Sock T Pus Plush Octopus Sock Baby Gift

Are you looking for a cute baby shower gift? Mr. Sock T Pus and Mrs. Sock T Pus are a great way to give something practical (4 pairs of socks with slip-proof bottoms) and something fun - a soft plush octopus with polka dots, a head that rattles and eight sock-covered, crinkly fun tentacles.

Mr. Sock T Pus

Mr Sock T Pus Mr Sock T Pus

Mr. Sock T Pus is blue and has socks in shades of purple, yellow, blue, green, gray and white in polka dot, striped and argyle patterns.

Mrs. Sock T Pus

Mrs Sock T Pus Mrs Sock T Pus

Mrs. Sock T Pus is pink and comes with polka dot, striped and argyle socks in shades of pink, purple, red, white, green and gray. 

No matter which you choose, you can be confident you've selected a gift that both baby and mom will delight in. Here's what other gift givers like you have said:

Love that the socks can easily be replaced. My toddler class loves this and so do the parents!

Sock-t-pus is my daughter's favorite toy. We take it everywhere, doctors offices, car rides, sleeping. It's soft, about as big as the baby and has a bell inside so it catches her attention when it jingles.

This thing is so cute. It's a little bigger than I expected, but that's actually a good thing. The socks are soft and very cute. I gave it as a baby shower gift and everyone awed over it when it was pulled out of the bag!

My baby received a sock t pus as a gift, over the months it became a favorite toy that got us through Dr. appts, the dentist, sleep training etc etc. We were worried that the original might get lost so we picked up a new sock t pus to keep in the car the old sock t pus lives in the crib. It made a first time in daycare ok (no separation anxiety for a 10 month old is pretty good) And to mention this octopus is super cute, we left the socks on the new octopus since they no longer fit the kid and I hear lots of comments on just how cute it is.
The baby's first birthday is coming up and we based the whole party around Mrs. Sock-T-Pus. invites, cake, decorations. That is how important the octopus is in our family.

So, if you're looking for a great baby shower gift, you can't go wrong with Mr. or Mrs. Sock T Pus, the sock-covered octopus couple!

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