Happy Thanksgiving ~ Facts and History

All of us here at Charming Chick would like to wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of this delicious holiday we wanted to share with you some thanksgiving history and fun facts. Eat well, enjoy your family and friends and be sure to give thanks for all of your blessings -- oh and don't forget to amaze everyone with all of your wonderful Thanksgiving trivia.



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Thanksgiving History and Facts:


* Though the exact items served at the first Thanksgiving feast are not known it is safe to assume there was fowl of some kind (though we cannot be certain if turkey was one of them), venison, corn and pumpkin.



* The actual date of the "first" Thanksgiving  is a matter of debate. Some sources claim it happened right after the pilgrims landed at in the New World, while others say it occurred  in 1621 after a hard first winter. During that first winter 46 of the 102 pilgrims died but the following year was plentiful thanks to the Wampanoag Indians for teaching them to fish, hunt and plant crops like corn and squash.



* Thanksgiving wasn't something that was celebrated every year. After  feast, the next one was celebrated in 1623 after difficult times.  An interesting fact is that when they did celebrate the feast lasted three days! It was a time spent feasting and giving thanks to God for a bountiful harvest.





* Thanksgiving wasn't an "official" national holiday until President Abraham Lincoln did so in 1863. Then in 1941 President Franklin Roosevelt established the current date for the holiday which is the fourth Thursday in November.



*Minnesota is the top turkey producing state followed by Arkansas, North Carolina, Missouri, Indiana and Virginia.


 *  Many of the items that we include on our tables during this holiday were not available or part of the English diet. Potatoes and sweet potatoes didn't show up to the table, cranberry sauce requires sugar which was an extravagance at the time and there wouldn't have been any pumpkin pie because they didn't have all the ingredients needed to make a crust.



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