• Brides: Will You ChooseTraditional or Trendy?

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    After you choose your wedding dress, you'll probably start thinking about what accessories will look best with your gorgeous gown. Many brides select very traditional pieces, but what if you want to showcase more of your own personality and style? Well then my dear, then go in search of accessories that speak to your fashion soul. Go with your gut and wear what love.
    The Dress
    Before we talk about the jazzy accessories you might like to select, you might want to decide on your dress. Would you like it to be more traditional, or a little out of the ordinary. You can always play around with adding colorful embellishments, going with vintage, raising the hemline and much more. Be sure that you select a gown you LOVE and makes you feel like a bride.
    The Shoes
    Bridal shoes generally peek out only slightly from the bottom of the wedding gown. More and more brides are having a lot of fun by putting their personal flare and funky style into their bridal shoe selection. At weddings today, you are likely to find glittery sneakers or pumps, brightly colored heels or ballet flats, beautifully embellished cowboy boots, and much more!
    The Accessories
    Bridal jewelry and other wedding accessories are another way that brides can really show off their personal style. Bold necklaces are very popular for brides who choose a strapless gown. However, some of these brides choose to forgo neck adornment and instead go for a striking pair of drop earrings. Many brides today are also losing the veil and instead selecting beautifully ornate hair pieces, or using a blusher.
    There are so many ways that brides can showcase their personal style. Brides, don't go with what you think people expect you to have or wear, instead choose what makes you (and your groom) happy. When all is said and done YOU will be left with those wonderful memories of how perfectly authentic your big day was.
  • Bridal Shower ~ Unique Ideas for the Bride-to-Be

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    Have you been selected by a friend or family member to be her maid-of-honor or bridesmaid? It is a great honor to be asked to be part of a wedding party and there are some very important responsibilities that come along with the title. One of these is planning and participating in the bridal shower. A bridal shower is a gift-giving party that is held in anticipation of a bride's upcoming wedding. You have probably been to a few bridal showers but if this is your first time hosting or co-hosting this type of celebration you may have some questions. Maybe you are looking to make this party as special and unique as the bride to be is. We have searched the web to find some of our top picks for making a bridal shower fun for the bride and the guests!!!


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    Unique Food and Drink

    Having fun food and drink on hand can really set the mood for a fun bridal shower! You don't have to spend a lot to wow the bride and her guests. Just take a look around on Pinterest and you'll find all sorts of fun and simple ideas for an eye-catching spread. The Popsicle and wine combination above would be just perfect for a warm summer day. Having a lot of finger food on hand is a great idea and gives everyone a nice selection to pick from. Mini sandwiches, veggies, cheeses, dips, things that aren't too messy and are easy to eat in one or two bites are ideal.



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    Unique Cake

    Another fun way to make the bridal shower you are planning unique and special is to get a creative cake. The cake pictured above is really elegant and fun. You can also choose to put the bride-to-be's new monogram on the cake or make or order finely decorated cupcakes. Anything that reflects the bride's personality and style can be very special and meaningful as well. Choose something funky, quirky, classic or modern. A cake that makes a statement will be remembered and appreciated.


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    Unique Bridal Shower Games


    Oh the games! They are either looked forward to or feared. You must first take into consideration the crowd that will be at the party. If it is a general mix of friends, family and family friends then tame games such a bridal bingo, who knows the bride best or guess what's missing from the recipe can be just perfect. A great website that has TONS of games for any crowd is Select a few, pick up some cute party favors and let the games begin!

    No matter what you decide to do, the bride is sure to appreciate all of the thought and care that you took in planning and preparing for this fun party! Look for an upcoming post about gift ideas for  the bride-to-be. For even more bridal shower fun and inspiration, check out our Bridal Shower Fun!!! board on Pinterest.



  • Mother of the Bride Dresses ~ Dos and Don't

    The Mother of the bride, plays a very important part, in the wedding of her daughter. Her primary role before and during the event --  is to offer love, support, encouragement and advice to the bride-to-be. The Mother of the bride is also happy to do whatever she can, to make her daughter's wedding special and memorable. Her heart swells with pride as she remembers her darling little girl -- while gazing at the beautiful woman her daughter has become.  During the ceremony you will probably notice her dabbing away tears of joy -- as her sweet girl begins a new life with the man of her dreams.


