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  • Wedding Day Planning~ Ring Warming Ceremony

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    Your wedding day is one of the most important and special events of your life. You'll spend many months - and countless hours - planning so you can rest assured that everything  will be just the way you've dreamed and hoped it would be. For many couples,  the guest list is one of the things on their wedding day to-do list, that they agonized over most.  You may narrow it down and bulk it back up to ensure all the people you love most will be there. With all of that thought and consideration that goes into to deciding who you want to share in your special day, wouldn’t it be wonderfully fitting to include those people in your ceremony?


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    A growing trend among many couples is to have a Ring Warming Ritual as part of the ceremony. This deeply meaningful, yet simple gesture, is a beautiful and unique compliment to your wedding day ceremony. During the service, your wedding rings are passed around to all of your guests. Each guest holds the rings briefly, while silently saying a blessing or wish for your union. This ritual is ideal for small  ceremonies and is an interactive way to include your guests in the service. They will all feel so cherished by your gesture to include each and every one of them.



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    If you are worried about your rings getting dropped or lost, consider placing the rings in a small bag or tie them together with fabric. In addition if you are having a larger ceremony - or if you just don’t like the idea of having everyone touching your rings - pass them just among your immediate family members. The passing can even take place during the vows, so that by the time you get to the ring exchange the rings will have made their way back to you.


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     Your wedding day is your special day, so make it fun, unique and choose to include things that represent your personalities and your love for one another!



  • Your Wedding Budget - Save at Charming Chick




    Did you get engaged over the holiday? Have you started to plan your wedding day? Have you also begun to think about your wedding budget and now realize how expensive things can be? It's true, making your wedding day perfect does cost a lot of money - money well spent - but still it's a lot.  We have great news for you though. Now through January 31st Charming Chick is having a fantastic sale and we have included many of our beautiful wedding items. So now is the time to start planning. Even if your wedding day is a year away, it's best to start getting things little by little so it's not such a financial strain so close to your big day. Take your time to look through all of our reasonably price wedding accessories. Even at their regular prices they can work well with your wedding budget -- but that fact that many items are on sale make those prices so much sweeter.




    If your wedding day includes a ceremony on the beach, on a boat or you just want to have a nautical theme, this white satin garter will be an nice touch. Now through January 31st, 2012 it is on sale for ONLY $7.99. This is an absolute steal for a garter of this quality. It features a nautical bow and a gold star fish.  One size fits most.





    Many brides like to give their bridesmaids a special gift that can be worn on the day of the wedding. This personalized pearl necklace and earring set makes an absolutely stunning gift!  This set will look perfect with any dress style and it is something your girls can cherish for years to come. You can be sure that they will always be reminded of you and your special day every time they put it on. This set is on sale  now through January 31st 2012 an at this low price won't put a huge dent in your budget. You can even pick one up for your mother and/or grandmothers to wear.



    Top your cake off right with this beautiful cake topper. Even if you don't have to watch every penny of your wedding budget, you'll still appreciate the uniqueness that this photo cake topper has to offer --- and at an unbelievable price. Going on now through January 31, 2012 this cake topper is on sale for only $16.99! This topper is crafted of sturdy acrylic and makes a wonderful keepsake that you can enjoy for many years to come.




    You'll definitely need  some champagne flutes to make a toast with and these elegant glasses are just perfect -- and on sale! The flutes are crafted of hand blown glass and will ensure that you will make your wedding day toast in style. The great sale price also means you can keep within your wedding budget.




    You simply cannot pass up the deal on this gorgeous flower girl basket! At the time of this posting it is listed at only $9.99 -- very affordable! It's so affordable in fact that you could buy several to use to hold candy, favors or flowers to decorate on the tables at your reception. There are so many things you could do with these -- you just have to let your creativity soar!


