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  • Do-it-Yourself Wedding Favor Ideas

    Weddings can be expensive. If you have been busy planning yours -- you know this all too well. There's the dress, venue, catering, photography and much more. Wedding favors - the thank gifts you give your guests - also play a big part as you are planning your budget. At Charming Chick we have a great assortment of fantastic favors that your guests are sure to love. The great thing about most of our party favors is, the more you buy -- the more money you save. Each couple has their own idea of how they want to thank their guests -- and some even want a do-it-yourself project. For those people we have a few ideas to share with you on the blog today.


    DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

    * Make some goodies for your guests and put them into to favor boxes. You can make candies, cookies, chocolates, or anything else you feel like creating for your guests. If you make something that really embodies the theme of your wedding -- that will make the gift even more special. Your guests appreciate your hard work --- and will enjoy the delicious confection you created just for them.

    *While these aren't completely a do-it-yourself wedding favor, beautifully wrapped candles make fantastic gifts as well. You can purchase a simple candle and make it amazing. Tie a beautiful ribbon around the center and attach a tag, which expresses your gratitude -- include your names and wedding date.

    *Buy some candy bars and fancy, fun and festive paper. Print out your special message to your guests as well as your names and wedding date. You can be sure that these favors won't be sitting around gathering dust.

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    *Another idea for great wedding favors, is to include seed packets in your favor boxes. This is a fantastic and inexpensive idea. You can do flowers, herbs or both. Get creative! You can include bluebells or something similar. They just seem perfect for a wedding -- don't you think?

    There are so many things you can give your guests. If you just use your imagination and think outside the box -- you are sure to come up something fun and creative. For more ways to save money on your wedding visit out post about cutting wedding costs.

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