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    You've heard of Pinterest, right? If not, it's one of the hottest, fastest growing sites on the web. It is a virtual pin board that you can use to organize all the things you love. You can post and pin your favorite recipes, DIY projects and ideas, fashions, jewelry, wedding ideas, words you love and so much more to your inspiration boards! It helps you to organize the things you love and to share them with your friends and family. It's so much fun and a really useful tool as well. We used to have to search through magazines to clip out favorite items and create inspiration boards



    We have so many stylish charms. Choose a few favorites
    to create a gorgeous and meaningful charm necklace.


    At Charming Chick, we have now installed a "Pin It" button. You'll find this on all of our products which makes it so easy to share and organize all of your favorite items. You can create a Wish List board and pin all of the things you love that catch your eye. If you are a bride to be, we have a fantastic selection of wedding items that you can pin to you wedding inspiration boards; cake toppers, wedding favors, bridesmaid and groomsmen's  gifts, garters, ring bearer pillows, flower girl baskets, unity candles and so much more!!!




    Wedding Love Letter Ceremony. See a something you'd like to
    incorporate into your ceremony?
     Pin it so you can consider it later. 


    Pinterest is also great because you can browse other people's boards, repin items, comment, like and get inspired. You can follow people from all over the world and their inspiration boards. If you choose folks that have the same interests as you, you are sure to find many interesting items.



    Love Cats? Create Cat Board on Pinterest!


    Anyone who is familiar with social media knows that there is certain etiquette should be followed. The Pinterest is no different. First of all it is invite only, only so you must either be invited by another member or you can request an invite. It is important to be nice to the other members and respect everyone, be sure to give credit where credit is due and report questionable content.


    Have fun creating your virtual inspiration boards!

  • The Flower Girl ~ Sugar and Spice


    Flower Girl

    Aside from seeing the bride for the first time,  many wedding guests look forward to seeing the adorable flower girl and ring bearer make their way down the aisle. What exactly are the duties of the flower girl? Is there anything you can do to ensure that she is able to perform her duties? What are some gifts that a flower girl might enjoy? We will be answering these questions  for you on the Charming Chick Blog today.




    What is a flower girl?


    Flower girls were first used in weddings as a symbol of fertility. They are typically a young female family member or friend of the family who is between the ages of 3-8 years old. If you have several darling little girls to choose from it may be hard to select just one but there aren't any rules that state you can't have more than one.


    What are flower girl duties?


    The flower girl attends the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner and of course walks down the aisle in front of the bride spreading flower petals or carrying a bouquet, kissing ball or wreath of flowers. Oh and .of course looking adorable and possibly adding a little comic relief.



    What can you do to avoid wedding day jitters?


    If the flower girl is too young, she may get too nervous, shy or be too young to understand what she needs to do. Choosing a flower girl who is a little older can definitely help thwart the jitters. Regardless of age, it is very helpful to have the flower girl's parents up at the front either. It will help her want to walk down the aisle if she see the face of oune of her parents waiting for her at the other end. Also, having more that one flower girl provides added confidence and security.



    Flower Girl Gifts

    Click on the images below to learn more about each gift item....


  • Gifts Fit for a Princess ~ Kate is Turning 30!



    (photo via

    Happy Birthday Princess Kate!!! Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge is turning 30 and we think that she is a true Charming Chick. She is beautiful, sweet and is quickly becoming a style icon.  Reports say that she has decided to forgo a lavish and loud birthday party and instead has opted for a quiet celebration. One of the things we long about the Duchess is how conservative she and her husband Prince William are -- so much so that they decided not to have servants. How very common. We love it! She has also been spotted grocery shopping among the common folks and has bought clothing off the rack. The best thing about Kate is that she seems to be a really down to Earth royal.


    At Charming Chick we carry many items that any frugally minded, fashionable princess would love. Today we will feature some of our most popular princess items in honor of Kate's  30th birthday.




    What does every princess need? Princess cut earrings of course! These gorgeous princess cut CZ earrings are set in beautiful .925 sterling silver. They are perfect for everyday wear and look just as stunning with formal evening wear -- and a tiara! If your princess is having a birthday these would make an excellent gift.