    These are just a few of the wedding items that we have on sale right now. Again, all you have to do is peruse our affordable wedding items to see the other things we have on sale. Shop Charming Chick and you'll be able to stick with your wedding budget while shopping for wedding decor, favors accessories and more


    Happy Planning!!! 

  • Should you Include Your Pet in Your Wedding?

    Do you love your pet like family? You should! They enrich our lives in ways we can not even begin to understand BUT should you include your pet in your wedding? Many brides and grooms say -- yes! They want their four-legged - and even feather friends - to be part of their special day. So how do you incorporate your pets into your ceremony? We have some ideas to help you do that.



    Things to Consider


    If you have your heart set on having your furry,feathered, or scaly  in your wedding you are going to have to check with your venue first.  Some venues are pet friendly - especially if you are planning an outdoor wedding  - but many are not. If having your pet is a must for you, you'll probably want to research venues before you make your final decision.



    You'll also want to consider how loud or crowded the venue will be and if that is something that you pet can handle or not. If you are going to include your best pal, you want to be sure they are comfortable and happy, otherwise it could be very disappointing to you.



     It is also wise to have someone who is not in the bridal party, be your pet's escort. This way you will know that your friend is safe and being cared for. It you have decided to let your pet be the ring bearer, the escort can bring them up to you if you like, unless they are very well-trained. Some brides and grooms want to have the flower girl or ring bearer escort their pet down the aisle. This might work okay if the child can handle the pet. You don't want either one to be dragged down the aisle.


    If you decide it's probably not a good idea to have your pet participate in your wedding you can still inclue them in different way. Have a cute little (dog, cat, bird, etc.)  figurine placed on top of the cake -  next to your cake topper - to represent your pet. You can also put photos up of your pet or include your pet in your engagement photos. Another great idea, is to request that people can make a donation to one of your favorite animal charities such as the ASPCA or local shelters or rescues.

  • Wedding Dos and Don'ts ~ for the Groom


    You found the woman of your dreams. You asked her to marry you. Now she wants to plan, plan, plan! Are you wondering how much or how little you should do. Maybe she seems to have everything all planned out - or at the very least - an idea about how she wants everything to go. Maybe she asks for your opinion on things but does what she wants to regardless of your input. On the other hand, your bride might be looking to you for answers regarding each and every detail and you honestly aren't sure - or don't care - what the napkins look like.

    Do have a heart to heart with your bride-to-be. Let her know what you are comfortable planning, and what you are not. Be specific. This will let her know that you aren't leaving all the planning to her.

    Do make a list of all the things you would like to have at your wedding - or things you would like to be in charge of. If finding the right DJ is high on your list, or you have a good sense of what foods would work best -- let your bride know. This doesn't mean you have to - or even should - make the decision alone. Instead, it means you do the foot work in finding the right vendors to meet with and then you can decide as a couple who can make your wedding dreams, a reality.

    Do voice your opinion. It is your special day as well. You might also like to request your own cake -- the groom's cake is a wonderful addition to any wedding.

    Do make sure you communicate regularly - and clearly - with your groomsmen. You are responsible for keeping tabs on your guys. Did each one get fitted for his tux? Do they know when all the pre-wedding activities are taking place? Have you come up with a wedding day check list so they know what their responsibilities are and where they will be the most help.

    Don't go out drinking the night before your wedding. Make sure your friends plan your bachelor party. The day of your wedding you want to be well rested and feeling your absolute best.

    Don't forget to keep the bride happy. This is and exciting and stressful time for you both, and if you make sure you are there for her every step of the way, she will love you and appreciate you even more than she already does.

    Don't be late. Whatever you do -- be on time for your wedding!

  • Your Perfect Gown ~ Wedding Dress Dos and Don'ts

    You've probably dreamed about the "perfect" wedding dress, your entire life. Sure, your dreams about your ideal dress have probably changed and evolved over the years. Trends come and go. Our taste and fashion sense also change, but one thing is sure to stay the same -- you want to look absolutely stunning on your wedding day!



