so many fun fall activities and apple picking is high on the "must do"  list and so many scrumptious things you can do with freshly picked apples. Not only is the experience of this type of outing is a great way to get what you'll need to make yummy apple based goodies and even gifts. Almost everyone loves apple butter and this delicious spread is great for co-workers, hostess gifts, teachers gifts, and much more! You can make fresh applesauce, apple pies, apple crisps, apple turnovers -- actually, there is even a website dedicated to apple recipes. Be sure to check it out.


    * Visit a Pumpkin Patch -- Not only is a pumpkin patch a fantastic place to pick up pumpkins to make Jack O'Lanterns; this fall activity is also a fantastic place to pick up festive fall decorations. Items like straw bales, gourds, and corn stalks look great are easy to find at local farms and usually for a very reasonable price. There are usually animals to see, pet and sometimes even feed. Most Pumpkin patches also offer hay rides, corn mazes and some kind of pumpkin launching contraptions.



    * Explore Fall Foliage -- Fall activites should always involve enjoying all that this great season has to offer. A wonderful day to do that is to take drive, hike or leisurely stroll and explore all the gorgeous colors of fall. Be sure to take your camera so you can capture some of your favorite scenes along the way.



    * Rake up a pile of leaves and -- jump on in! If you have children they will LOVE this activity and it's a good way to get them to help you rake. Of course, it will take longer than if you just did it yourself -- but raking by yourself isn't as much fun. Don't let the kids have all the fun -- make sure to dive into the leaves too!


     * Make some Fall Crafts -- There are a lot of Halloween crafts that you can make but don't forget about autumn themed decorations and of course Thanksgiving crafts! This Thankful Tree craft is a creative way for the whole family to write all the wonderful things they are grateful for.

  • Throw a Spooktacular Halloween Party!

    Halloween is about a week away. If you have thought about throwing a party for friends and family, we have some great tips on the Charming Chick blog today that can help to ensure that everyone has a ghoulishly good time.



    Creepy Costumes


    What is a Halloween party without people dressed in funny, terrifying and creative costumes? Kids love to dress up and - truth be told - adults do too. It may take a little coaxing but once they are dressed up it's hard not to feel like a kid again. To make the costume aspect even more fun and interesting, you can always include a costume contest into the party activities. Depending on how many guests you plan on having, you can do one, two, or three prize for adults and a few for the kiddos.



    Dreadful Decor


    The decorations set the stage. As soon as your guests arrive they should be greeted with festive, freaky and fabulous decor. Of course the colors orange, black, brown, white and yellow are most commonly associated with this holiday.

    Scatter fake spiders and spider webs inside and out. You can also put up fake tombstones for an even creepier detail. Also, put dry ice in the punch bowl to create an ominous, foggy effect. Pictures, knickknacks, and decorations that include ghosts, goblins, zombies, Jack  O' Lanterns, and mummies are nice and spooky. Also, don't forget to have scary and suspenseful music playing in the background.



    Plan some thrilling activities.


    There are so many fun things you can plan to do during your Halloween party. Here are a few games and activities that are sure to make for a frightenly good time:


    * Pumpkin carving

    * Bobbing for Apples

    * Monster Tag

    * Make a Mummy

    * Weave a Scary Tale 



    Freaky Food


    You'll want the food you serve at your Halloween party to be delicious and devilish. Creating these ghostly snacks can also be a lot of fun. If you are looking for some festive and unique recipies here are some great websites:


    21 Gross Halloween Recipes ~

    25 Spooky Halloween Treats ~ Family Fun

    Halloween Party Food Ideas ~ Better Homes and Gardens

    Happy Planning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Insulated Coolers ~ Keep Cool in Style

    Temperatures - in most of the country - are very hot!  It is important to remember that high temps, can cause some serious health problems for many folks. Because of this, you'll want to keep cool and stay hydrated. A great way to do this, is by making sure you have water and/or other fluids with you, with you wherever go. At Charming Chick we have some stylish and functional insulated totes to make this easier for you.



    Using our Personalized Navy Blue Cooler  is a great way to beat the heat. It is perfectly designed for a road trip, a day at the beach, or a picnic in the park. It will keep all your items nice and cool, so you can enjoy a refreshing drink when you need it most. It features a heavy vinyl interior, an adjustable shoulder strap, two exterior mesh pockets, a zippered outer pouch, an easy close cell phone holder, dual zippered entry for quick access and expandable cord on top for convenient clothing, bottle or magazine storage. This awesome insulated cooler also includes free personalization. Now that's cool!

    The Personalized Black Insulated Cooler is another great tote that we have available at Charming Chick. It features a black vinyl exterior with a stylish silver panel. The zipper pocket, is lined with vinyl, so it can safely hold any of your valuables that you wouldn't want to get water damaged -- you can store your phone, MP3 player, keys, etc. knowing they will stay safe and dry. The insulated center pouch expands to hold ice, food, and refreshing beverages -- which will help you keep hydrated. The other great thing is that it folds flat for easy storage. Since this insulated cooler comes with free personalization -- it also makes a fantastic gift.

    The last insulated cooler we are featuring today is our Aloha Cooler Tote.  This is just perfect to store your water and other beverages in when you head outside. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy - and comfortable - to carry with you where ever your day takes  you. This cheerful tote can also be embroidered especially for you. It is available in a variety of fonts and thread colors.


    Stay safe. Stay Cool. Enjoy your summer!


    Also, be sure you keep your pets out of the heat and provide lots of fresh, clean, cool water!

  • Top 5 Must-Haves for your Next Beach Getaway


    It's summertime -- which means it's time for picnics, pool parties, hiking biking, and all the other fun outdoor activities we enjoy, during this warm and wonderful season. Something else people love to do in the summer, is to plan an exciting beach getaway. Whether you are going for the day -- or for several days -- there are somethings you will not want to forget.


    On the Charming Chick blog today, we are going to help you prepare for a fantastic day at the beach with our --Top 5 Beach Must-Haves. So -  in no particular order - here are the items you need to bring to enjoy your next beach trip.


    {1} Beach Tote -- A roomy - and super stylish tote bag - is always a beach "must-have." You can easily tote your blanket, towels, books, food, beverages and just about anything else you need, on the beach with this great bag. This canvas tote, even has a hook to  hang your keys on. This way you won't lose them -- or have to go fishing around in the bottom of the bag to retrieve them.

    {2} Protect Your Skin -- Be sure to apply sunscreen - of 30 SFP - to protect you and your loved ones from the sun's harmful rays. You'll want to re-apply every 1 to 2 hours. If you do get a burn, there are a few things you can do to soothe your sunburn pain. You'll also want to pack a first-aid kit. This can really come in handy, if anyone gets injured on the beach.


    {3} Protect Your Eyes -- Speaking of sun, you'll also want to bring along your protective eye wear -- and if it happens to look super stylish that's even better!

    {4} Family Fun Activities -- Don't forget to bring your shovels, buckets, kites, footballs, frisbees and anything else you and your family enjoy playing with on the beach! 



    {5} Comfortable shoes - If you bring along shoes that are waterproof, clean-up quickly and slip on and off with ease, you'll be very glad you did! These are the best types of shoes for sandy wet beaches.


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