    Doesn't a lovely woman such as this, deserve a stunning new dress to wear during the event? Of course she does! Because of this -- we have put together some dos and don'ts, for mothers and daughters on the look out for the perfect Mother of the Bride dress.


    * Do select a style that is flattering and makes the Mother of the Bride feel her best. Moms make sure to ask your daughters opinion. Brides be sure to keep in mind that you want your mom to feel comfortable and beautiful so keep her taste in mind when giving your input. 


    *Don't select a dress that is white, cream, ivory or champagne -- unless the bride specifically requests one of those colors. Don't select a style that closely resembles the bride's dress either. You might think this wouldn't be possible but depending on the dress the bride selects it could certainly happen. While the Mother does need and deserve to look fantastic -- the bride's dress should stand out and be compleely unique.



    *Do let the Mother of the groom know what you are wearing once you select your dress. This of course is not required -- but is certainly in good taste. According to tradition, the Mother of the bride gets first choice -- then the Mother of the groom make her selection. This helps to ensure her dress isn't the same and the colors will not clash with the mother of the bride's dress.

    *Don't select a dress that exactly the same color as the Bridesmaids dresses -- unless the bride wants it that way.

    *Do make sure to give yourself plenty of time to select a dress. If something needs to be ordered of alterations need to be made -- you'll want to have extra time so there is no stressing over, it at the last minute.

  • Plan a ROCKIN' Bachelorette Party!!!


    The purpose of a bachelorette party, is to help a bride-to-be, celebrate her last days as a single woman. These parties are most often paid for and hosted by the maid-of-honor and the other bridesmaids -- under no circumstance should the bride to pay for anything during this celebration. Fear not!  If you want to plan a fun and memorable event for the bride-to-be, you don't have to break the bank to do it (unless you want to).




    There are really so many options for planning a great events. On the Charming Chick Blog today, we'll offer some party planning tips - and share some great products - to ensure the bachelorette party you are throwing, is a smashing success!


    As we mentioned earlier, a bachelorette party is an event to say goodbye to the single life -- however, one of the first, and most important tips that you might want to consider, is not planning the event the day before the wedding. The bride wants to be at her very best the day of her wedding -- so if the party you are planning entails, hanging out, into the wee hours of the morning -- that is just not going to work. We recommend you plan the party the weekend before the big day-- if possible. If it has to be closer to the wedding, then a day or so before, is a better option. Of course, if you are planning a tame celebration, then the day before might be totally appropriate. Use your best judgement and consult the bride-to-be for her opinion as well.



    What can make a bachelorette party even more special? A super cute martini glass for the bride-to-be, of course. The glass has a fun design and reads "CAUTION: Bachelorette party in progress." This adds some extra fun to the festivities.  At Charming Chick we make it easy and affordable because -- the more you buy, the more you save! We also have really cute beverage koozies with the same message printed on them--  these can be really great  for everyone too!



    Need some party ideas? We've got you covered. Here's is a list of some fun activities that you do. If nothing else, they may inspire you so you can come up with something that you know the bride-to-be that you are honoring, will absolutely love!


    *Plan a spa day! Get the girls together for manicure, pedicures, facials, massages -- the whole works!

    *Check out a local winery.Not only will you all be able to taste some fabulous wines, you may be able to take in some great entertainment as well. Want to kick it up a notch? Rent a limo or at the very least hire a driver or designate someone to do.. This will ensure everyone gets home safe and sound.

    *Host a luncheon or tea party. Dress up and make it creative and fun.

     *Take the bride to the theatre and to her favorite restaurant. Again, renting a limo is a fabulous idea and can make the bride-to-be feel extra special!

    Have a small budget? Not to worry. You can still host a fun event for the bride-to-be.

    *Throw a slumber party! Rent movies, serve drinks, do each other hair and nails and just have a really great girls' night in!

    *Host a dinner party. Make it fancy, make it fun and DIY your own decorations. Planning game a game or two after dinner can be really fun too!

    * Have a picnic in the park! Find a park with tennis courts, volleyball nets, or big open spaces to play games and just have a really great time hanging out.

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