    Now you are engaged and reality has set in -- and perhaps you are thinking "What on earth am I going to wear?" First of all, relax. Take a deep breath and follow these wedding dress dos and don'ts. No matter what dress you choose - on your special day - all eyes will be on you! No pressure right? Well, don't worry, you will look absolutely radiant -- and you will take your groom's breath away as soon as he lays his eyes upon you.


    Here are a few tips that will help you do just that.


    Wedding Dress Dos and Don'ts





    *take too many people with you -- they can sway your decision or further complicate the process for you.

     *go to too many bridal salons or try on too many dresses

    .*let other people's opinions influence your decision -- you know what you look best and feel most comfortable wearing. Trust your gut!



    *your research ahead of time. Look through magazines and on-line to see which styles appeal most to you.

    *take people with you who you trust and those who have your best interest at heart. Overly opinionated people can have you second guessing yourself.

    *start the shopping process alone. This can help you get an idea of what YOU want before other people express their opinions.

    The Gown




    *select a gown that you don't feel absolutely gorgeous in -- this is your day to shine!

    *choose a dress with a long train if you are getting married on the beach -- in other words, consider your venue.

    *worry if you fall in love with a dress that isn't modest enough for your venue. You can always have sleeves added or wear a stunning wrap during the ceremony. Let the bridal boutique know exactly what you need. They will have some helpful suggestions for you -- so you can have your cake and eat it too!



    *have fun with your bridal accessories. You can add in a little color, a little whimsy, or just add a little dazzle to your attire.

    *select a gown that best suits your body type. No matter your size, shape or height -- the perfect dress is out there just waiting for you.

    *have fun with your footwear. Some brides like to wear boots, sneakers, flip-flops, shoes covered in rhinestones, brightly colored heels and more. Step out in style!

  • Tips for Planning a HOT Summer Wedding

    Summer is one of the most popular times of the year to have a wedding. The rains of spring become distant memory and make way for the warmth and sunshine. Summer brings all kinds of new possibilities -- as far as wedding planning is concerned. No sleeves -- no problem! During the summer months, you won't be freezing your tukas off in the name of fashion, and neither will your bridal party. Another benefit is all the gorgeous flowers that become available this time of year. Buying flowers in season means you can cut costs on your bouquets - and all of other flowers needed - for your special day. There are so many reasons to have a summer wedding and here are some tips to help you plan your big day.



    {Tip #1}

     If you are planning an outdoor wedding, be sure to provide lots of water and sunscreen for your guests. There are vendors who sell sunscreen packets. Another great feature is that you can even have them imprinted with your names and wedding date! The same is true for water. You can either just by a bunch of water at your local store -- or you can find some one to provide personalized labels, for an extra special touch!


    {Tip # 2}

    When choosing your summer wedding gown -- you may want to stay away from anything too cumbersome. This is especially important is you will be married outdoors. Beach and garden weddings lend themselves nicely to flowing fabrics. They are light and much easier to move in. Sound too simple for you? Keep in mind that these types of dresses can dazzle with intricate embellishments and beading.


    {Tip #3}

    Use vibrant colors! The sunny season is the perfect time to have fun with color! You don't have to use a bunch of colors -- sticking with one or two that really pop, is an excellent idea. your can incorporate them subtly -- or you can showcase them front and center.





    {Tip #4}

    Be inspired by nature! Use centerpieces, backdrops and other features to incorporate all the the wonderful elements of summer, into your wedding. If you are doing things indoors -- bring the outside in. If it's outside -- go with the natural flow of the venue and environment.  It will make for a day you and your sweetheart will never forget.

    {Tip #5}

    Serve fun summertime drinks. If you want to serve alcohol some of the most popular drinks are, pina coladas, margaritas, wine smoothies and other refreshing and festive drinks. Non-alcoholic might include; fruit flavored ice teas and lemonades, fruit smoothies, root beer floats, and italian sodas are other great options. Get creative!

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