    This is a necklace fit for royalty but at a price anyone can afford. It is set in stunning sterling silver and features an exquisite five-point crown with dazzling CZs. Another notable feature is the toggle clasp. It adds a unique element to this already special piece.  The crown measures 3/4" and the necklace is 18" long which is a great complement to almost any neckline. This piece usually ships in about 3-5 days so you'll want to give yourself plenty of time before ordering.




    If you buy the necklace above you will definitely want to add these gorgeous matching earrings to complete the look. Treat yourself or someone you love. This set is completely versatile and looks just as great with a pair of jeans as it does with an evening gown. As with the necklace, these earrings are set in precious sterling silver and when the light hits the CZs the sparkle is sure to catch everyone's eye. They look like a million bucks but are very affordable.




  • Good Luck is In Fashion ~ Horseshoe Jewelry



    The lovely Alyssa over at The Fashion Lens  just featured us on her fashion blog.  Alyssa knows a great deal when she sees one. On her wonderful fashion blog she takes a look at the hottest celeb fashion and finds affordable alternatives for the rest of us. In her post Lucky Charms she talks about the CZ Horseshoe Necklace pictured above.  Check out her post and what she had to say not only about the quality of the piece but also about our fast shipping.  For more detailed information about our shipping deadlines check out our Christmas Delivery Guarantee.


    Now, let's take a look at some of the other horseshoe jewelry we have here at Charming Chick.




    What is a lucky horseshoe necklace without the matching lucky horseshoe earrings?  These Sterling Silver CZ Horseshoe Earrings are absolutely stunning and the genuine Cubic Zirconium sparkle and dance as the light hits them. These make a fantastically affordable gift but they look like you spent a fortune on them! If you know someone who loves fashion and horseshoe jewelry these are just perfect!





    If you are looking for another a gift, this Sterling Silver Horseshoe Fashion Ring is just the thing and completes the horseshoe jewelry set! If you give all three of these beautiful jewelry pieces as gifts, the lucky lady that receives them will be absolutely thrilled.

    We have so many stylish gifts here at Charming Chick. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for fabulous deals and discount codes.


    Also, be sure to visit The Fashion Lens fashion blog for fun and affordable style tips!!!




























  • DIY ~ How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

    You carefully picked and planned exactly what you wanted your wedding bouquet to look like -- but once you say "I do" what can you do to preserve your flowers?  They can be preserved, and enjoyed for years to come. On the Charming Chick blog today, we have some ideas that can help you to do just that!



    There are several different methods that you can use to preserve your wedding bouquet, if you or someone you know, is experienced at drying flowers, you can save a lot of money but saving money isn't always the most important thing -- especially if this is something you have your heart set on.

    You can look for professional preservists in your area. Some of them actually have the ability - and skill - to disassemble the bouquet, freeze-dry all the parts, ans then put it back together. This is a pretty advanced technique and will not work for every bouquet or flower. You should talk to the preservist several weeks before you wedding so you can find out if the flowers you have chosen are suitable for this method.



    Note: Many preservists also need the bouquet a day or two after the wedding, so if you are jetting off on your honeymoon right after your nuptials, you'll want to ask someone to deliver your bouquet.

    If you would like to preserve your own bouquet, here are some instructions on how you can do that. Remember, it's best  to start preserving your bouquet the day after the wedding.

    {1.} Purchase some silica gel from a craft supply store. Important: If you have pets or children around, be sure to take great care to ensure that there are no silica granules left out that they could get to. There are other materials that people use for drying such as sand, but silica is the most popular choice.

    {2.} Cover the bottom of an airtight container - which is large enough to hold your bouquet - with about 2" of the silica gel.

    {3.} Place your flowers on the silica. If they are open, stand them upright, leaves can just lay flat.

     {4} Carefully add enough silica get to cover the flowers. Do this very gently so you don't damage the flowers. You don't want to crush them.

    {5.} Cover the container with and lid to begin the drying process. After a couple of days, you will want to check the flowers to see how they are progressing. Check them often to ensure that they are dried just the way you would like. Be sure that you don't leave them in the silica too long -- you don't want them to  become too brittle.

