• Spring is Almost Here ~ Color, Color Everywhere



    Spring is on it way! That's pretty exciting, right? Even though most of the country has experience some pretty mild temperatures this year, I think we can all agree that spring is always a welcome sight. With all the beautiful flowers, vibrant colors, feelings of renewal it is a time that many people look forward to all year long. Today, on the Charming Chick Blog, we are going to feature some of our favorite items for spring.





    Sterling Silver Spring Multi-Charm Necklace
    Every Day Low Price ~ ONLY $82.99


    Multi-Charm necklaces are a hot trend and this one is the perfect addition to your new spring wardrobe! Crafted of genuine sterling silver and features a flower, a leaf and a dragonfly charm. It also has a stylish toggle closure that fastens in the front which makes is very easy to fasten. The necklace measures 17.5 inches long to fit most neckline.


    Rowallan Personalized Leather Key Chain & Wallet
    Every Day Low Price ~ ONLY  $31.99


    A fabulous new line that we recently introduced is the Rowallan of Scotland collection. These leather goods feature designs that are simple and elegant. The colors are vibrant and stunning. The organizational features mean you will have everything you need - right at your finger tips - as you navigate through your busy day. The key chain offers a smart valet design, featuring two key rings that can be easily removed for ultimate convenience. The matching business card case, which can double as a credit card or ID case, is designed with a clever pull tab so that cards may be easily raised from the holder for easy access.




    Hot Pink Bridal Garter
    Every Day Low Price ~ ONLY $7.99



    You'll be pretty in pink (hot pink that is) with this gorgeous bridal garter. It will coordinate perfectly with your hot pink wedding colors -- or just add a splash of color with your all white attire. This garter is perfect for a spring wedding and is a new item that we have added to our already outstanding collection of bridal garters.



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  • Peridot ~ The Birthstone for August



    Peridot is the gorgeous green birthstone designated for the month of August. It is the perfect gemstone to represent this beautifully warm month. Its olive to yellow-green coloring is reminiscent of billowy summer fields. It is said to bring the wearer peace, luck, and success. It was also believed to bring success to relationships, calm anxiety, and make the wearer more articulate. Even if peridot isn't your birthstone -- you still might appreciate all that that it has to offer.




    Something interesting that you may not know, is that the peridot has a very long and rich history. It was mined by the ancient Egyptians -- there are even ancient writings that document the mining of this gemstone as early as 1500 BC. It was mined for thousands of years from what was once known as St. John's Island -- along the  Egyptian Red Sea. It was refered to it as "gem of the sun" by the ancient Egyptians .

    This dazzling gemstone is also said to glow a brilliant green when held under artificial light -- and is known to some as the "Evening Emerald". In fact, some jewelry pieces that were once believed to contain emeralds - including those from Cleopatra's jewelry collection - were later discovered to be peridot!  




    Peridot is a type of olivine, which is a common mineral found in volcanic rock. While olivine is a very common mineral; the gem quality is much harder to find. Another fun fact about this grass-colored gemstone, is that it has even been found in meteorites! It is also happens to be one of the few gemstones that occurs in only one color.


    Peridot's stunning hues makes it a beautiful accessory for any season.  It also looks absolutely fabulous when paired with other semi-precious gemstones such as blue topaz, amethyst, citrine, pink tourmaline -- actually there aren't many stones that peridot doesn't look great with. When you pair it with other colored stones, it makes your jewelry pieces even more versatile.

    Happy birthday August babies. Enjoy your beautiful birthstone!

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