Sorority Spotlight ~ Alpha Kappa Alpha


Alpha Kappa Alpha ~ ΑΚΑ


Open Motto: “By Culture and By Merit.”
Mascot: None
Symbol: Ivy Leaf
Colors: Salmon Pink and Apple Green
Flower: Tea Rose






Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded at Howard University in Washington DC on January 15, 1908 and was incorporated January 29, 1913.  It was also the very first Greek lettered sorority to be founded by African-American women. These women - who were only one generation removed from slavery -  were determined to make the most of their college experience and help others do the same.



The founding members of Alpha Kappa Alpha were Ethel Hedgeman Lyle, Anna Easter Brown, Beulah Burke, Lillie Burke, Marjorie Hill, Margaret Flagg Holmes, Lavinia Norman, Lucy Slowe and Marie Woolfolk Taylor. Ethel Hedgeman was inspired by her future husband George Lyle, who was a charter member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity at Howard. With Ethel as the temporary chairperson, they wrote up their constitution, chose a motto and picked the sorority colors.

After about four years the 20+ memebers decided they wanted to have a larger impact on their community. They also wanted to completely transform the sorority by changing their colors, constituion and letters. It was proposed that they should be known as Delta Sigma Theta but several people - including the founders - disagreed with the changes, instead theymoved forward as Alpah Kappa Alpha and in January 1913 they became nationally incorporated. In the fall of 1914 a second chapter was formed at the University of Chicago and today there are currently 900 chapters.



 Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority has always be very dedicated to preserving and advocating for basic human rights. Their signature program initiatives include; Emerging Young Leaders (EYL) initiatives, health initiatives, global poverty, economic security initiatives, social justice and human rights initiatives and internal leadership training for external services initiatives. To learn more about Alpha Kappa Alpha service initiatives visit the AKA official website.



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