    {6.} Carefully lift the flowers from the gel and be sure to remove all the granules from the petals. Then you can arrange the flowers are you wish. Some brides will even showcase their bouquet - along with other wedding mementos - in a keepsake box.

  • Should you Include Your Pet in Your Wedding?

    Do you love your pet like family? You should! They enrich our lives in ways we can not even begin to understand BUT should you include your pet in your wedding? Many brides and grooms say -- yes! They want their four-legged - and even feather friends - to be part of their special day. So how do you incorporate your pets into your ceremony? We have some ideas to help you do that.



    Things to Consider


    If you have your heart set on having your furry,feathered, or scaly  in your wedding you are going to have to check with your venue first.  Some venues are pet friendly - especially if you are planning an outdoor wedding  - but many are not. If having your pet is a must for you, you'll probably want to research venues before you make your final decision.



    You'll also want to consider how loud or crowded the venue will be and if that is something that you pet can handle or not. If you are going to include your best pal, you want to be sure they are comfortable and happy, otherwise it could be very disappointing to you.



     It is also wise to have someone who is not in the bridal party, be your pet's escort. This way you will know that your friend is safe and being cared for. It you have decided to let your pet be the ring bearer, the escort can bring them up to you if you like, unless they are very well-trained. Some brides and grooms want to have the flower girl or ring bearer escort their pet down the aisle. This might work okay if the child can handle the pet. You don't want either one to be dragged down the aisle.


    If you decide it's probably not a good idea to have your pet participate in your wedding you can still inclue them in different way. Have a cute little (dog, cat, bird, etc.)  figurine placed on top of the cake -  next to your cake topper - to represent your pet. You can also put photos up of your pet or include your pet in your engagement photos. Another great idea, is to request that people can make a donation to one of your favorite animal charities such as the ASPCA or local shelters or rescues.

  • Weddings ~ Guest Book Signature Canvas



    Look what's new at Charming Chick -- the Guest Signature Canvas Collection. We are pleased to offer this exciting alternative to the traditional guest book. These important keepsakes, actually originated at a time when each person in attendance at the wedding, was considered a witness. Because of this, everyone was required to sign the marriage license. Once the requirements for witnesses changed, the main purpose of the guest book was to keep track of  the wedding guests information. This was (and still can be) very helpful as the couple starts to send out their thank you notes -- it also served as the beginning for a formal address book.



    Today, most people include a guest book at their wedding - not only remember those who were in attendance as they embarked on their new life together - they are also a place where guests can write their well wishes for the couple. Many couples still choose to use a traditional guest book. These make wonderful keepsakes and are fun to look at through the years. However, some couples are choosing alternatives -- something they can have out and see everyday. They serve as a special reminder of the day they made their life-long, loving commitment to each other.



    Here at Charming Chick, we carry a fantastic selection of traditional guest books. In addition, we offer our customers some fabulous alternatives to those as well. Our Guest Signature Canvas Collection is amazing. They are a finely crafted piece of home decor and each canvas holds up to 200 signatures. This is a wonderful keepsake that you can hang up and enjoy all the days of your life together! These are also a fun and interactive way for your guests to leave a special message for the two of you.

    If you are looking for a unique and useful bridal shower gift -- guest signature canvases are excellent! The bride and groom to be will appreciate your thoughtfulness for many years to come. They are sure to think of you each time they lay their eyes upon your wonderful gift, which will be filled with the signatures of those they love the most.

  • Happy Father's Day!!!!!

    In honor of all of the WONDERFUL father's, daddys-to-be, grandfathers, step-dads, and all the other father figures who work so hard to nurture, love and support their children -- we will share some Father's Day trivia and quotes with you. Enjoy!

    Father's Day Facts 

     FACT: Moms got their special day before the Dad's did. Mother's Day was proclaimed a holiday in 1914 and became nationally recognized in 1924 but Father's Day didn't become an "official" holiday until 1972! However, Sonora Smart Dobson first proposed the idea of Father's Day in 1909. She came up with the concept of Father's Day in honor of her own Father - a civil war vet - who raised six children on his own. Sonora is also known as the "mother of Father's Day."

    FACT: The rose is designated as the official flower of Father's Day. You can wear a red rise to honor your dad -- but wear a white rose in memory of a father who has passed on.

