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  • February Birthstone: Amethyst

    Amethyst, the February birthstone, is a gorgeous, yet affordable, gemstone.  Purple is traditionally a royal color, and throughout history Amethyst was popular among the rich and elite.  Fortunately today it is much more common, and thus we can all afford this beautiful gemstone.

    For some of my favorite Amethyst jewelry, click the pictures below:

    Amethyst Earrings Amethyst Ring Amethyst Necklace

  • November Birthstone: Citrine

    The traditional November birthstone is citrine, which is also the gemstone for the 13th anniversary.  This beautiful yellow gemstone is thought to increase creativity and feelings of joy.  Citrine adds a splash of color to your outfit, and makes a great gift not only for November birthdays, but also to symbolize hope and strength.

    For some of my favorite citrine birthstone jewelry, click the pictures below:

    Citrine Earrings Citrine Ring Citrine Bracelet

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