• Wedding Cake Tips ~ Getting Started


    One thing that just about every wedding has in common is wedding cake! The wedding guest's mouths water in anticipation of the traditional cake cutting ceremony. Over the years, cakes have evolved to include a wide assortment of flavors and amazingly artistic designs. Don't worry, if you still like the classic white cake with delicious butter cream frosting that can certainly be done -- but  more and more brides are looking to impress their guests with their beautifully extravagant and yummy dessert. If you have begun planning your wedding you may have several questions about selecting a baker and a wedding cake. Today on the Charming Chick Blog we hope to provide you with some great tips to help you get started.



    Just Start Planning


    Before you even think about the cake it's really a fantastic idea to get some other things figured out first. Your venue, colors, dress, decor, flowers, etc. may all have an impact on the style of cake you decide to order. Picking the cake should be one of the last things on your list of things to order. However, you can still do some research to find a baker.




    Do Your Research


    You'll want to make sure you do some research to find the right baker for you. Ask friends, family and wedding professionals who they would recommend then schedule appointments to visit a few of them. While you certainly don't need to be an expert, it is a great idea to have some knowledge of wedding cake terminology. Knowing your butter cream from your fondant and your gum paste from your marzipan is really great. Check out this glossary of wedding cake terms that the knowledgeable folks at put together, it can help you to decide what you want and assist you in explaining it clearly to your baker.



    Set Your Budget


    If you are trying to stay within a certain budget it is a good idea to keep that in mind as you make decisions about your cake. Find out how much per piece you will be paying. If you are having a small wedding this might not be a huge issue but the more guests you have the more cake you will need. Also keep in mind that certain decorations and details can vary greatly in price. Get a clear idea about what you want and then see what can be done to get your vision to fit your budget.



  • Should you Include Your Pet in Your Wedding?

    Do you love your pet like family? You should! They enrich our lives in ways we can not even begin to understand BUT should you include your pet in your wedding? Many brides and grooms say -- yes! They want their four-legged - and even feather friends - to be part of their special day. So how do you incorporate your pets into your ceremony? We have some ideas to help you do that.



    Things to Consider


    If you have your heart set on having your furry,feathered, or scaly  in your wedding you are going to have to check with your venue first.  Some venues are pet friendly - especially if you are planning an outdoor wedding  - but many are not. If having your pet is a must for you, you'll probably want to research venues before you make your final decision.



    You'll also want to consider how loud or crowded the venue will be and if that is something that you pet can handle or not. If you are going to include your best pal, you want to be sure they are comfortable and happy, otherwise it could be very disappointing to you.



     It is also wise to have someone who is not in the bridal party, be your pet's escort. This way you will know that your friend is safe and being cared for. It you have decided to let your pet be the ring bearer, the escort can bring them up to you if you like, unless they are very well-trained. Some brides and grooms want to have the flower girl or ring bearer escort their pet down the aisle. This might work okay if the child can handle the pet. You don't want either one to be dragged down the aisle.


    If you decide it's probably not a good idea to have your pet participate in your wedding you can still inclue them in different way. Have a cute little (dog, cat, bird, etc.)  figurine placed on top of the cake -  next to your cake topper - to represent your pet. You can also put photos up of your pet or include your pet in your engagement photos. Another great idea, is to request that people can make a donation to one of your favorite animal charities such as the ASPCA or local shelters or rescues.

  • Wedding Dos and Don'ts ~ for the Groom


    You found the woman of your dreams. You asked her to marry you. Now she wants to plan, plan, plan! Are you wondering how much or how little you should do. Maybe she seems to have everything all planned out - or at the very least - an idea about how she wants everything to go. Maybe she asks for your opinion on things but does what she wants to regardless of your input. On the other hand, your bride might be looking to you for answers regarding each and every detail and you honestly aren't sure - or don't care - what the napkins look like.

    Do have a heart to heart with your bride-to-be. Let her know what you are comfortable planning, and what you are not. Be specific. This will let her know that you aren't leaving all the planning to her.

    Do make a list of all the things you would like to have at your wedding - or things you would like to be in charge of. If finding the right DJ is high on your list, or you have a good sense of what foods would work best -- let your bride know. This doesn't mean you have to - or even should - make the decision alone. Instead, it means you do the foot work in finding the right vendors to meet with and then you can decide as a couple who can make your wedding dreams, a reality.

    Do voice your opinion. It is your special day as well. You might also like to request your own cake -- the groom's cake is a wonderful addition to any wedding.

    Do make sure you communicate regularly - and clearly - with your groomsmen. You are responsible for keeping tabs on your guys. Did each one get fitted for his tux? Do they know when all the pre-wedding activities are taking place? Have you come up with a wedding day check list so they know what their responsibilities are and where they will be the most help.

    Don't go out drinking the night before your wedding. Make sure your friends plan your bachelor party. The day of your wedding you want to be well rested and feeling your absolute best.

    Don't forget to keep the bride happy. This is and exciting and stressful time for you both, and if you make sure you are there for her every step of the way, she will love you and appreciate you even more than she already does.

    Don't be late. Whatever you do -- be on time for your wedding!

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