College Bound ~ Dorm Room Essentials


Packing for college can be a daunting task.  If you take too many items you may become overwhelmed by items you have no need for. On the other hand, you would hate to get to school and realize that you have forgotten something you really do need. So what should you take and what should you leave behind? If this is your first time leaving home, then it can be really hard to decide. On the Charming Chick blog today we have a list of essentials for comfortable dorm living. 






Alarm Clock - to get to class on time you will definitely want to take an alarm clock with you. Most cellphones (which is another item you will want to bring) have alarms on them so you could also use that feature and save a bit of space.




Bedding and towels ~ You'll want to bring at least one set of sheets and a comforter to school with you. While most dorms do provide a bed, they don't provide bedding. This can be a fun way of brining some of your personal style into the room. Pick a comforter that reflects your taste -- and just make you happy to look at. You'll also want to bring some towels as well. Dorms don't usually provide these items.



Hangers ~ If you don't like ironing then hangers are a great idea and speaking or ironing you might want to have a least a travel sized iron so you can give wrinkled items a quick press.



Coffee and water bottle ~ Having a small coffee pot will save you money. This will help so you won't be tempted to spend too much money at the coffee shop. It will also help keep you fueled during those late night study sessions. A water bottle is a great item to ave on hand. This will help keep you hydrated on the long walks to and from class.



Seasonal Items ~ Umbrellas, gloves, coats, hats, etc. can be very helpful. Consider what the weather will be like for the next 10 months or so. This can help you decide which items you will need and which ones you can leave at home.




Computer ~ preferably a laptop and a good printer. This is a must have. There may be a computer lab available on campus but having a laptop in your dorm will become invaluable.


Desk lamp ~  You'll also want a small but good LED desk lamp. Most dorms have insufficient lighting, which is why bringing your own is a great idea.




Photos ~  It is also really important to bring some comfort items from home and one of the best things you can bring are photos. They don't take up too much space and they can remind you of all the people who love you -- especially when you are feeling a little homesick.

Entertainment ~ TV, DVD player, game system, stereo or MP3 player with docking station. If you know who you are rooming with you can always contact them to decide who will bring what.

Toiletries with basket ~ You'll want to have all of your personal hygiene items and the easiest way to take them to and from the bathroom is to put them in a shower caddy. Shower shoes are another must have if you will be using a public shower.

Laundry basket~  a laundry basket is necessary and you'll also want to make sure you have laundry detergent as well.

Cooking appliances ~ A small microwave, hot plate or portable indoor grill can be very useful in helping to prepare a few meals in so you don't have to spend too much money eating out all the time. Some dorms do not allow certain appliances though so you will have to check first. You will also want to bring a set of dishes and flatware as well.

There are many other items that you might want to bring but this is a good start. Remember if you forget something don't worry, you can either buy what you are missing once you get to school or have your parents mail it to you.

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