New Years Chic ~ By CharmingChick

New Years Chic
The beginning of 2013 is just a few days away! Have you started planning what you are going to do to ring in the New Year -- and even more importantly what you are going to wear? Today on the CharmingChick blog, we are going to talk fashion. More specifically, New Years Eve fashion. So what are some of the dos and don'ts for dressing up for the New Year?
Bling, Bling
To ring in the New Year, you'll definitely want some bling BUT beware -- too much glitter and sequins can have you looking like a 12-year-old. So choose one of two dazzling pieces -- a dress, a skirt, some eye shadow with a touch of glitter, shoes, etc. Then choose a couple of statement pieces of jewelry and you are ready to sparkly your way into the new year!
You don't want to carry your everyday bag into your New Years Eve celebration. It is much easier, and more stylish, to take in an elegant clutch. You can fill it with just a few necessities; lip gloss, powder, your cell, your driver's license and anything else you may need for the night.
Wear your Sky High Stilettos (but bring some flats just in case)
Oh,what we women endure in the name of fashion. You'll no doubt want to wear your most fashionable and fabulous heels. You can probably make it through the evening wearing them but it's a very good idea to bring some equally stylish flatsĀ  -- for when your dogs start barking. Even if you can't bring yourself to put them on at the party, you may want to secretly slip them on for the ride home.
Little Black Dress?
Of course a little black dress is always a great "go-to" item. You can dress it up with gorgeous accessories and really make it stand out from the crowd. Add an embellished belt, an elegant and colorful pashmina, dazzling jewelry pieces or anything else you can use to take your style up to the next level.
Whatever you do, be comfortable, be fabulous and be yourself.
Happy New Year!
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