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  • Blue Topaz ~ The December Birthstone



    The December birthstone is.......well, actually there are many stones that are listed as this month's birthstone.  Some of the most common gemstones used are turquoise , zircon, tanzanite and lapis. Look at all the awesome choices December babies have!  Today on the Charming Chick blog we will be looking at blue topaz because it is one the most popular gemstones used to represent this fun filled and frosty month.




    The gemstone topaz comes in a variety of colors but today - thanks to an enhancement process developed in the 1970's - the most popular variety is the blue topaz. This dazzling December birthstone is available is several stunning shades of blue.

    London Blue -- also known as Super Blue, is a deep rich color.

    Swiss Blue -- is a mid-blue color

    Sky Blue -- is a light icy-blue.


    Believe it or not, the blue was once considered the rarest of the topaz colors. However, the use of irradiation and heat can turn a colorless or lightly colored topaz into the beautiful blue December birthstone known as blue topaz.





    The blue topaz was named the state gem of Texas in 1969 to celebrate a small deposit of natural blue topaz that was found in the state. The blue is also reminiscent of the gorgeous, clear blue Texas sky.



    The white metals such as sterling silver really compliment the coolness of the stone. A faceted blue topaz will also sparkle and dance as the light hits it.


    Topaz was once believed to change color if there was poisoned food or drink nearby. It was thought to increase strength, dispel enchantment and make the wearer invisible -- but only if there was a emergency. That could come in very handy don't you think?


    So as you can see the December birthstone is an amazing an interesting gemstone. If you know someone who has a birthday this month treat them to one of our stunning blue topaz jewelry items.










  • Earrings on a Budget

    If there's one accessory that can literally change your outfit entirely, it is earrings.  So if you are looking to make a big splash with little cash, adding the right earrings to your ensemble can make all the difference.

    Add some sparkling crystal or CZ chandelier earrings to instantly dress up your work clothes for a night out.  Some classic pearl earrings can make even jeans look elegant.

    For the most flexibility for your money, owning a key set of what I like to call "everything earrings" is critical.  These are the earrings that no matter what you have on, they will perfectly compliment it.  Spending a little extra on these earrings will pay off.  Good picks would be studs featuring your birthstone or another gemstone that you feel great wearing.  Black onyx is both elegant and classic, and will look great with everything from jeans to an evening gown.  Also make sure you have some classic sterling silver hoops or other sterling silver dangle earrings.  You'll find that these will match perfectly with just about everything, too.

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