    FACT: The Romans used to honor their Father's every February.

    FACT: An estimated 40% of Dads say they would take a pay cut if it meant they could spend more time with their children.


    Father's Day Quotes 

    "Fathers, like mothers, are not born. Men grow into fathers and fathering is a very important stage in their development." ~David Gottsman

    "To her the name of father, was another name for love." ~Fanny Fern

    "If the new American Father feels bewildered and even defeated, let him take comfort from the fact that whatever he does in any fathering situation has a fifty percent chance of being right." ~Bill Cosby

    "A father is a man who expects his children to be a good as he meant to be."  ~Carol Coats

    "The most important thing a father can do for his children, is to love their mother." ~Henry Ward Beecher

  • Vow Renewals ~ Saying {I Do} All over Again


    A popular trend for couples celebrating big wedding anniversaries -- is to commemorate the milestone with a Vow Renewal Ceremony. Maybe the couple eloped, or had a small informal wedding, or maybe -  time has passed - and they just want to stand before their family, friends and children -- to reaffirm their life-long vow and deep commitment. Whatever the reason, if you are thinking that a vow renewal is something you and your spouse would like to do, then keep reading. Today on the Charming Chick blog,we are featuring a few - vow renewal - "how tos."



    1. Who Hosts a Renewal?

    Most of the time the couple hosts the event. However - especially if it is for a special anniversary - the couples children, or even very close friends, will host. Some couple choose to hire a Wedding Planner - but many times - couples just plan their own event. It really depends on how extravagant the affair will be. Vow renewals can be as simple as a family BBQ in the backyard, as formal as a sit down five-course meal or even take place on a tropical beach. 


    2. Is a vow renewal just a second wedding?

    No -- it is a reaffirming your love and commitment. You don't need attendants unless you want them, there is no bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette parties to plan, and because this is not a legally binding ceremony -- anyone can officiate.

    A vow renewal tends to be more low key and intimate than a wedding. The couple is usually surrounded by close friends and family. The wife generally wears a beautiful dress and the husband -- a suit. Anything goes - it's is your day after all - but the attire is generally much less formal than a traditional first wedding.



    3. The celebration!

    Many couples decide to upgrade their existing - or buy new - wedding rings. Because of this, there is usually a ring exchange, along with the vow renewal. It is also very common for couples to write their own vows for the occasion. This adds a unique and deeply meanful personal touch.

    After the renewal ceremony there is usually a celebration, food and a lot of great conversation. I highly recommend hiring a photographer for the event. This is the perfect time - not only to get snapshots to remember this beautiful and special day - but a fabulous time to get beautiful family photos as well.


  • Wedding Guest Books

    Starlight Wedding Collection Guestbook and Pen Set

    At Charming Chick, we have a fantastic selection of guest books for you to choose from. Whatever your theme, you are sure to find the perfect keepsake -  to hold the signatures and messages - of those who helped share in your spectacular wedding celebration.


    Christian Wedding Guest Book and Pen Set


    This Christian wedding guest book is covered in white satin. It is beautifully decorated with a cross and vine design. The words on the front cover read; Faith, Hope and Love abide, but the greatest of these is Love. Background verses read as follows: I found the one whom my soul loves. I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it.


    Personalized True Love Wedding Guest Book


    The True Love wedding guest book is uniquely yours. It can be personalized with the groom's name, bride's name, and wedding date. The book cover is wrapped in white satin and decorated with a black and gray design that includes --  leaves, vines, writing, a grunge heart and three banners. This artwork is bordered by black satin ribbon.


    Fairytale Wedding Guest Book and Pen Set


    Our Happily Ever After wedding guest book is just perfect for your fairytale wedding. The set is covered in white satin and is adorned with clear beads and a silver carriage ornament. In the center of the book, there is embroidery of a castle, swirl and the words "And They Lived Happily Ever After."


    Aqua Satin Guest Book and Pen Set

    We have several beautiful - and colorful - wedding guest books as well. This Aqua Guest Book and pen set is simply stunning. It will coordinate perfectly with your wedding decor.

    Is there a beach wedding in your future? If so, we have several styles of guest books fit with that theme as well. They are sure to be just what you have been searching for.

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