Earth Day ~ 20 Things You Can Do to Help the Earth




Earth Day is April 22nd. Many of us celebra and try to bring awareness to environmental issues on this day. Some background on Earth Day, which was founded in 1970, can be found on the website

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In honor of Earth Day we have complied a list of 20 things you can this year to help the Earth. It's kind of like giving it a giant hug and saying thanks!



1. Skip the bottled water and instead and buy a reusable container.


2. Turn off your computer at night.


3. Recycle glass, plastic, aluminum and anything else you can think of.


4. Reuse by shopping consignment stores. They carry gently used clothing, toys, home furnishings and more.


5. Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth. This will save a lot of water.



6. Say "no" to paper and plastic; instead bring your reusable totes on all of your shopping trips.


7. Change at least one (but preferably more) of your light bulbs to the compact florescent bulbs.


8. Only wash your clothes on the cold or warm cycle to conserve energy.


9. Buy energy saver appliances when your old ones bite the dust.


10. Adjust your thermostat one degree lower in the winter and one degree higher in the summer to conserve energy.



11. Purchase items made from renewable resources or recycled materials.


12. Group errands together. Before you head out the door get a plan together so you can take the shortest routes and get the most done.


13. Maintain your vehicle but don't worry about getting your oil changed every 3000 miles. The cars of today can actually go at least 5000 miles which save you money and it saves oil.


14. Telecommute whenever possible. If you can just work from home one day a week it can help save gas.


15. Pay bills online to save paper and also request to have your bills emailed to you.



16. Use rechargeable batteries.


17. Bring your own reusable travel mug when you frequent your favorite coffee shop.


18. Keep your fireplace damper closed so your precious warm or cold air isn't being lost.


19. Recycle your old cell phone. Some companies will even give you a credit toward your new phone if you turn in your old one.


20. Spread the word and make sure your friends and family know the right things to do toconserve energy and be kind to Mother Earth.



Have a very Happy Earth Day!!!!!


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