Sorority Symbols, Mascots and More


At Charming Chick we carry a large variety of sorority jewelry. If you are looking for the perfect gift to congratulate a young woman who has just become - or is - a sorority member, we have beautiful jewelry that proudly displays their greek letters as well as the mascots they adore.

Alpha Chi Omega ~ ΑΧΩ


Open Motto: “Together let us seek the heights.”
Mascot: Butterfly
Symbol:  Grecian Lyre
Colors: Scarlet and Olive Green
Flower: Red Carnation


Alpha Delta Pi ~ ΑΔΠ


Open Motto: “We Live For Each Other”
Mascot: The Lion (nicknamed Alphie)
Jewel: The Diamond
Colors: Azure Blue and White
Flower: Woodland Violet



 Alpha Gamma Delta ~ ΑΓΔ


Open Motto: “Inspire the woman. Impact the world.”
Mascot: Squirrel
Jewel: Pearl
Colors: Red, buff and green
Flower: Red and buff rose





Alpha Epsilon Phi ~ AEΦ


Open Motto: “Many hearts. One Purpose.”
Mascot: Giraffe
Jewel: Pearl
Colors: Green and White
Flower: Lily of the Valley




Alpha Kappa Alpha ~ ΑΚΑ


Open Motto: “By Culture and By Merit.”
Mascot: None
Symbol: Ivy Leaf
Colors: Salmon Pink and Apple Green
Flower: Tea Rose





Alpha Omicron Pi ~ AOΠ


Open Motto: “One motto, One Badge, One Bond and Singleness of Heart.”
Mascot: Panda
Jewel: Ruby
Colors: Cardinal
Flower: Jacqueminot Rose




Alpha Phi ~ ΑΦ


Open Motto: “Union hand in hand.”
Mascot: Phi Bear 
Symbol: Ivy Leaf
Colors: Bordeaux and Silver
Flower: Lily of the Valley and Forget Me Not




Alpha Phi Omega ~ ΑΦΩ


Open Motto: “Be a Leader. Be a Friend. Be of Service.”
Mascot: Golden Eagle
Symbol: Sturdy Oak
Jewel: Diamond
Colors: Royal Blue and Old Glory Gold
Flower: Forget-me-not




Alpha Sigma Alpha ~ AΣA


Open Motto: “Aspire, Seek Attain.”
Mascot: Dot the Lady Bug
Symbol: Phoenix
Jewel: Pearl, Ruby
Colors: Crimson, Pearl White, Palm Green and Gold
Flower: Narcissus and Aster




Alpha Sigma Tau ~AΣΤ


Open Motto: “Active, Self-reliant, Trustworthy.”
Mascot: They encourage each local chapter to choose their own mascot.
Symbol: Anchor
Jewel: Pearl
Colors: Emerald Green and Gold
Flower: Yellow Rose




Alpha XI Delta ~ AΞΔ


Open Motto: “The quill  is mightier than the sword.”
Mascot: Betxi Bear
Symbol: Quill
Colors: Double Blue and Gold
Flower: Pink Killarney Rose




Chi Omega ~ ΧΩ


Open Motto: "Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals."
Mascot: Owl
Jewel: Diamond, Pearl
Colors: Cardinal and straw
Flower: White Carnation




Delta Delta Delta ~ ΔΔΔ


Open Motto: "Let us steadfastly love one another."
Mascot: Dolphin
Jewel: Pearl
Colors: Silver, Gold, Cerulean Blue
Flower: Pansy




Delta Gamma ~ ΔΓ


Open Motto: "Do Good."
Mascot: Hannah Doll
Symbol: Anchor
Colors: Bronze, Pink and Blue
Flower: The Delta Gamma Cream Colored Rose




Delta Zeta ~ ΔΖ


Open Motto: N/A
Mascot: Turtle
Jewel: Diamond
Colors: Rose Pink and Nile Green
Flower: Pink Killarney Rose
Badge: Roman Lamp




Delta Phi Epsilon ~ ΔΦΕ


Open Motto: "To be rather than to seem to be."
Mascot: Unicorn
Jewel: Pearl
Colors: Royal Purple and Pure Gold
Flower: The lovely purple iris





Delta Phi Lambda ~ ΔΦΛ 


Open Motto: "Let Our Light Shine Forth."
Mascot: Butterfly
Jewel: Jade
Colors: Navy blue and silver
Flower: Blue Rose




Gamma Phi Beta ~ ΓΦΒ


Open Motto: "Founded Upon a Rock."
Mascot: White Seal
Symbol: Crescent
Colors: Brown and Mode
Flower: Pink Carnation




Kappa Alpha Theta ~ ΚΑΘ


Open Motto: "Faith, Hope, Love."
Mascot: Kite
Symbol: Key
Colors: Black and Gold
Flower: Black and Gold Pansy




Kappa Delta ~ ΚΔ


Open Motto: "Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest
Mascot: Teddy Bear
Symbol: Nautilus Shell, Katydid, Dagger|
Jewel: Diamond, Emerald, Pearl 
Colors: Olive Green and Pearl White
Flower: White Rose




Kappa Kappa Gamma ~ ΚΚΓ


Open Motto: N/A
Mascot: Owl
Symbol: Fleur-de-Lis, Key
Jewel: Sapphire
Colors: Dark Blue and Light Blue
Flower: Fleur-de-Lis




Kappa Phi Lambda  ~ ΚΦΛ


Open Motto: "Sisterhood, Service and Social Diversity."
Mascot: Phoenix
Jewel: Diamond
Colors: Scarlet Red, White, Heather Grey
Flower: Orchid




Phi Mu ~ ΦΜ


Open Motto: "The Faith Sisters."
Mascot: The Lion "Sir Fidel"
Symbol: Quatrefoil
Colors: Rose and White
Flower: Rose Colored Carnation





Phi Sigma Sigma ~ ΦΣΣ


Open Motto: "Aim High"
Mascot: Sphinx
Jewel: Sapphire
Colors: King Blue and Gold
Flower: American Beauty Rose





Pi Beta Phi ~ ΠΒΦ


Mascot: Angel
Symbol: Arrow
Colors: Wine and Silver Blue
Flower: Wine Carnation




Sigma Delta Tau ~ ΣΔΤ


Open Motto: "One hope of many people."
Mascot: Teddy Bear
Jewel: Lapis Lazuli
Colors: CafèAu Lait and Blue
Flower: Golden Tea Rose




Sigma Kappa ~ ΣΚ


Open Motto: One Heart, One Way."
Mascot: Dove, Heart
Jewel: Pearl
Colors: Maroon and Lavender
Flower: Wild Purple Violet 




Sigma Sigma Sigma ~ ΣΣΣ


Open Motto: "Faithful unto death."
Mascot: Sailboat
Jewel: Pearl
Colors: Royal Purple and White
Flower: Purple Violet




Theta Phi Alpha ~ ΘΦΑ


Open Motto: "Nothing great is ever achieved without much enduring."
Mascot: Penguin
Symbol: Compass
Jewel: Sapphire, Pearl
Colors: Blue, Gold, Silver
Flower: White Rose




Zeta Tau Alpha ~ ΖΤΑ


Open Motto: "Seek the noblest."
Mascot: Crown, strawberry
Colors: Turquoise, Steel Grey
Flower: White Violet

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